Sammi From “Jersey Shore”‘s Makeunder Is Super Cute

By: Jessica Wakeman / December 21, 2011
You know what we miss the most about Jane magazine (other than all of Jane magazine)? The makeunders. The mag would pull some woman off the street, snatch the black eyeliner out of her hands, and do her up in a more subtle makeup look using fewer products. Now the ladies of, where editor… More »

31 Heartthrobs From The ’90s

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 21, 2011
Another day, another epic hunky slideshow from theBERRY. This time, '90s heartthrobs. I am going to just admit right now that I totally hearted Jonathan Brandis in "Ladybugs." RIP. Read more... More »

Style Inspiration: Winona Hawkins From Justified

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / December 21, 2011
I started watching "Justified" because my boyfriend has a huge crush on Timothy Olyphant, who plays the main character, Raylan Givens. By the end of the first episode I'd discovered that it's humanly impossible to not have a crush on Timothy Olyphant, but I was also intrigued by another character: Raylan's ex-wife, Winona. Not only… More »

Heidi Klum Goes Pantsless As Santa Claus

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 21, 2011
Courtney Stodden isn't the only one getting into the Christmas spirit! Heidi Klum tweeted this photo of herself wearing a Santa costume -- but where are her pants? It's cold in the North Pole. Oh, and here are some other celeb Santas -- some dressed more appropriately for the weather than others. More »

Report: Kardashians Gear Produced In “Brutal” Sweatshops

By: Julie Gerstein / December 21, 2011
Several brands associated with the Kardashian Klan are being investigated for ties with sweatshop labor. According to Charles Kernaghan, the executive director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, "The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people," who are keeping workers "abused and virtually imprisoned."… More »

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers For Your Favorite Geek

By: Sophie Leon / December 21, 2011
Do they like science, sci-fi, gadgets, and video games? If the answer is yes, you're shopping for a geek. Here are some stocking stuffers they'll be stoked about! More »