Rihanna Goes Rawr

Looks like a wild animal got a hold of Rihanna‘s dress or something. She’s too young to be considered a cheetah, right? [NYC, 12/4/09] Keep reading »

How Do We Feel About Russian Fur Hats?

Yesterday, we asked how you felt about berets being back. (Let’s just say your answers varied.) So here’s another winter look we’re putting out to the jury—the ginormous fur hat, last seen loitering on various NYC hipsters, some skinny actress during her Aspen vacation and/or at the Sundance Film Festival. These Russian-inspired caps have a wide range in price. Some, like this Adrienne Landau version (left), go for as much as $400 because they’re made of real fur. But if you’re not into being a crazy person who spends half a month’s rent on a hat, Urban Outfitters has one (right) to fit your budget at less than $30.

One thing’s for certain—they certainly look warm. So, thoughts? Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Are Some People Undeserving Of ‘Happily-Ever-After’?”

While at a friend’s birthday party some of my married friends were chatting and I was shocked at what I overheard. Basically they said that some women do not deserve to find a life-long mate. “You can want the husband, children, and house, but that doesn’t mean you get to have it. Some people just don’t deserve that life.” !!!! As a single gal, this is distressing to hear. What do you think? — Deserving Single

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All Men Really Do Look At Porn, Apparently

We’re sure lots of guys jumped to attention when they learned the University of Montreal was going to conduct a “pornography study.” Unfortunately, no one got to help out Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse with his research! You see, the professor had hoped to research how relationships between men and women are affected after a man who has never seen porn gets hooked on the stuff. One small problem. “We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography but we couldn’t find any,” Lajeunesse said. He didn’t flush out what “consumed” means—they had seen it? they jerk off to it?—but I guess it shouldn’t be surprising either way. Everyone, after all, receives emails daily promising “HOT WET FRESHMAN SLUTS” one click away.

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The Jersey Shore Name Generator: What’s Your Guido Or Guidette Nickname?

So for funzies I decided to make a “Jersey Shore Nickname Generator”! Find out your guido or guidette alter ego by heading here and then posting it in the comments back on The Frisky. You can call me Joanie Sopressata. (The formula: Name ending in ie or y + meat, fruit, or nut.) [The Jersey Shore Nickname Generator] Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Week In Review

erin style diary friday m jpg
What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Me & Ro chain necklace
  • thrifted blazer
  • French flea market Breton shirt
  • MIH jeans
  • thrifted riding boots
  • navy Longchamp bag

Yesterday I wore a dress my current boyfriend gave me, and today, it’s a shirt from my ex, which is kind of weird, but whatever. This staple is actually one of my favorites as it’s sturdy cotton, classic, versatile, and authentic since it came from a French flea market and has the military-issue tag sewn into the side seam. Recently I thought tragedy had struck because a pen I was wearing in my hair leaked all over the boatneck, but the stains are minor enough to give it some character without making it totally unwearable. Lately I’ve been pairing it with jeans and my blazer, but it looks chic with shorts or over a bathing suit in the summer, too. I’ve got some Wayfarers tucked in my bag and wish it were Saturday so I could stroll around in the sunshine today!

Lady Gaga (And Fans) Frighten At Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga (And Fans) Frighten At Monster Ball Tour
Lady Gaga really delivered ghastly and wicked theatrics during her “Monster Ball Tour” concert in New Jersey last night, but none of it was grim. How could it be, when she’s singing about riding a “Disco Stick”? Apparently, the concert was really entertaining, entirely free of dull moments and filled with fashion susprises. (What else?) Even the fans donned their best Lady Gaga-esque costumes. See what you missed …

A Shrine To Brangelina

Sculptor Daniel Edwards is on a serious Angelina Jolie kick. In August, he unveiled his sculpture of Angie breastfeeding on a park bench. And now he’s done this piece of Brad and Angelina getting it on. Sprinkled into the plaster are crushed wine glasses that the couple drank from on the anniversary of their meeting on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Some looney toons woman commissioned this sculpture to hang from the ceiling of her bedroom to bring her “sexual healing.” Good idea? [Dlisted] Keep reading »

Dater X: Falling For The Guy I Didn’t Want To Go Out With In The First Place

I stood outside a Greenwich Village coffee shop at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday night, staring at the front door. I was meeting a very handsome architect inside, but for some reason, I wanted to bolt. Honestly, I had come close to picking up the phone and canceling our date earlier in the day. Three times to be precise. I just wasn’t excited about this guy. Keep reading »

Poll: Would You Wear Brightly Colored Eye Makeup?

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