Hey, Tyga: Kylie May Be Legal Now, But Your Song “Stimulated” Is Still Gross (And Also Not That Good)

Megan Reynolds / August 25, 2015

Tyga, can you not. … More »

The Fable Of Ethnic Loudness And How It Penetrates The White Space

Carol H. Hood / August 25, 2015

Sadly, the experience several black women had on the Napa Valley Wine Train is not unusual — for Napa, or anywhere. More »

Allison Brie Is Engaged, And You May Now Look At Her Engagement Ring

Robyn Pennacchia / August 25, 2015

Yep, that sure is an engagement ring. … More »

Undisclosed Podcasters Uncover Massive Brady Violation That Should All But Guarantee Adnan Syed A New Trial

Last night’s episode of the Undisclosed podcast dropped the biggest bombshell yet about the Adnan Syed case. It involves a Brady violation so blatant that it, at the very least, could very well lead to a new trial. More »

Hugo Awards See Huge Loss For Vox Day And The Sad Puppies

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 25, 2015

The Hugo Awards – probably the now-second-most prominent sci-fi and fantasy awards outside of the Nebulas – were awarded on Saturday. You might recall that there was a huge controversy over the Hugos this year, with authors Brad Torgensen and Larry Correia rigging the ballots against what they perceived as a too-diverse field of priorMore »

Julianne Moore Hopes To Rename Her High School After Someone Who DIDN’T Love Slavery

Robyn Pennacchia / August 25, 2015

Schools do not need to be named after dudes who loved slavery. … More »

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