Think You Can’t Think Your Way To Better Sex? Think Again.

Your partner seduces you into the bedroom. You take off your clothes, climb into bed and … start thinking about the laundry, your belly pooch, or the fight you had with your boss. If this happens to you when you hit the sack, you’re not alone. Many women’s minds turn to everything but pleasure during sex. Why do we do this? And how can we stop it? Keep reading »

DIY Ribbon And Bead Necklace

diy 3 11209 jpg
It’s DIY time again, so grab an old, long-ish beaded necklace, about a yard of ribbon (we prefer silk grosgrain), scissors and a hot glue and you’ll have a new, more fun necklace in about ten minutes and three steps.

Hey, Ladies, Can You Stop Doing This On Dates With Me? Thanks.

So, look. I’ve decided to write this article about stuff that people do on dates that sucks. Now, I’m a man who dates women, so a lot of these will be irritating things that women do; this doesn’t mean that men don’t also do all the same (or similar) annoying things.

I’ve been single since the Sumerians were settling Eridu (if you believe this psychic in New Orleans who told me my soul has been around — and single — since the sixth millennium B.C.), so yeah, I’ve been on a lot of dates.

I won’t claim I’m an expert, but I know enough to actually be helpful to you lady readers. In the interest of both men and women, I give you the eloquently titled, painstakingly wrought: “Things Women Do On Dates That Suck That I Wish They Wouldn’t Do Anymore.” Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Seriously Studly

ts pink 1409 jpg
We’ve always liked studs. Whether pyramid or round or flat, we’re into it. Luckily, lots of designers are too right now, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite studded pieces. These Louise Goldin for Topshop pumps aren’t out until February, but there are plenty of other ways to get prepared for the spike-fest. Check it out.

5 Ways To Feel Better After A Breakup

If there’s one thing that redeems the terrible process of breaking up with someone, it’s the transformation-rich recovery period that follows. Don’t get us wrong: Breakups are a sad, sorry business, and even the cleanest ones entail some kind of annoying consequence or follow-up, like adjusting to an empty bed or having to return that awesome space heater he left at your apartment. The key to making the most of your breakup is engaging in life-affirming activities: little things that will empower you start over and set out into the great unknown (singlehood—eek!) with courage and resilience. Resist binge-drinking, rebound guys or ex sex, and consider these fun post-breakup activities instead. Keep reading »

Louis Vuitton Gets The Draw On The Uggs/Jimmy Choo Collaboration

Early this week we told you Uggs and Jimmy Choo are teaming up for a collaboration. And we used the power of Photoshop to imagine a pair of high-heeled Uggs. But lo and behold, Louis Vuitton already has a version of this shoe. Keep reading »

Granny Panties

I’m somewhat sorry to say that I gave up my thong panties along time ago. The truth is I only wore them once and that was enough for a lifetime as far as I am concerned. There is nothing sexy to me about having a ribbon of material stuck up my butt. It may sound cute or sexy, but it doesn’t feel cute or sexy. Know what I mean? I did get a thong because I had heard it would make me feel sexy, and it would get rid of the dreaded “panty line.” Uh huh. What is so wrong with a panty line? Or for that matter, if your panty line shows, the clothes are too damned tight for you! Keep reading »

Fab Or Freak Show: Shoulder Jewelry

I’ve talked about my l-o-v-e, love for shoulders before—they’re the one body part that, no matter what your weight or gym-going schedule is, are always looking sexy. So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across jewelry for your shoulders! Babette Epaulette designed an entire line of various shoulder jewelry from chains, mesh pieces and feathers—you can wear ‘em over a sleek and snug jacket or paired with a strapless dress. They really draw attention to your shoulders—but I’m not sure if I think it’s a good kind of attention? What are your thoughts here, sexy or sort of silly? [Babette Epaulette] Keep reading »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Snow Bunnies

ski main jpg
Brrrr. It’s freaking cold out there. Fortunately, there is one upside to sub-zero weather: hot men in snowsuits. All I want to do is cozy up to a cup of piping hot dudes fresh off the slopes. There’s something really sexy about watching a man master the slopes. After a bodacious run, I can sit by the fire and peel away all of his pesky layers. Now those are some warm thoughts. [The Daily Beast]

After the jump, hotties in their snow gear.

Style Buzz: SJP Takes Halston And Tim Gunn Talks Super Mario

  • We scoffed at the rumors, but turns out Sarah Jessica Parker really is the new Creative Director at Halston after all. [New York Daily News]
  • Random, and awesome: Tim Gunn critiques Super Mario’s style. [MTV]

Keep reading »

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