International Fashplomacy: Noko Jeans From North Korea

These days, starting a denim line seems just about as formulaic as making a Duncan Hines cake: get some organic cotton, mix in a celeb name, slap on a pricey label, and voilà! That’s not quite the case with Jacob Åström, Tor Rauden Källstigen and Jakob Ohlsson, who decided to go the hard way by starting their jeans line in the least likely of all places—North Korea. According to Fashion Week Daily, the three Swedes “stumbled upon North Korea’s new website, which called for new businesses from battleship building to potato farming.” Random! And yet completely cool that a fashion label would want to really think outside the box and draw inspiration from somewhere totally new. Here’s how they pulled it off. Keep reading »

Meet America’s Most Stylish Blogger

Fashion bloggers are gaining major credibility, as Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast sat in the front row at an Emanuel Ungaro show and Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes was hand picked by Vogue to attend the Crillon Ball this year in Paris. Bluefly and StyleList launched a contest to find America’s Most Stylist Blogger, narrowing their choices down to eight finalists, who styled Bluefly items for the chance to win a $1,000 Bluefly shopping spree, a blogger store on Bluefly, and a weekly column on StyleList. So just who is America’s Most Stylish Blogger? Trang Huyen of the Behind the Seams in Pensacola, Fla. She tackled style challenges including plaid, Prada shoes, a boyfriend vest, mini skirt, and tie-dyed leggings to rise to the top of the rest. Does this mean she’s the new Tavi? Some more of her winning looks, after the jump! Keep reading »

How Much Money Would You Spend On An Artsy Photo Of A Rapist And His Late Wife?

This is Roman Polanski and his late wife, Sharon Tate, shortly before she was murdered by the Manson Family in 1969. The photograph, shot by photographer David Bailey, is going up for auction at Christie’s on Dec. 7 and is expected to fetch at least $10,000. How cool would it be if whoever is selling the image — Bailey, I assume — and the auction house donated the profits to a rape crisis center? Not likely, though, I suppose. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From The Bravery to Allison Iraheta

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. This week it’s all about the booty—but isn’t it always, ladies? Amid the constant stream of Christmas music, there’s a ray of hope, and that ray is a DJ light pointed right at the dance floor, girl. So put on your high heels, ’cause R. Kelly’s socking it to ya; Allison Iraheta gets Idol-worthy; Juvenile backs it up; and The Bravery break out their skinny jeans. So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump! Keep reading »

Design Your Own Wardrobe With StyleShake

Have you ever wanted a custom-made dress, one that fits you like a glove, but thought you’d never be able to afford it? Well, the fashion gods have smiled down on you. The website StyleShake allows customers to create their own designs of dresses, tops, and skirts, and ten days after the time of purchase the one-of-a-kind garments arrive. You can even create bridesmaid dresses in that same amount of time. [Which should make for some interesting innovations in that field!--Editor] If the fit isn’t right, StyleShake does free alterations. The available fabrics include silk, cotton, linen, and even eco-jersey. Those are my creations above, but I don’t have any plans to quit my day job. (I did have fun playing around with the design tools and think it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re bored.) My only issue with StyleShake is that all the sleeves, necklines, and bottoms aren’t available for every design. You can’t pick, say, a sweetheart neckline unless you pick a specific type of top in the beginning. You kind of have to play around and use some trial and error, but I guess that’s where the amusement factor comes in. The most expensive garment in my collection was the dress with the sleeves, and it only cost $114. [StyleShake] Keep reading »

12 Peppermint Treats To Compete With Candy Canes

peppermint products g1 jpg
Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub, $30, Malin+Goetz

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is cold is to suck on a candy cane, then go outside and breathe in the the cool air. It’s so refreshing! With these 12 peppermint bath and beauty products, I’ll be able to get that same feeling without having to leave the comfort of my warm home. Click through for invigorating shampoo, lip balm, candles, and more.

Victoria’s Secret Hires First Asian Model

File this one under “We Can’t Believe It Took Them This Long”: Besides all those expensive bedazzled bras and Heidi Klum flaunting her post-baby body, there’s one more reason to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing on CBS tonight. Chinese model Liu Wen, 21, will be the first girl of Asian descent to float down the angels’ catwalk.

“I was surprised when my agent told me. I asked my agent if she was joking. I didn’t think an Asian girl would get this job.”

Of course, the show’s casting agents didn’t exactly pluck her from obscurity. She was a Fashion Week favorite, and even proved she had mad runway skills by walking in Alexander McQueen’s spring 2010 show, known for the insane toe-less platform shoes. So, you know, undies and wings should be a cinch. [ONTD] Keep reading »

Will The Next Season Of “The Amazing Race” Be Full Of Airheads?

I’ve long considered “The Amazing Race” to be the poor man’s “Survivor,” though I obviously would not turn down a shot to appear on either show (CBS, call me!). But I may just have to open up a slot in my Sunday night TV schedule if these new casting rumors are to be believed. According to Reality Fan Forum and Survivor Sucks, Caitlin Upton, aka Miss Teen South Carolina (remind yourself of her awesomeness, above), may have been cast on the show to compete with her boyfriend, Brent. And because CBS clearly didn’t want there to be too many brain cells vying for the $1 million prize, Jordan — winner of the last season of “Big Brother” and one of my faves — and her hunky boyfriend Jeff (also a housemate on the show) might be competing as well. Between the three of them, this would be the most entertaining, while also the dimmest, season ever. Please. Make. It. True. [via] Keep reading »

Can Perfume Help You Find True Love (Or Just Get Laid)?

A new study says wearing a fragrance certainly helps make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and, arguably, the most legendary perfume of all time may also be the most seductive. In fact, one in 10 women even claim they met the man of their dreams while wearing Chanel No. 5.

Wait, really? Keep reading »

No Fatties: College Won’t Let Obese Students Graduate

Essentially putting a “No Fatties” sign on the Admissions office, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania has taken a rather radical step in addressing obesity. They’re requiring that every student with a body mass index of 30 or higher, which is in the obese range, take a fitness class three times a week. Those who fail to show up won’t graduate. It’s easy to say it’s for their own good, but does a university have the right to withhold a diploma for someone’s lifestyle choices? The administration says, “Obesity is going to rob you of your quality and quantity of life. We believe that this is unconscionable.” But what about students who’re heavy drinkers, bulimics, cocaine users, smokers, or fans of unprotected sex? Aren’t those people risking their quality of life? Maybe they shouldn’t graduate unless they take a class? Keep reading »

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