Nippies For Your Nipples

By: Susannah Breslin / October 20, 2008
On last week's episode of "The Rachel Zoe Project," crybaby assistant stylist Brad Goreski got busted for forgetting to leave Rachel a fashion kit with which to style Cameron Diaz for the Academy Awards. That kit includes nipples covers -- as Brad explains: "[I]f one of our clients is wearing a chiffon dress, and it… More »

Mad Men: Joan Holloway’s Date Rape Probably Not That Rare

By: Lauren Gitlin / October 20, 2008
Last night's "Mad Men" had an all-too-rare subplot involving Joan and her betrothed, The Handsome Doctor . In a previous episode, Doc's abusive, douche-tastic tendencies were barely hinted at -- "Didn't you say you were getting me a drink?!" -- but this episode confirmed it for any doubters. In one of the most disturbing scene… More »

Dealbreaker: The Lightweight

By: Jessica Bartlett / October 20, 2008
The Brit was someone I can describe only as Lord Marcus on "Gossip Girl." Well, except for the title and the vast family riches. Nine years older than me, the Brit was a U.K. transplant in the banking industry and a sweet, sweet man. Not only did he own a house across the pond, but… More »

The Daily Squeeze: Vacuums, the Spitzer’s Anniversary, Foot Botox, And Scouts’ Lessons

By: Catherine Strawn / October 20, 2008
Police in Michigan arrested a 29-year-old man for allegedly "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum" at a car wash. Guess it wasn't a "full service" operation. [AHN] Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife, Silda Wall-Spitzer, celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary on Friday. It seems the two are still together despite his sexual… More »

Star Couplings: Brangelina Fell In Love While He Was Still Married

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 20, 2008
In an interview with the New York Times, Angelina Jolie talks about having her kids see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" someday, saying, "Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love." Wuh, wuh, waaaaaait a second! That means those two fell in love WHILE Brad was still married… More »

For The Week Of October 20-26, 2008

By: Kiki T / October 20, 2008
Virgo (August 23 - September 22)Trust issues go careening out of control, as everyone around you turns into a gossipy wench spewing out different information, mostly which is hearsay, and will have you drenched in confusion. Of course you can also go right to the source to find out fact from fiction, but without the… More »