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Love & Sex

This girlfriend believes she’s caught her boyfriend cheating and decides to expose him on Facebook. But her plans are foiled by one ugly truth. READ MORE »


Take all your questions about child birth and double them.  READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Even though oral is revered as one of the most pleasurable sensations a woman can have, it’s not that fun for everyone. READ MORE »

couple time

When traditional means of birth control aren’t right, this easy device can cut off sperm flow with the flick of a switch. READ MORE »


It seems like guys will do anything when they need to get off, including fapping in some of the weirdest places ever. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Mario Antoine assured the ladies he approached about getting paid lots of cash to have sex on camera that he was legit, and they bought his lie entirely. READ MORE »


She details her first time doing it with a stranger — and it’s so good… READ MORE »

There’s always that one NSFW question you’re afraid to ask your SO to do in bed. What was it for you? Some of these might shock you… READ MORE »

Love Your Self

Forget everything you thought about weight and relationships. READ MORE »


Take notes… READ MORE »


Your SO should only have to buy you their ex’s favorite perfume for your birthday once before you get the message. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

So many things can go wrong when you’re in the throes of intense physical passion. READ MORE »

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