Today’s Lady News: Ultrasound Now Required Before An Abortion In Virginia

Jessica Wakeman / March 8, 2012

Virginia Governor Bill McDonnell has signed into law the bill that requires a woman seeking an abortion to first have a medically unnecessary ultrasound. Technically this bill is a step up from a previous iteration of the bill, which would have required an invasive transvaginal ultrasound (also medically unnecessary) before an abortion. [New YorkMore »

Hot Links: Is Sandra Bullock Adopting Again?

Oooh, is Sandra Bullock in the process of adopting a little sister for her adorable son Louis? Ugh, I just remembered Louis seriously gives Abel Arnett a run for his money in the ZOMG SO CUTE I COULD EAT HIM department. [YourTango]
Monday is the season finale of “The Bachelor.” We basically know… More »

Invisible Children, “Kony 2012″ & The Problem With Paternalism

Julie Gerstein / March 8, 2012

Yesterday I posted a video from non-profit Invisible Children aimed at bringing Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to justice. Titled “KONY 2012,” the 30-minute spot has become an unstoppable viral sensation this week. Seemingly out of nowhere, the video’s popped up everywhere, on tons of friends Facebook pages, on Twitter and on countless blogs. That’s the… More »

We’re Breaking Up: The “Nice Girls Don’t Pepper Spray” T-Shirt

Jessica Wakeman / March 8, 2012

You’re wearing a “Nice Girls Don’t Pepper Spray” shirt? No. Just NO. []… More »

How PMS Can Save Your Life

Ami Angelowicz / March 8, 2012

Breaking news in the world of snake detection. And no, I’m not talking about trouser snakes. I’m talking about actual snakes. Those slithery things that can kill you, either because you are freaked out to the point of cardiac arrest or because they are poisonous. Those things. A new study found that women are better… More »

23 Hot Dudes With Thick Eyebrows

theBERRY / March 8, 2012

Got a thing for dudes with thick … brows? (What did you think I was going to say?) Then you’ll be into this gallery of hot celeb dudes who leave the tweezers to the ladies. Read more…More »