Nine Negative Effects Of Dating Locally

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 27, 2008
Before I left Chicago last fall and moved in with my long-distance boyfriend in New York, I thought a lot about all the benefits such a lifestyle change could create. I fantasized about Sunday mornings with my boyfriend when neither of us would have to worry about rushing off to catch a flight. I thought… More »

Get Up And Do Something

By: Annika Harris / October 27, 2008
Any physical activity is good activity is the message behind the federal guidelines for physical activity, which the Department of Health and Human Services released this month. The core guideline is that Americans should get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week, but that doesn't mean you have to spend that time… More »

Another Sarah Palin Doll Just In Time For The Election

By: Catherine Strawn / October 27, 2008
"Adult product" companies aren't the only ones making dolls in Sarah Palin's likeness. Those chubby-faced Cabbage Patch Kids are trying to stay relevant, or make us nostalgic, by producing four one-of-a-kind dolls in the likeness of Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Palin. Starting Thursday, the dolls will be auctioned on eBay with the… More »

Hot Outta The Oven: Soy-Glazed Chicken On A Recessionista’s Budget

By: TTB / October 27, 2008
Hot foodie Teri Tsang Barrett knows her way around a kitchen—a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, she works as a Food Editor at Everyday With Rachael Ray in constant search of the perfect thin crust pizza. Here she unveils her favorite frisky recipes—good food that every ravenous gal can make in a pinch. More »

Dealbreaker: Dating Below Your Class

By: Christiana Yiallourides / October 27, 2008
There was a banging at the door as Brian* flushed the toilet. I was sitting on the couch of his mother’s townhouse, where he lived with her and his half-brother. Brian emerged from the bathroom and opened the front door to reveal a mangy-looking man walking away from the stoop. “I’m calling the police!” Brian’… More »

Poll: Would You Stay In A Sexless Relationship?

By: Catherine Strawn / October 27, 2008
Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce is playing out on the pages of newspapers around the world, so we've been privy to information that most married couples keep to themselves, namely how much they have sex. Last week it was rumored that Madonna was always too tired for sex because she works out so hard-core. Supposedly… More »