Hey, What’s It Like Saving Yourself For Marriage?

New Jersey native Sarah Reilly, 25, gives The Frisky the dirt on why she’s waiting for wedding bells before she does the dirty. It’ll truly be a Snow White Wedding…

So when and why did you decide to save yourself for marriage?
Well, my dad is a pastor and when I was a child my parents explained to us, my brother and sisters and me, why sex is beautiful and why it’s important to wait for that someone special. And on my 13th birthday I promised my parents and God that I would wait and my parents gave me a promise ring. Keep reading »

Real Chick Lit: Judy McGuire’s Bad Date Hall Of Fame

Judy McGuire has been on a lot of bad dates. “How many grains of sand are there on a beach? How many stars in the sky? If I were ever to sit down and count, I’d never leave the house again,” she says. But going out with all those losers provided her with plenty of material for her book, How Not to Date. Plus, it taught her the most decent way to dump someone: “I’m not one of those people who thinks you always have to do it in person, because if I got all dressed up to go meet someone only to get dumped once I got there, I’d be pretty angry,” Judy says. “But if you’ve slept with the person, you either need to do it by phone or in person.” Judy shares her Bad Date Hall of Fame, culled from years of personal experience and hours spent listening to other daters’ horror stories.

The worst line I ever heard on a first (and last) date:
“I usually date women a lot younger than you.” (We were the same age.) He followed that up with the confession that he’d always been sexually attracted to his mother.

Second worst line I ever heard on a first (and last) date:
“HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, and condoms are bs. I’d never use them.”

Worst line I ever delivered:
“Um, no, you can’t kiss me—I have a cold sore. See?”

Second worst line I ever delivered:
“I know I’m kind of fat, but I’m on Weight Watchers and I’ve already lost seven pounds.”

Worst outfit ever worn by a date:
It involved dad jeans and eyeliner. Keep reading »

Chelsea Clinton Shuts ‘Em Down

Yesterday at an event in support of Hillary Clinton (who was not present) a man asked Chelsea Clinton whether she thought the Monica Lewinski scandal affected her mother’s credibility. This is how Chelsea answered. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about whether or not that whole debacle should be addressed by Hillary and/or Bill, but I thought it was inappropriate to ask Chelsea how her father’s philandering affected her mom’s reputation. Chelsea has got class. I predict that if her mom doesn’t make it to the White House, she’ll be the U.S.’s first woman President. Keep reading »

Everyone Wants To Be A Princess

“Tiaras are like a pair of high heels that make you stand tall and upright so you don’t slouch,” says Andrew Prince, a jeweler in Britain. “They are probably the most useless and yet the most wonderful piece of jewelry a woman can own.” In our culture of consumption, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings aren’t enough accessories anymore. Tiaras, which were once reserved for royal weddings, have been selling for higher prices over the past few years, and the jewelry director for Christie’s Europe said that he has seen parents buy a tiara for a daughter’s wedding — when the daughter was as young as five. While they could never be worn as an everyday accessory (even the Queen goes without), tiaras are quite lovely if worn correctly. We prefer the variety that does not resemble something that belongs in a pageant (photos after the jump). [Portfolio] Keep reading »

So I’m Engaged: Babysitting

I’ve had a case of baby fever practically since I was an infant, so the possibility of someday having children has always been a no-brainer, even more than the idea of getting married. Put me in a room with a dozen adults and one youngster, and the child will have my ear all night. When I was freelance writing from home last year, I made extra cash, though not much, babysitting. It was mostly for fun and to put a damper on my crazy baby cravings. One thing I never considered in my non-debate over someday having kids was the possibility that my partner-in-crime might not want them as bad as I did…or even at all. When that became an issue for my fiancé and me long before we even got engaged, rest assured some tears were shed. Keep reading »

The Daily Hotness: Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess caught our eye in the awesome Beatles musical Across The Universe in which he played Jude and sang quite prettily. He’s a Brit, but this month he sheds his sexy accent in order to play an MIT card-counting wiz in 21, which is based on the true story documented in the book Bringing Down The House. He makes our teeth sweat. Keep reading »

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