Spice Girl Criticizes Rihanna For Being Too Sexual Without A Lick Of Irony

“‘People have to take some responsibility because we’ve got to a point where over-sexualisation of young children has gone too far,’ the Mirror reported. I think music is a big part of that. Women in music, very successful women, are extremely sexual and they have young fans. It is inappropriate. Rihanna has responsibility and although culture’s always changing, it’s changed too much. It needs to be dealt with. It’s reached saturation point, we owe it to our kids to protect them.”

— Ex-Spice Girl Mel C, aka “Sporty Spice” (thrusting her crotch out all the way to the left), criticized the sexualization of female pop stars, Rihanna in particular, in the UK’s Mirror.

First of all, BWAHAHAHA. Pot, meet the kettle. Second of all, Mel C has a point, of course. [Daily Mail UK] Keep reading »

10 Hot Dudes From Threadless Whisper Sweet Nothings in Our Ears

threadless 081111 m jpg
After spending yesterday exploring the worst that the online T-shirt industry has to offer, we were delighted to become e-acquainted with the fine dudes of indie T-shirt company Threadless. Even better, Threadless features regular guys (and ladies!) modeling its wares — and many of them seem like adorable dudes plucked off the streets of Chicago, where the company is based. We picked our 10 favorite hapless Threadless models for you to ogle and enjoy. Check ‘em out after the jump!

Evening Quickies: Ashton Kutcher Making A Reality Show About The DMV

  • For some reason Ashton Kutcher is developing a reality show about the DMV for truTV . Yes, the Department of Motor Vehicles. The drama! The passion! The intrigue! I can’t wait, truly. [NYmag.com]
  • Russell Brand has spoken out about the rioting in London and he is as thoughtful and biting as usual. [ONTD]
  • Johnny Depp is freaking out about what Kate Moss will say about him in her alleged memoir. [Celebitchy]
  • Check out Kanye West’s ass-plant onstage while singing “All of the Lights.” Somewhere, Taylor Swift is snickering. [BuzzFeed]

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Today’s Lady News: MTV’s New iCondom App Helps You Find Places To Buy Condoms

Today's Lady News
  • MTV’s Staying Alive HIV prevention campaign partnered up with iCondom for a new iPhone app that allows users to search via GPS for places to buy condoms. While I commend MTV commitment to promoting safe sex, I also think it’s stupid to make it seem to adolescents that condoms are hard to find. You can get them at nearly every pharmacy, grocery store, big box store, and even gas station. [Clutch Magazine]
  • If you thought my post earlier today about the racial politics of “The Help” movie was interesting, you may also want to read this “Open Letter to Fans of ‘The Help,” from the Association of Black Women Historians. [Clutch Magazine]

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Small Screen Big Happenings: Mercedes’ Love Interest? Alan Ball’s Amish Show? Roseanne Reprise?

Because I am an admitted TV head, reading the entertainment news this morning was like bit like sniffing glue. There is just so much going on in the television universe! After the jump, read all the news, from Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s new-old role and Roseanne Barr‘s potential new sitcom. Keep reading »

August 11: What Are We Wearing Today?

wwwt 081111 m jpg
You want to know what I’m wearing today? A SMILE. I am having a really awesome week. I just wanted to share. I hope you are too! Keep clicking to see what I — and the rest of the Frisky staff — am wearing today!
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