9 Celebrities Under House Arrest

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Roman Polanski has been sprung from Swiss jail cell. But don’t lock up your 13-year-olds just yet. Polanski had to pay about $4.5M in bail, plus he now has an electronic tag that he must wear 24 hours a day. And he is under house arrest, confined to his Swiss chalet. Wait, doesn’t that sound better than Club Fed? [Hello! Magazine]

It seems like a lot of celebrities have been under house arrest lately? After the jump, let’s take a look.

We Prove Jude Law And Sienna Miller Are Back Together In Four Steps

Jude Law and Sienna Miller are in New York right now, starring in “Hamlet” and “After Miss Julie” respectively. And of course, they’re together again. Probably. They’ve denied the rumors, but have totally failed at picking up the leftover breadcrumbs back to the bedroom. They’ve been spotted together 11 times last month. In case you need a refresher, they dated for years, until Jude admitted to sleeping with the nanny. In the interim, during a one-night stand, Jude impregnated model Samantha Burke. Meanwhile, Miller spent her time topless on a boat with married “Brothers & Sisters” actor Balthazar Getty who has since returned to his wife. According to a friend, “Both are very wary of relationships.” Ya think? [Daily Mail]

We would like to present Exhibit A, the proof that they are totally together. Keep reading »

How To Sell Clothes To Second Hand Stores

Just this morning, I hauled three garbage bags to the Goodwill instead of trying to sell the clothes, because they’ve been taking up valuable space in my apartment and the hassle is just not worth it sometimes. You see, I’ve tried the whole cash for clothes deal at stores like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange, but most times, the effort put out is much less than the reward. If I knew these tips for reselling clothes, I might have had a different outlook on the situation. Check out a few ways to ensure you’ll get more money back for your beloved castoff clothing:

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I’m Always The First To Say “I Love You”

Our homeys at Asylum recently referenced a study revealing it takes the average guy seven months to say the three magic words: “Let’s eat acid.” Kidding, it’s “I love you,” of course, and the average woman takes eight months to say the same phrase. Keep reading »

10 Red Shoes To Take You Down the Yellow Brick Road

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The biggest temper tantrum I ever threw as a kid was in pursuit of red, sparkly Dorothy shoes. My mom pointed out that I wouldn’t be allowed to wear them with my school uniform and I pointed out that the intensity of my screaming was just about enough to make an entire store consider mass suicide. Obviously, I did not go home with the shoes of my dreams that day. But they did show up a month or so later for my birthday, and we had the happiest of happy days together. Never mind that they were totally blister-inducing and my insistence on wearing them to the park resulted in unattractive, glitterless spots before long. We were still happy. Eventually, as all good things do, my time with the Dorothy shoes came to an end, rapidly growing feet to blame. Little did my mother know as she gratefully tossed the then-ruined shoes that I’d spend the next 12 years or so one-upping them. Join me on the yellow brick road. [$128, Ted Baker, Asos]

Win This! The Body Shop Bath & Body Package

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Style Buzz: New VS Model And Fierce Mamas From Christian Siriano

  • Victoria’s Secret Model Search winner Kylie Bisutti just signed with legit modeling agency One Management and will, no doubt, continue posing, walking and just generally being hot and half naked. God bless America. [The Cut]
  • If you’re an efficiency-oriented girl convinced that your boobs are too small and your ass is too big, today is your day. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has just decided that fat grafting (from your love handles, for example) is a legit method to increase cup size. [NYT]
  • Lancome has announced Julia Roberts will be their new “global ambassadress.” No kidding. [WWD]
  • Wish you could be in Miami right about now? Party photos from Art Basel are in! [Style.com]
  • Christian Siriano wants pregnant women everywhere to be hella fierce, apparently. His new line, Moody Mamas (ha!), became available in LA this week. [Los Angeles Times]

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10 Celebrities On Their Favorite Snacks

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Ashley Greene of “Twilight” is addicted to Cheez-Its. “I can’t live life not enjoying food,” she says. “So my solution is to get baggies and zip locks and Tupperware and give myself only one portion to take with me during the day.” That’s great discipline—and a great snack. In fact, I want a bag. [People]

After the jump, let’s look at other celebrity snackers.

Tiger Beat: Who Should Elin Nordegren Date Next?

The word on the street, or more accurately on the Daily Beast, is that Tiger Woods is putting up serious dough to get his wife Elin Nordegren to stay with him. The prenup that she signed in 2004 stated that she would get $20 million after 10 years of marriage. But, according to a source, a lawyer involved in the negotiations, Tiger has upped that to $75 million if she stays with him for seven years. And he also has allegedly offered her $5 million up front. These are huge amounts of money, and it’s really hard to imagine someone saying, “Yeah, I don’t want $75 million,” especially since this couple has two children together and, until recently, seemed happy together. But if Elin did walk out the door, I would have to give her props for sticking up for herself, à la Jenny Sanford. And then, she’d be free to play the field herself. Here’s who we think she should look into dating next. Keep reading »

Get Dita’s Hair For The Holidays

Okay, we’re not so naive that we think that using the hair products Dita von Teese is hawking on her website will make us look like the burlesque diva or anything, but we can be kind of excited about it as the perfect gift idea for girly fans. Little known fact: Dita’s mama is a hair dresser. Second little known fact: Dita consulted with her to create this line of shampoo, conditioner and hairspray, which is available as a holiday gift package that’s all wrapped up nice and pretty and includes, drumroll please … a signed and kissed card by Dita herself. (Or, while we’re being realistic here, maybe an ample-lipped assistant?) Who cares — it’s a great gift idea, and at $49.95, dare we say, reasonable? Order it here. [BellaSugar] Keep reading »

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