Girls Can Be Electricians Too, At Rosie The Riveter High

Here’s a new idea for boosting women in the workplace: teach them to do traditionally male jobs. That’s exactly what’s happening at Rosie the Riveter High School in Long Beach, California, the first trade school geared toward women. The founder of the school, Lynn Shaw, a former miner, steelworker and longshoreman with a doctorate in electrical engineering, was tired of being the only woman in all of her traditionally male jobs. This imbalance in the workplace inspired her to try to make a change, especially when she did some research and discovered that “women in nontraditional jobs earn 20 per cent to 40 percent more than women in what are considered ‘traditional’ women’s jobs.” Wow. So lady plumbers are making bank these days, huh? Keep reading »

Carrie Underwood Gives Us A Peek Of Her Sweet Abs, Tiny Tat

Reasons I am jealous of Carrie Underwood: her sweet bod, her awesome singing voice, her ability to take a vacation in the recession, her tan … I could go on and on. [Bahamas, 12/7/09] Keep reading »

Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of December 7th 2009

The holiday season is never the best in terms of television and, really, what other terms would we be talking about here? There are far too many reruns and new episodes tend to be Christmas-themed, which is just annoying. Not to mention the commercials that suggest you buy your loved ones cars as gifts? Really, who does that? But have no fear, there is some great TV coming up this week, from the season finale of “Top Chef” to the second episode of our new fave “Jersey Shore” — [Which I will be liveblogging in between doing shots of Jagermeister. Kidding! About the Jager. -- Editor] — to Barbara Walters sitting down with the 10 most fascinating folks of the year. Check out previews after the jump. Keep reading »

Poll: Would You Buy A Funky-Colored Car?

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Giles Deacon’s Capsule Collection Is Still Too Costly

We’ve had a huge crush on (relatively) new kid to the fashion block, Giles Deacon, the London designer who made his mark with an adorable Pac-Man-themed line, and has since been showing innovative delights up and down the runways. His designs have the edgy yet fun sensibility you find in any given Marc Jacobs collection, so we’ve been waiting for the day when Giles really hits the big time, and lands a deal with Target.

Which is why we jumped at the news that Giles Deacon has designed an exclusive capsule collection for high-brow online store The Corner. However, we quickly learned our lesson in getting hopes up too soon, when we realized that “capsule” doesn’t necessarily mean “less expensive.” The three-piece family, which includes a strapless dress, a full-bodied skirt, and a bow blouse, showcases Giles creative thinking in structure, but falls short on the imaginative colors and humor Deacon is known for. What’s worse—the “cheapest” item starts at about $800. We’re begging you, bring us something we non-filthy rich folks can wear! [] Keep reading »

5 Tips For Throwing A Record Party

About a year ago, a group of my closest friends got together in a basement apartment in Queens. It was a Saturday night in the dead of winter, and most of us were broke (the economy was crashing) and lazy (we didn’t feel like trekking to a bar in the city). As we cracked open a bottle of wine and ate fresh-baked zucchini muffins, one of my friends decided to play us some records on the record player he had recently inherited from his parents. It turned out to be one of the best nights of our lives. In sharing great music, great food, and great fun, a tradition was born—Record Party. The New York Times is finally catching on to something my friends and I discovered that night; vinyl is back in a major way. The stats say that CDs are becoming just about as obsolete as cassettes and 8-tracks. Sure, iPods are fun if you’re on the go, but really the only way to devour your favorite music (other than to hear it live) is to listen to it on vinyl. It’s like hearing the music again for the first time—rich and layered. Mike Jbara, a bigwig at Warner Music Group, says, “It is absolutely easy to say vinyl doesn’t make sense when you look at convenience, portability, all those things. But all the really great stuff in our lives comes from a root of passion or love.” [New York Times]

That’s what Record Party is really all about. But don’t take my word for it. Experience Record Party for yourself. After the jump, five tips for throwing your own rocking Record Party. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: TK

For four years I’ve been really good friends with an on and off girlfriend, during which time it’s been back and forth between sexual intimacy and more of a best-friend relationship. Whenever I bring up the idea of something more permanent, she gets evasive. In undergrad it was easy to skate around this; we both saw other people occasionally, and while we wouldn’t go into details we remained very close, often returning to each other for what was familiar and ‘safe?’ I am leaning towards wanting a permanent relationship with her. I already feel like we’re in a tacit monogamous relationship because neither of us has been out on a date with another person in at least a year, sometimes we spend weeks on end at each others places, other times when life catches up we may miss each other for a week or two but we’ll still talk every day. The bottom line is that getting to the head of the conversation with her seems really hard. We communicate really well otherwise, but I think she purposefully evades the conversation because she doesn’t want to commit. At this point, what would the difference by between putting a label on it? — Confused in DC

Keep reading »

Quick Tip Of The Day: Put Vaseline Everywhere, Seriously

When the going gets cold and dry outside, the tough slather on Vaseline—everywhere. It’s a cheap old-school remedy we always overlook for dry patches, chapped lips, red, flaky noses, and grody winter feet. And don’t worry about it causing zits, “the chemical composition of petroleum jelly actually makes it highly unlikely to cause acne. It doesn’t absorb into your skin, just sits on the surface and soothes/traps moisture in.” Will you be buying a giant tub of Vaseline this winter? [Glamour] Keep reading »

Rihanna’s Fashion Sense Goes From Edgy To Vulgar

Rihanna called the costumes for her “Hard” video “couture military.” But I think they border on vulgarity. See more photos here. Your thoughts? [Simi Valley, CA] Keep reading »

Style 911: Can I Wear A Metallic Skirt To Work?

“I recently bough a metallic black pencil skirt thinking I’d wear it to work, but every time I put it on I feel waaay overdressed for the office. (And my office is dressy!) How do I wear metallic during the day? Is it even possible? Help!” – Lauren S.

Fret not, you can easily wear your new skirt to work, especially since you say your office is dressy. The key to wearing metallics during the day is keeping everything else simple. That means no crazy prints, shoes can be interesting but ideally monotone, and you probably shouldn’t get out of control with your accessories. We’ve got a few ideas after the jump. Keep reading »

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