Adnan Syed Has Won The Right To Petition Court To Hear Alibi Witness’s Testimony

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 18, 2015

Asia McClain is that much closer to finally testifying as Adnan Syed’s alibi witness. More »

Mariah Carey’s Video Preview For “Infinity” Promises The Mimi We Know And Love

By: Megan Reynolds / May 18, 2015

Here is a little snippet of the video for Mariah Carey’s new single, “Infinity,” which closes out her latest collection, #1 to Infinity. The album itself is nothing to freak about, seeing as it’s just a collection of her #1 singles plus a newbie that feels a little phoned in, but at this point, I’ll take… More »

Courtney Love’s “Miss Narcissist” Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

By: Robyn Pennacchia / May 18, 2015

Welcome back, Courtney, welcome back. … More »

Taye Diggs Will Be The Next Star Of “Hedwig And The Angry Inch”!

By: Claire Hannum / May 18, 2015

Taye Diggs in fishnets? Yes please. More »

Maya Rudolph Did Her Flawless Beyonce Impersonation At Tulane’s Commencement

By: Megan Reynolds / May 18, 2015

This is how all commencement speeches should end. … More »

Did Louis CK’s “Saturday Night Live” Monologue Go Too Far?

By: Newser / May 18, 2015

Louis CK gave a predictably polite, sensitive monologue Saturday on the closing night of “SNL”‘s 40th season—making light of racism, child molestation, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. “Child molesters are very tenacious people,” CNN quotes him as saying. “From their point of view, it must be amazing to risk so much!” He went on to describe himself… More »

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