Barbie’s Big Birthday

By: Catherine Strawn / November 14, 2008

Barbie is turning 50 next year (doesn’t she look good for her age?), and her birthday celebration is going to be huge. She’s getting a line of beauty products, collaborating with Vera Wang on a wedding dress and Jeremy Scott on a capsule collection, and getting her own show at New York Fashion Week i… More »

Style On The Street: Tie One On

By: Catherine Strawn / November 14, 2008

Even though she’s wearing boots and a blazer, this gal looks ladylike, and she has her delicate tie-neck blouse to thank for that. [Trender Bender]

1. Silk Chiffon Tux Top, $59.50,
2. Tie-Neck Blouse, $22.99,
3. Tie-Neck Blouse, $29,
4. Fitted Tie-Neck Shirt, $32.99,
5. The Hillside Top, $36, Karmaloop.comMore »

You’re A Muppet!

By: Susannah Breslin / November 14, 2008

Thanks to the miracle that is 21st century technology, you can now become a Muppet. Toy store FAO Schwarz’s website has a special online Muppet factory, The Muppet Whatnot Workshop, where you can build your own Muppet in your likeness. Pick your body (orange, green, blue), your eyes (girlie, droopy, catty), your hair (yellow boa,… More »

Who Wouldn’t Rather Be A Mistress Than A Wife?

By: The Huffington Post / November 14, 2008

I tried marriage and I don’t understand the attraction. I hated it. It’s such hard work. I had to organize the maids, the chef, assistants, chauffeurs, gardeners. All that staff. Exhausting. What really did it for me was when my husband told me he wanted children. Can you imagine? Ruining your figure for babies; those… More »

Who Is Olga Kurylenko, Anyway?

By: Simcha / November 14, 2008

Who is this new Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko? Well, she can tell you herself! For a model with English as her second language, the smarty-pants knows many polysyllabic words. In interviews, Olga seems like a cool chick who isn’t afraid to break up the action movie boys club! So we did a little spying ourselve… More »

The Daily Squeeze: Bond Vs. Bourne, Second Life Sex, And Hayden-Harnett For Target

By: Catherine Strawn / November 14, 2008

The one thing James Bond can’t do? Beat Jason Bourne at the U.S. box office. The last two Jason Bourne movies have made more money in the U.S. than any James Bond movie. [E Online]
Were you wondering how avatars have sex in Second Life? Well, first, you have to buy genitals… [BBC]… More »