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Love & Sex

Check out some of the best things about living on the single side of things. READ MORE »

Men and women reveal the best NSFW compliments they’ve ever received. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

One woman who lets her husband be with whomever he wants explains how she gets off knowing that he jumped in the sack with someone else. READ MORE »

People write breakup letters to their significant others listing the most insane reasons for their relationship’s demise. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Even though we’re living in times where everyone can be more open about their sexuality, some people still like to keep their bedroom play a secret. READ MORE »

Couple Time

It turns out that what makes them interested in a woman can be pretty random—and weird. READ MORE »


These guys on Reddit had some interesting questions about their bodies… check them out! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Put the batteries down, we’ve got some pro tips for you. READ MORE »

Love Your Self

Talk about going with the flow… READ MORE »

Love & Sex

A married couple is planning to divorce so that either the wife or the husband can get hitched to their shared girlfriend so she can adopt their three children. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

A sight no one should have to see. READ MORE »

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