Video: Snooki Selling Perfume, Slippers & Crocodile Plushies On HSN

By:'s The Cut / November 14, 2011
After previewing her perfume last week, Snooki made her debut on HSN last night, selling that and some of her other delightfully tacky products. She showcased the many ways to apply her fragrance and explained how her sunglasses (which rattle like a maraca, and that's a good thing) block out haters. We're pretty sure she made a vulgar… More »

Katie Roiphe’s NYT Op-Ed Dismissive That Sexual Harassment Actually Exists

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 14, 2011
As my 68-year-old, Fox News-watching, Republican-voting father tells it, once upon a time you could compliment a woman in the workplace. You were allowed say "nice dress" or "you look nice today" and it was not a big deal. Everyone would smile pleasantly and go back to clacking on their typewriters. Then the '70s came along. Hairy-pitted… More »

Flowchart: Am I Having Sex?

By: Ami Angelowicz / November 14, 2011
Sex can be hard to define, even confusing at times. This flowchart should help you determine whether or not the act you've engaged in is indeed considered sex or if you're just eating a really good sandwich. (Click here to see larger image.) [Autostraddle]… More »

Buffalo High School Football Coach Pat Lynch Resigns Over “Hurt Feelings Report”

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 14, 2011
Pat Lynch, the head football coach of Buffalo High School in Wyoming, resigned recently after handing out homophobic and sexist "hurt feelings reports" to players asking them if they were a "pussy," "a queer," "a little bitch," have "woman like hormones" (sic) and a litany of other puerile options. The report reads: "We, a… More »

The Truth About Sex Scenes

By: Anna David / November 14, 2011
Mining my life for sexual material wasn’t entirely new. I’d written, after all, about my sex life in various publications and even penned an extremely graphic novel chapter about a guy masturbating to a picture of a girl he liked and read it at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s now-defunct reading series, “In The… More »

The Top 10 Drag Performances In Film

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 14, 2011