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Love & Sex

Because it just may just be the healthiest “snack” ever. READ MORE »

Love Your Self

Usually Tumblr is for the jokes—this time, it’s for the truth bombs. READ MORE »


Lena Dunham might just be the most controversial celebrity of our time… But it’s more complicated than that. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

From being scared sh*tless to just wanting to get it over with, these stories get interesting. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

If you’re getting into a new relationship but the fear of taking that extra step is real, here are four things to consider… READ MORE »

Love & Sex

They gathered in a Reddit forum to proclaim their disgust for the bedroom position. READ MORE »


Well, it looks like there’s one less creep on Tinder… Probably about six-million more to go! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Ladies, just because they’re yours, that doesn’t mean you know all there is to know. READ MORE »


Okay. I’ll say it. Fifty Shades Darker wasn’t that good. Here are some alternatives to the Fifty Shades franchise for your next sexy movie night. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

If you haven’t tried doing the nasty via video chat, what are you waiting for?! READ MORE »

Love & Sex

You’d be surprise to find out that they’re just as good. READ MORE »


Watching exes who make you sad on the internet is so last week. Try this on for size instead. READ MORE »

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