Today’s Lady News: Ohio Bill Would Require Men Seeking Viagra To Get Sex Therapist OK

Jessica Wakeman / March 7, 2012

Men looking for a prescription for Viagra would first need to get a sex therapist’s permission, a cardiac stress test, and confirmation that “the patient’s symptoms are not solely attributable to one or more psychological conditions” under a new bill introduced by State Senator Nina Turner (D-Cleveland). The bill is meant to underscore the… More »

Hot Links: Kirk Cameron Thinks Calling His Anti-Gay Rhetoric “Hate Speech” Is, Um, Hateful

Kirk Cameron has responded to critics of his anti-homosexuality stance, saying it’s not “hate speech” and he “loves” all people, including gays. He just thinks gays are, you know, destroying society and stuff. [Your Tango]
Apparently there’s a Hulk Hogan sex tape? Blech. But! Here are 11 things that actually sound worse tha… More »

March 7: What Are We Wearing Today?

Hi, it’s 60 degrees in New York today. Tomorrow it’s going to be close to 70. How about that global warming, huh? Click on to see what we’re wearing on this unseasonably warm March day. Tomorrow, expect maxi dresses and flip-flops. More »

That’s A Lot Of Look: Kim Kardashian At Kanye West

Rachel Krause / March 7, 2012

Kanye “dressed” Kim, whatever that means, for her appearance at his fashion show in Paris, so naturally that’s head-to-toe Kanye West you’re seeing … or not seeing, if you’ve already closed your eyes to make it go away. I’m somewhat less concerned about the fur than the human she must have scalped for their hair. More »

Get Your “Sluts For Obama” Slanket Right Here

Jessica Wakeman / March 7, 2012

Fact I’m Struggling To Come To Grips With: there is a “Sluts For Obama” slanket. A slanket, you guys! But what we really need to know is if two or more sluts can fit inside. []… More »

Style Stealer: Paris Fashion Week Attendees

Rachel Krause / March 7, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I almost prefer Fashion Week street style to the clothes marched down the runway. I know, I know, it’s basically blasphemy, and I acknowledge that none of the real-girl style would exist without catwalk collections to forecast trends, but there’s nothing quite like seeing an actual… More »