365 Days In Paris: Just Like Riding A Bike

Sometimes the best thing for a broken heart is to take that heart to the bar and to get it really, really drunk.

I spent most of the past week in bed. It’s not as bad as it sounds—it wasn’t like I was crying every night (or at all), but I was just in a place where I couldn’t get out of my thoughts about me and Alex. I knew it would have been healthier to try and do some wholesome socializing, but I just put my head down, devoted myself to work, and thought about what it means to let someone out of your life. I finally decided to take me and my deep thoughts out when, on Wednesday, Dani called to invite me to get cous cous in the 10th. It sounded mellow and uneventful, so I threw on my boots and a sweatshirt without a second thought.

Little did I know that “getting cous cous” meant going to a lively bar with a group of people and getting wasted … Keep reading »

Stanton James’ Drapey Ring

At first glance, this piece of jewelry looks like a necklace with the multiple hanging layered chains. But take a closer look and you’ll realize it’s a two-fingered ring, which expands to fit any size, and decorates not only your fingers but your whole hand. We’re loving that it’s totally on trend with the chain look, and the fact that you can convert it to wrap around your wrist means that it does double duty. Two new pieces of jewelry in one! If nothing else, it’s a great bar conversation starter. [$109, Stanton James] Keep reading »

DIY Lace Nails

It’s time to relinquish antiquated simple manicures and one-color nails. The world has already welcomed Minx styles, Calgel nails, and as soon as we spotted Lady Gaga‘s intricate nail design in her “Bad Romance” video, we knew that plain manicures were over forever. With the lace trend cavorting down the runways, a transition from clothes to nail design was a necessity. Celebrity manicurist Elle for Barielle recognized the need to share her nail wealth with lace fans all over, and provided The Frisky with a quick DIY so you too can have your very own lace nails. Read below for instructions! Keep reading »

The 2010 Golden Globes Red Carpet Was (Almost) Perfect

chloe sevigny globes jpg
Chloe Sevigny (in Valentino)

Could this be? Is it true? A red carpet with barely a trainwreck on it? Yes, it’s true—last night’s Golden Globes red carpet looks were damn near “what was she thinking?”-free. Classic femininity was the look, from colors (purple, lavender, pink) to lace to soft, free-flowing structures in the dresses. (Sometimes a little too free-flowing—Mariah Carey’s boobies looked like they were trying to escape all night.)

Champagne was not just on the tables: It was the color worn by everybody, including Christina Hendricks, Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore. Drew’s was the prettiest with its embellished one-shoulder strap. Purple was also popular: Sandra Bullock, Chloe Sevigny, Leona Lewis, Alfre Woodard all wore some shade of purple. Even Fergie, queen of tramp chic, wore a diaphanous lavender gown, fit more for a mermaid than the chick who sings “My Humps.” Lots of ladies pink-ed it up: Diane Kruger’s pink ombre gown looked pretty as a rose and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lauren Graham, and Emily Blunt all wore other pink-y shades.

Our favorite look? Keeping those double Ds discreetly hidden under frilly embellishments at the chest: Both Julianne Moore and Kate Hudson wore simple gowns with feathers or tulle on the chest and even Anna Kendrick (the girl from “Up In The Air”) wore a one shouldered gown with petals of fabric all across her bust and shoulders.

Also refreshing? Star after star wore a little ribbon pinned to his or her chest to keep Haiti in their thoughts—even Meryl Streep obliquely mentioned stuff going on in the world in her speech. It’s just a little bit nicer when you’re reminded Hollywood isn’t just full of the genetically blessed—it’s full of people with a conscience, too.

Do We Believe These 10 “Exhausted” Celebs?

exhaustion lady gaga jpg
Last night, before a show in Indiana, Lady Gaga was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing. The paramedics told her that she had an irregular heartbeat which was “a result of exhaustion and dehydration.” So she canceled the show. She apologized to her fans on Twitter, “I’ve been crying for hours, I feel like I let my fans down 2nite.” Normally, I’m very suspicious of the celebrity-exclusive disease known as “exhaustion” as it’s vague and generally used as code for “did too many drugs” or “hasn’t eaten in six years.” But Gaga seems really bummed by the cancellation. “I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort,” she twoted. “I hope you can forgive me. I love my little monsters [fans] more than anything.” [MTV]

After Gaga’s year, I can believe she’s exhausted. As for the following celebrities, I’m not so sure.

Lady Gaga Invades “Oprah”

On Friday Lady Gaga appeared on “Oprah” for the first time, sitting down with the talk show queen to discuss her sudden success, as well as performing a few of her hit songs. She talked to Oprah about being inspired to write “Paparazzi” about Princess Diana, the origin of her name (the Queen song “Radio Gaga”), and what in the hell is going on with her outlandish costumes and everyday style. Check out part of the interview as well as her performance, after the jump. In the photo above, Oprah does her best Gaga impression. Not bad, but needs more blood. Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Men Of History

history dudes g1 jpg
Nothing evokes the sexy nostalgic hotness of a man quite like a faded sepia photograph or an oil-on-canvas portrait. Is it just me or are ascots and epithets kind of a turn-on? Before Joseph Stalin was starting a Cold War, he was busy being really hot. This is him circa 1902. Whoa! Who knew he was so fine before he was a dictator? Young Stalin inspired me to do a little more research into the sexiest men of days of yore. After the jump, check out some more historical hotties. I think history is my new favorite subject.

Camilla Belle Is The Prettiest Mushroom We’ve Ever Seen

Here’s Camilla Belle walking the red carpet somewhere. And her dress looks like a giant mushroom, right? But a really pretty giant mushroom. Keep reading »

The Frisky Staff’s Celebrity Doppelgangers

lookalike main jpg
Everyone has a celebrity that people tell them they look like. Since we had some fun yesterday with extremely odd celebrity look-alikes, today I wanted to play a game of: “Who does this Frisky staffer look like?” Thanks for the idea, Mucho Macho!

Oh, and I want to know who your celebrity doppelganger is. If you have a look-alike, send an email to kate@thefrisky.com along with a photo.

Baby Animals Would Like To Snuggle With Your Old Fur Coat

Back in October, I wrote about my mixed feelings regarding a vintage fur purchase. Sometimes it’s difficult to reconcile a love for animals and fashion, and fur is one of the most obvious conflicts of interest. While the stylish side of me loves the look of a silky, gorgeous fur layered over a casual jeans and t-shirt ensemble, the animal rights activist in me knows that no matter how chic it may or may not look (totally debatable), it’s wrong. Ultimately, I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with its presence in my closet, and have come to the conclusion that even in the case of wearing a vintage piece, I simply don’t want to be a part of perpetuating the look of fur, period. Of course, now I’m stuck with this fancy old thing that I paid good money for. Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon the perfect solution.
Keep reading »

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