Idaho Mom Insists LGBT Rights Could Lead To Rampant Necrophilia

Idaho Mom Insists LGBT Rights Could Lead To Rampant Necrophilia
"...flagrantly and unnecessarily parading their genitalia!

The state legislature of Idaho is currently debating a bill, House Bill 2, which would add both sexual orientation and gender identity to its Human Rights Bill. While one would think this would not be too much of a big deal to anyone living in the year 2015, there are still some people out there shaking their sad little fists in the wind, hoping to hold back the tide.

One such person is Laurie Burchfield, a Christian mother and grandmother who spoke at a committee hearing about the bill on Tuesday. Burchfield had some very interesting ideas and fears about what giving LGBT people human rights could lead to. Keep reading »

Watch How The “Ideal” Female Body Has Changed Throughout History

Ideal Female Body Types
3,000 Years In The Making!

In this video, BuzzFeed enlists 11 models to give us a look at how female body standards have changed over the course of 3,000 years. Today’s (impossible) beauty standards may seem like they’re here to stay, but they’ve changed in the past and will undoubtedly evolve again. It’s cringey to think of desired body types as trends, though that’s exactly how it’s played out over the years — bodies aren’t sweaters you can replace every season to adapt, they’re what you’re born with! All the more reason to love our bodies just as they are, regardless of what era we live in! [Greatist]

The Soapbox: “American Sniper” Isn’t Really A Film About War

The Soapbox: "American Sniper" Isn't Really A Film About War

A Republican yahoo made a movie about a Navy SEAL during the Iraq Occupation, and apparently no one foresaw that it would be a total shitshow that would send this country into online hysterics. Clint Eastwood is a man who accused an invisible Obama, alighting upon an empty stool, of being “absolutely crazy” at the Republican National Convention in 2012. He is also a man who is a lauded filmmaker and universally loved icon, because if America loves anything as much as a war movie, it’s a geriatric western star and his emotionally exploitative directorial work. “American Sniper”is the culmination of the unquestioning American patriotism that soars as high as an eagle and stands as strong as the second amendment, tied in a pretty bow by the antiquated standards of Hollywood. Keep reading »

Footage Shows Police Pepper Spraying Seattle Teacher At MLK Rally


Video footage surfaced yesterday depicting Seattle police pepper spraying Seattle high school teacher Jesse Hagopian on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unprovoked, just after he’d finished making a powerful speech about racial equality. That day, a rally had been held in Seattle in honor of Dr. King. Hagopian marched and spoke to participants about the importance of Black lives. When he was sprayed shortly afterward, he was on the phone with his mother planning his two-year-old son’s birthday party. In the video, he can be seen walking past police holding his phone before rushing out of the frame in shock. Keep reading »

Super Bowl Halftime Performances Of The 2000s, Ranked

Some watch the Super Bowl for the sports. Some watch it for the ads. Most watch it for the halftime show, that great spectacle of money and talent both perceived and actual. I love the Super Bowl for all of it. I like football, even though I recognize that it can be very, very bad. I know advertising is horrible, but Super Bowl ads are fun, sorta? And most of the performers that stand on a stage for 15 minutes during halftime and sing songs and dodge pyrotechnics are either really, really great or really, really horrid. This year, Katy Perry will strap on a bra that shoots footballs and penalty flags and sing 2-3 of her hits before descending into the stage in a cloud of glitter, whipped cream and sapphire blue hair extensions. In preparation for this event, I’ve ranked the Super Bowl halftime performances of the 2000s, only because that is all I can really remember. Let’s get started. Keep reading »

Chelsea Handler Went Topless Again Because World Peace

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has once again gone topless on Instagram, this time to highlight part of her trip to Israel and to encourage cooperation between Muslim and Jewish communities. Keep reading »

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