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These women are no strangers to sexual pleasure and have even proved the theory of the super orgasm. Get the scoop on how they’re achieving the “Big O” multiple times in one session. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Real answers from real men. READ MORE »


National Ex-Spouse Day is upon us, so let us celebrate all those crazed exes out there with some heartwarming stories about spurned lovers. READ MORE »


When woman suffers from amnesia, her boyfriend goes on a mission to make her remember him. READ MORE »


Have you tasted your own? READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Relationships of any kind are never easy, but we crave human companionship. People are in open relationships more than ever, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

To swallow or not to swallow, here’s what they prefer. READ MORE »

Some of them are not at all here for it, while some can’t get enough of it. READ MORE »

Relationships aren’t all good times; there will be arguments along the way. It’s all about how you recover from them. READ MORE »


Can science really tell you if you’re pretty? Spoiler: No. No, it can’t. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Maybe your break up was bad… But it probably wasn’t this bad. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

These toys were made to tickle your private parts, but it kind of looks like they would just creep you out instead. What a mood killer! READ MORE »

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