Today’s Lady News: Lady Republican Senators Support Contraception Compromise

Jessica Wakeman / February 14, 2012

Two lady Republican senators — Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both  of Maine — have thrown their support behind President Obama’s compromise on birth control coverage in health care reform. [Feministing]
Problem with conservative women? They dress “frumpish” or like “two-bit whores.” Laura Bush, you’re on notice. [BuzzFeed]
Happy Valentine’s Day from… More »

Hot Links: Men Dish On Dating & Adele Is Going Silent For Five Years?!

Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 14, 2012

MadeMan surveyed a whole mess of men about their dating lives and compiled all of the info into a handy — and revealing – infographic. A portion of it is above, but see the full infographic at the link! [MadeMan]
So, what’s Adele going to do now that she’s won six Grammy Awards? Take… More »

Valentine’s Day Date Inspiration: For The Couple Who Boycotts The Holiday

Ami Angelowicz / February 14, 2012

If you’re the kind of couple who have mutually decided NOT to acknowledge Saint Hallmark’s Day — because of your belief that it’s a consumer-driven pseudo holiday, penchant for rebellion or overall cynical nature — you may often find yourself confused about how to pass the day  that so many others are making such a… More »

Anatomy Of An Amazing News Item: Shakira And The Impetuous Sea Lion

It’s another one of those stories. You know, the kind where the math doesn’t quite add up so you have to make a special visual equation to figure it out. Today, we found out that Shakira was nearly attacked by a wild sea lion while on an aquatic mammal tour in Cape Town, South Africa. More »

Breaking News: People Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

Jessica Wakeman / February 14, 2012

I know you will all be shocked to read this, but some people lie in their online dating profiles. Yes, it’s true. It turns out that when people who are lovelorn and insecure try to impress complete strangers into one measly little $13 cocktail to ascertain if they would mutually like to bump uglies, their… More »

February 14: What Are We Wearing Today?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! I went a little heart happy. Each and every one of you is our Valentine today, whether you like it or not. Click onward to see what we’re wearing today…… More »