Hugh Jackman Fractures A Wrestler’s Jaw

For anyone who thinks that musical theater enthusiasts are the opposite of tough, do I have a tale to tell you. On Monday, Hugh Jackman appeared on “WWE Raw.” During the event, pro wrestler Dolph Ziggler began taunting him, referring to him as Batman when, duh, he played Wolverine. So Hugh punched him. Hard. And apparently, messed up his jaw. “MRI scheduled for 1 p.m. … possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman,” Dolph tweeted the next day. “Hairline mandibular fracture. Guess i’ll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks.” This whole incident is reminiscent of the time Hugh rode the zipline on “Oprah” and whacked into a lighting rig in the process. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Style Inspiration: London Right Now

Style Inspiration: London
Last week we discussed what Parisian women are wearing. This week let’s talk about London! This city is diverse, vibrant, and exciting–and so is the fashion: thigh-high Dr. Martens are almost as common as black pumps. As the weather here transitions into a gray, rainy fall, many women are embracing dark colored clothing in vintage-inspired styles. Click through to get the look, piece by piece…

You Always Wanted A Piglet Octopus, Didn’t You?

Russian artist Santani makes fantastical chimeras out of fabric fur and clay — like this pig/octopus hybrid that we’ve taken to calling Octopiggle. But Octopiggle is hardly Santani’s only bizarro animal creation. It seems he’s devoted countless hours and swaths of fake fur to making a whole menagerie of fantasy animals — he’s a regular Dr. Moreau. Check out a couple more after the jump. [Buzzfeed] Keep reading »

September 22: What Are We Wearing Today?

What Are We Wearing?
You know how I mark the change in seasons? My nail color. When I finally transition from bright poppy pinks and reds to dark burgundy, that means the leaves are about to turn! Click on to find out what we’re wearing on this lovely September day…

Fall TV Guide: The Shows Kicking Off On Thursday, Sept. 22

fall tv guide 092211 m jpg
Are you sick of being glued to your coach every evening to make sure you catch the bazillion new shows premiering this week? Me neither. Tonight is going to be an especially good night with the debuts of “Whitney,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Person of Interest.” After the jump, our thoughts on tonight’s new shows, plus looks at the return of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Big Bang Theory.”

George Clooney Hopes Ryan Gosling Won’t Age Well

“Sorry I can’t be there. I’m in China, funding a satellite to keep an eye on a few war criminals. I’m actually spying on you right now … I hope you enjoy the film. If you do, I wrote and directed it. If you don’t, Aaron Sorkin wrote it … You’ll also note how handsome Ryan Gosling is. But I’m told he won’t age well. One can only hope.”

George Clooney‘s opening remarks at a VIP screening of “Ides of March.” Because he couldn’t be there, George wrote this speech and asked Brian Williams to read it. Ha ha. Sounds like George might be feeling a little competitive with The Gos, no? [NY Post]
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