Shopping Guide: 11 Cool Chapeaus

By: Annika Harris / November 6, 2011
A recent study found that only 7 percent of women love their hair, yet we spend a ton of time grooming it. But wouldn't life just be easier if we covered up with a hat on the bad hair days? I'm not talking about a knit beanie or baseball cap. I mean a fabulou… More »

Snacks of Yore: Our 11 Favorite Discontinued Snack Foods

By: Julie Gerstein / November 6, 2011
Remember Bonkers? Clearly Canadian? Planter's Cheez Puffs? As much as you might love them, you can't get them anymore. The food gods have declared these products, and the eight others on this list snack food non grata. Try as you might, you won't be able to find these tasty (and, okay, not so tasty) treat… More »

4 Pieces Of Relationship Advice Movies Need To Stop Giving

By: Cracked / November 6, 2011
If you're anything like me, you had two parents: The Streets, and Pop Culture. When it comes to The Streets, I cannot give a higher recommendation, every kid should be so lucky to spend a few years in the school of hard knocks and so forth. As far as Pop Culture goes, however, there are… More »

The Many Emotions Of Leonardo DiCaprio

By: Stefanie Blejec / November 6, 2011
Oh, Leonardo DiCaprio, this emotion chart wonderful. You're a gorgeous child progidy who has risen to be one of the most reknowned actors of our generation — but you take yourself a little too seriously. At least you've unfurrowed your brow and taken a step back with the light-hearted film, "J. Edgar," hitting theaters o… More »

God Bless The Chicken Fiddler

By: Ami Angelowicz / November 6, 2011
Lisa Haley, the chicken fiddler, is my inspiration for life today. They say that every one of us is unique, with our own special talent to share with the world. In Lisa's case, her talents are very special. As is her eccentric, personal style and her facial expressions. Just everything about her is so captivating. More »

Snapping Back To Reality: No Photoshop, No Makeup

By: The Frisky / November 6, 2011
Check out all 23 photos of celebs without makeup over at theBERRY... More »