Wait, One More! S**t Liza Minnelli Says

By: Ami Angelowicz / January 12, 2012

OK! As far as I’m concerned, we’ve achieved the pinnacle of the “S**t People Say” meme with “S**t Liza Minnelli Says.” There’s no one else I want to hear say, “Two hips and a knee, they’re not mine.” Liza with a “Z,” not Lisa with an “S” (played by Christine Pedi) blubbers on about Beyonce,… More »

10 Perfect Moisturizers For Parched Winter Skin

By: Rachel Krause / January 12, 2012

As of a few days ago, my face has become very, very dry. Until then, I was the poster girl for oily/combination blemish-prone skin, and I’ve always taken great care to stay as freakishly matte as possible. It seems like the hellish combination of cold, blustery weather and my take-no-prisoners approach to anti-acne skincare ha… More »

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