Ted Cruz Will Speak At The Republican National Convention Despite All The Shit Donald Trump Has Said About Him

The frenemy dynamic between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump has managed to elicit cringe-worthy comedic relief while sufficiently confusing voters who know the pair to be equal cartoon villains. More »

Ashley Graham And Amy Schumer Have Different Ideas About The “Plus-Size” Label

They’re supposed to be “feuding,” but they’re above it. More »

Florida Representative Corrine Brown Was Indicted On Multiple Fraud Charges

We shouldn’t let Congress have unlimited term limits. More »

There’s Actually A Historic Reason Ancient Statues Have Teeny Tiny Penises

It makes sense. More »

This Teen Got An Amazing Rainbow Surprise Party When She Came Out As Gay

The house was filled to the brim with party guests and was decked out in rainbow gear, including rainbow plates, rainbow pasta, and even a homemade rainbow cake. More »

What You Need To Know About Sexual Abuse By Doctors, Because It’s A Lot More Common Than You Think

As highly respected as the profession is, doctors, like all human beings, aren’t inherently above doing unspeakable things just because they’re doctors. More »

The Man Wrongfully Suspected As The Dallas Shooter Was Released, But Not Before The Nation Knew His Face

The brother of a protest organizer was identified as a shooting suspect after police tweeted a picture of him marching in the protest with a rifle. More »

10 States Sue The Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Rules

Overall, 21 states have now taken legal action opposing transgender students’ rights to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. More »

This Girl Who’s Pissed She Shaved Her Legs Before A Date Cancelled Is All Of Us

Like, I bet you think this rant is about you, but it’s not — it’s about her cutting two hours out of her schedule to take a “special bath” before your Netflix and chill plans. More »

Reactions To Alton Sterling’s And Philando Castile’s Deaths Expose The Racial Hypocrisy Of Many Gun Advocates

Surprise! All that “right to bear arms” rhetoric you heard after the Orlando shooting apparently only applies to white skin. More »

Teen Accused Of Bullying Her Boyfriend Into Committing Suicide Will Stand Trial

After allegedly sending her boyfriend a slew of text messages urging him to commit suicide two years ago, Michelle Carter of Massachusetts will now stand trial for manslaughter. She was 17 at the time of the 2014 tragedy, and was just indicted Feb. 6 for involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, the state’s highest court says she could… More »

Bill Cosby Will Stand Trial For Sexual Assault After Years Of Evading Allegations

A refreshing, much-needed reminder that some judges do, actually, take cases of sexual assault seriously. More »

10 Reasons You Should Date A Cancer Because One Is Probably Already In Love With You

So first off, writing a story about why you should date Cancers is slightly awkward. For one thing, it makes it look like you should date a potentially fatal disease which, nah. For another, some Cancers are awful because some people of all signs are awful. Still, with that said, based on my knowledge ofMore »

5 Police Officers Killed In Dallas Shooting At Black Lives Matter Protest

Multiple snipers shot Dallas police officers, five of whom died by early Friday morning. More »

10 Celebs Use Their Platforms To Speak Out Against This Week’s Police Shootings

Celebrities aren’t always praised for their social justice warrior-ism. But celebrities are responding to this week’s police shootings of two black men to ignite change, promote awareness, or at the very least, join the conversation in whichever way they know how. On Tuesday, two police officers tackled and repeatedly shot 37-year-old Alton Sterling outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge… More »

Kevin G. From ‘Mean Girls’ Is Now A Chalk Artist (Who’s Also Super Hot)

Are you ready to feed the love-shaped void inside your heart? More »

This Remake Of The Spice Girls “Wannabe” Will Make You So Freaking Happy

While I was a tiny infant child in the ’90s, I still know that the Girl Power product the Spice Girls sold to the masses was definitely lacking. While it was awesome to see the colorful, cartoon-esque Spice Girls saying women ruled, it also seemed hollow to a lot of people. Like, yes, sure, Girl Power! More »

John Cho’s ‘Star Trek’ Character Is Openly Gay As A Nod To The Original Sulu

The only shame is that is doesn’t sound like Sulu will have a romantic interest aboard whatever spacecraft they’re on this time around. More »

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