Kelly Osbourne Has The Same “Cancer Gene” As Angelina Jolie

By: Claire Hannum / March 25, 2015
Sharon Osbourne made her whole family get a genetic test after her own cancer battle. More »

Rihanna Drops New Single, “Bitch Better Have My Money” [UPDATED]

By: Megan Reynolds / March 25, 2015
WHAT. More »

Ted Cruz Compares Climate Change Activists To Flat-Earthers, Himself To Galileo

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 25, 2015
There are just so many things wrong with that statement. More »

Brave Guy Lets His Mom Go Through His Grindr Messages

By: College Candy / March 25, 2015
Tinder and Grindr are just a few things that parents should have very little knowledge of, right? Well YouTube star from Dublin, Ireland, Riyadh Khalaf, let his mother go through his Grindr messages. Stupid or brave? We can’t decide. Read more on College Candy... More »

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Pregnant Women In UPS Case

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / March 25, 2015
Peggy Young wins in court, Rebecca Martinson's "cunt punt" email inspires performance art and Gloria Steinem gives Black women their due, in Today's Lady News... More »

Serena Williams’ Take On Beyonce’s “7/11″ Video Is A Grand Slam

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 25, 2015
Let's see how many other tennis puns I can make. More »

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