Couple Survives China Earthquake Together

Last Monday’s earthquake in China has caused all kinds of pain. The official death toll is at 34,000, and more than 200,000 are injured. Being buried together may have helped one couple stay alive and rekindle their relationship. Wang Zhijun and his wife, Li Wanzhi, had just sat down to watch a DVD together when their apartment building began shaking. They were buried, entwined together, when the building collapsed. Keep reading »

Egypt’s First Female “Maazun”

Egypt has appointed its first female official to certify marriages and divorces. Amal Soliman applied for the “maazun” position because it would allow her to work close to her home and three children, not because she wanted to start a debate, which she has. “It is wrong to have a woman in this position,” one man said. “My sheikh tells me that if we are to get married that we must avoid her because she can’t do the job.” Part of the issue some people have with her appointment is that women aren’t allowed to enter mosques or read Quaranic verses when they’re menstruating. Amal says she plans to conduct home visits during those times and will also have an assistant who will be able to enter the mosque when she cannot. Ten others, all men, applied for the job, but Justice Minister Mamdouh Marei said Amal was chosen based “on her abilities rather than on her gender.” Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Indiana Jones Makes Out

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart need to try kissing with their eyes closed — so much more satisfying. [Premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Cannes Film Festival, 5/18/08] Keep reading »

Do Girls Love Watching Guys Who Like Guys?

When I was in college I lived with a gay guy for a couple years who had a truly impressive collection of gay porn. I’m sure when he would watch it in private he was, you know, take care of business, but he was also fond of watching it in the living room like it was a regular ol’ romantic comedy. As a result, I got really used to watching graphic gay porn while I was doing homework or making dinner. While I’m totally desensitized to the images of spread legs and multiple penises, I never became one of the women the Village Voice talks about who loves gay porn. But I have a straight female friend who totally gets off on it. I have to admit that man-on-man loves does give me a little flutter (see: Y Tu Mama Tambien and Brokeback Mountain) but gay porn just has too much ween for my taste. But to each their own! [Village Voice] Keep reading »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Big Lipped Lass

“I have seriously huge labia and I am way concerned that guys will think my vagina is ugly. Am I being ridiculous?” — Labia Majorly Majora, San Francisco, CA

Yes you are!

Labia majora (the technical name) vary greatly from woman to woman. No two vaginas are alike…which means there are tons of women out there with big labia, small labia, and somewhere in between. Whatever kind you have, rest assured that you are not abnormal. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Nicole Kidman Looks Radiant Pregnant & Botox-Free

Not being able to inject herself with Botulism is doing Nicole Kidman’s body good. [With husband Keith Urban, Academy of Country Music Awards, 5/18/08] Keep reading »

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