Quotable: Lady Gaga Wants A Loving Husband And Little Monsters Of Her Own

“In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.”
Lady Gaga, whose kids will have the best Halloween costumes in the world [Elle]

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Star Couplings: Katie Holmes Reportedly Inks Deal For Second Cruise Baby

We’re Off To See The Wizard

I. Love. These. Shoes. I’ve got a thing for sparkly red shoes — I think I watched “The Wizard of Oz” one too many times when I was a kid — and I’m still sort of obsessed with the whole heel-less shoe phenomenon, so these amazing numbers by Natacha Marro are drool-inducing. Stars who’ve worn Marro’s out-there designs include Gwen Stefani, Daphne Guinness, and Grace Jones; plus, she designed Luke Skywalker’s shoes in the latest “Star Wars” movies. These glittery “liquid red” Mary Janes are hand-made to order, and a limited edition, so only 10 pairs will ever be crafted. Also, they are around $800. So, you know, I will probably never own a pair. Sigh. [Style Bubble] Keep reading »

10 Most Fascinating People Of The Year

Kate Gosselin is a lot of things, but is she really fascinating? Barbara Walters thinks so; she’s included the (former!) reality TV mom is her annual list of the 10 most fascinating people of the year. Joining Gosselin this year: Sarah Palin, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, NFL star Brett Favre, Tyler Perry, Fox News host Glenn Beck and Jenny Sanford — the wife of cheatin’ South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. We’ll have to wait until the special airs a week from today to find out who the number one spot goes to, but until then let’s have some fun guessing. My bet’s on Michael Lohan or Octomom. Hey, if Kate’s on the list, anything’s possible, right? [via US Magazine] Keep reading »

Frisky Rant: Down With Plastic Surgery

I try to keep an open mind about plastic surgery, I really do. I try to tell myself that it’s just like dying your hair or wearing a pair of Spanx—a little tweak that can make you feel super slammin’. I try to tell myself that everyone has the right to look their best, and if it’s worth it to someone to drop serious Benjamins on a cosmetic procedure, who am I to object? But then I read a story like the one yesterday about Solange Magnano, the stunning 38-year-old former Miss Argentina who died after the liquid from a gluteoplasty injection made its way into her lungs and brains. It’s horribly sad, especially considering that her butt was enviable just the way it was. And I just can’t hold it in anymore: How have we created a culture in which it’s OK to go under the knife without medical necessity in the name of fixing some “flaw” no one ever noticed anyway? Keep reading »

Quotable: Natalie Portman Will Not Be Your Muse

“I have a problem with muse-ship. I feel like throughout history, it’s been men vampiring on women’s specialness. And why do that for someone? Maybe it’s a fear of intimacy!”

Natalie Portman, star of the film, “Brothers,” in Marie Claire. But what about Zach Braff? [Marie Claire] Keep reading »

Cheap Or Chic: Can You Guess Which Bag Costs $2,300 And Which Is $18?

handbagthumbnail jpg


Think Porn Is Empowering? Think Again. It’s Not That Simple.

porn life g1 jpg
In 1997, I found myself on the set of an adult movie. The name of the movie was “Flashpoint.” In the middle of a parking lot, seven people were having an orgy on a firetruck. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. A couple months before, I had interviewed adult film star Jenna Jameson for a website. Her publicist had invited me to visit a set were I ever in Los Angeles. So, there I was. That night, I watched Jameson have sex with a porn star named T.T. Boy inside an abandoned brick building while flames shot up all around them. Little did I know I would spend the next decade writing on and off about the adult movie industry.

You Can Adjust Me Anytime, Matt

Shortly after leaving my apartment yesterday morning, Matt Damon showed up on the set of “The Adjustment Bureau,” in which he plays a charismatic congressman with a thing for a mysterious ballerina played by Emily Blunt. [NYC, 12/1/09] Keep reading »

Meredith Baxter From “Family Ties” Comes Out As A Lesbian

Meredith Baxter, the mom from ’80s sitcom “Family Ties,” came out as a lesbian this morning on the “Today” show after Perez Hilton posted a picture of her yesterday nuzzling her girlfriend. “I did not want some tabloid to take the story and make it up — I wanted it to be in my own words,” the notoriously private Baxter told Matt Lauer. After three marriages and five children, she started dating women seven years ago and has been with the same woman for the last four years. She says of her public coming-out: “This is a political act, even though that’s not what it feels like to me,” she said. “If anyone knows someone who’s gay or lesbian … they’re less likely to vote against them to take away their rights. I can be that lesbian you know now …” Clip above. [via MSNBC] Keep reading »

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