#Problematic: Taylor Swift’s Dreams Of Africa, Kelly Osbourne’s #SquadGoals, Emma Thompson’s Feminism & Janet Jackson’s Return!

Chloe Stillwell / September 4, 2015

Happy lead into Labor Day, guys, a holiday in keeping with American tradition in that most of us have no idea what it’s for, but we’ll definitely be drunk on it! Regardless, it’s time to power down—like Shabbat, but with hard liquor. Stop watching Diamond Candle reveal videos. Stop reading about those poor Duggar sisters,… More »

Study: Voicemail Less Sexy Than Email, Everything Else On The Planet

Robyn Pennacchia / September 4, 2015

What kind of monster would leave a sexy voicemail? More »

6 Sexy/Utterly Confusing Cell Phone Accessories

Robyn Pennacchia / September 4, 2015

Do you ever look at your smartphone and think “It’s great that I can call people on this, send text messages and access the internet — but it’s not doing a lot for me sexually, other than all the porn I could hypothetically access on it”? Well! We here at The Frisky have got some solutions for… More »

Dude With Alleged 19-Inch Penis Only Thinks He Has The Biggest Dick In The World

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 4, 2015


Make It Stop: “My Just-Dumped Friend Needs More Of My Time Than I Can Give”

Anna Goldfarb / September 4, 2015

Ah, the recently dumped. Yes, they need lots of love. Yes, they need lots of attention. No, the heartbroken person can’t dominate your schedule for the foreseeable future. More »

The Petition To Investigate Murders Of Trans Women Of Color Is Approaching Its Deadline

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 4, 2015

The petition needed 100,000 signatures and it’s only gathered 5,000 – make sure to sign it today. More »

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