9 Bizarre & Beastly Pairs Of Designer Shoes

Rachel Krause / March 7, 2012

“Creative” and “eccentric” are adjectives that pretty much go hand-in-hand, so it’s hardly a surprise when clothing designers get a bit quirky with their creations. It’s almost never a bad thing — in a profession devoted to the manufacturing of wearable works of art, an odd bent here and there is not only appreciated but… More »

Evening Quickies: Aubrey O’Day Considers Sylvia Plath Her “Soul Twin”

Jessica Wakeman / March 6, 2012

No, Aubrey O’Day. Just no. [Gurl.com via Twitter.com/AubreyODay]
Tina Fey was supposed to do the monologue with Lindsay Lohan when LiLo hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, but backed out at the last minute because both her kids got sick. [New York Daily News]
Also, paparazzi confused Debbie Harry and Lindsay Lohan, because… More »

Hot Links: These Pants Think Laundry Is Women’s Work

Even the tag on a pair of pants can be sexist these days! [NYMag.com]
I don’t know about you, but smooth-chested men are not my thing. Gimme some fur! That’s why I was way into this gallery of 23 dudes with sexy chest hair. Grrr… [theBERRY]
Do you agree with Ask Men’… More »

Today’s Lady News: Rush Limbaugh Rails Against “Overeducated, Young, Single White Women”

Jessica Wakeman / March 6, 2012

Now that he’s wagged his finger at brazen hussies, Rush Limbaugh is fulminating about “overeducated white women.” Yes, today Rush railed against the author Tracie McMillan, who wrote a new book on food inequality called The American Way Of Eating: Undercover At Wal-mart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields, And The Dinner Table. Apparently he is offended that this 1999… More »

March 6: What Are We Wearing Today?

Presenting my three coworkers’ most identifiable associated sounds! Ami: vigorous typing; Julie: heavy sighing; Jessica: squeeing. Just thought you should know! Click on to see what the vigorous typer, heavy sigher, squee-er, and I are wearing today! More »

Uggie Has A New Gig As Nintendo’s Spokesdog

Julie Gerstein / March 6, 2012

Like so many stars who score big at the Academy Awards, Uggie — from Oscar Best Picture winner “The Artist” — is trying to cash in on his fame. I mean, Reese Witherspoon made “Just Like Heaven” after winning the Best Actress Oscar for “Walk the Line,” and stars like Brad Pitt and George Clooney… More »