Behold, A Wedding Dress Made Out Of Newspaper

You’ve seen prom dresses fashioned with duct tape. The next DIY sartorial eyeful is a wedding dress made completely from newspaper. I can’t imagine any bride wants ink stains on her big day, but at least designer Jenna Braga proves she could hack it on one of those weird “Project Runway” challenges. And hey, if it does take off, maybe it will bail out the struggling newspaper industry! [YouTube] Keep reading »

5 Unrealistic Movie Wardrobes

Unrealistic Movie Wardrobes
Here at The Frisky we get a lot of style inspiration from movie wardrobes: the chic 1950s costumes in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, for example, or even Zach Galifianakis’s T-shirt and satchel combos in “The Hangover”. But every once in awhile we’re distracted by a movie wardrobe for a different reason — because it makes no sense for the character to be wearing it. From a midriff-baring nuclear physicist to a magazine intern with unlikely access to the fashion closet, here are five movie characters with wardrobes we find hard to believe, and why.

Hayley Atwell Enjoyed Manhandling Chris Evans’ “Man Boobs”

“When Chris Evans first took his shirt off on the set of ‘Captain America,’ I just instinctively grabbed his man boob. They kept it in the film. So we did a couple of takes of me being really inappropriate with my hand on his pec for the duration of the scene.”

—Hayley Atwell, Chris Evans‘ co-star in “Captain America” reveals to Esquire all sorts of interesting details, like that her dad is a shaman and that she thought her dog was dying when it got its first period. I particularly like this quote, even though it’s perhaps a misuse of the word “man boob.” I think that’s called “muscle.” [Esquire]

After the jump, Hayley’s explanation of why it’s hilarious she’s now considered a hot girl. Keep reading »

Do Not Want: Joint Stockings

All you goth princesses out there probably love these joint stockings because they remind you of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”‘s Jack Skellington. Fine, fine, but on a practical note, they make your legs look pale and ashy. Don’t you want to look healthy? God, I feel like somebody’s mom. Sigh. [EPICponyz] Keep reading »

The 10 Most Iconic Bikinis In History

bikini 070711 m jpg
This week, the bikini — the venerable invention of Parisian automobile engineer Louis Réard — turned 65. Réard created the bikini after learning that another French designer had crafted a similarly scanty bathing suit, and named it after the Bikini Atoll, the area where the United States had recently conducted nuclear tests. Heaping scandal upon scandal, Réard had burlesque performer Micheline BernadiniIn model the newsprint patterned two-piece — the back of it was a G-string. You can imagine how well that went over in polite Parisian society. In honor of the bikini’s official senior citizen status, we’ve taken a look back at some of the most iconic bikinis throughout history.

Evening Quickies: Casey Anthony Porn Offer Withdrawn & Why Emma Watson Was Snapped In Tears

  • Vivid Entertainment has withdrawn its offer to Casey Anthony to star in a porn. In a statement, the CEO said:
    “It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with her and that includes a XXX movie. We want to make movies that people want to watch and we now believe that we underestimated the emotional response that people are having to the verdict. A movie starring Casey Anthony is not what people want to see.”

    Sigh. If only the American public felt the same way about Octomom. [ONTD]

  • Bristol Palin visited “The View” this morning. She stayed tight-lipped about if/when Sarah Palin will formally announce a candidacy for president, but told us all about losing her virginity again! Also, her son Tripp is blonde-haired, blue-eyed and adorable. [ABC News, Gawker]
  • People will have strong feelings about the Care Bears getting CGI-animated, I predict. Fight amongst yourselves. [ONTD]
  • Bjork has released the first-ever iPad album where each song will be interactive on the $500 toy. [Neatorama]

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