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She says that she’s just trying to be pretty, but everyone thinks she’s going crazy. READ MORE »


Some ladies just dream about it, and other ladies get themselves into it. READ MORE »

Couple Time

It proves that the old saying is true: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. READ MORE »


Did you ever consider sleeping with people for money to pay for school? READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Up and down, in and out, vibrations, heavy breathing, then… READ MORE »

Couple Time

Some people ignore these common signs that a relationship is going downhill. READ MORE »

Couple Time

Some of them will amaze you with how much they were willing to do to get away with it. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Do you like what you taste when you kiss them after? READ MORE »

Love & Sex

If your man laid this excuse on you, would you let him off the hook? READ MORE »

Love & Sex

When this woman got one taste of the lifestyle, she decided to make it her full time job. READ MORE »


Would you do this to your friend if he was finally getting laid? READ MORE »


This couple’s steamy moment went from adult film to horror movie real quick. READ MORE »

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