Fashion Slideshow: Fall Frocks

By: Annika Harris / August 21, 2008
For the last couple years, the dress has been taking each season by storm. And this fall season is no different. Designers are featuring sweater dresses in a myriad of incantations, making the sweater dress a staple piece to last through winter. Patterns, whether houndstooth, floral, or geometric are also hot for fall, and look… More »

Quote Of The Day: Amanda Beard On The Rumour That She’s Dating Michael Phelps

By: Catherine Strawn / August 21, 2008
"Ew, no! C'mon, I have really good taste." -- former U.S. Olympic swimmer and sometime nude model Amanda Beard [MSNBC]… More »

Style On The Street: Transitioning Into Fall

By: Catherine Strawn / August 21, 2008
How long has it been since it was cool enough for you to wear pants? Far too long, in our opinion. This hat-wearing gal, with her tank and skinny jeans, makes us yearn for sunny days that aren't at all humid, when pants can be worn without sticking uncomfortably to the legs. Autumn rocks. [… More »

Project Runway: What A Drag!

By: Annika Harris / August 21, 2008
Designs We Hated [From Left]: Jerell's Glittery Green Number; Daniel's Sorbet Meltdown; Keith's Filthy Howard the Duck Thing (Like Nina Garcia said, it is quite a puzzle) On this week's episode the designers were challenged to create an outfit for drag queens. Although this was a new challenge, not a recycle bin rescue from a… More »

The Straight Guy Index: Ten Types Of Hetero Lovers

By: Simcha / August 21, 2008
Yesterday, we delineated the celebrity lesbian personalities, from LUGs to Toppers, that create the broader Venn diagram of the womanly community. Since we love our readers, especially their comments, we decided to take reader "Lilo" up on her challenge to break down the different types of straight males. So, here’s to all the me… More »

Crave: Custom Keds

By: Catherine Strawn / August 21, 2008
Don't you hate it when you buy a new shirt or dress that you absolutely love, and then you go to work and someone else has the exact same thing on? If you don't have any sewing skills, it's pretty much a guarantee that someone else is going to own what you own -- unle… More »