Will Hugh Jackman Be A Successful Oscar Host?

Catherine Strawn / February 22, 2009

When we first heard that Hugh Jackman was hosting tonight’s Academy Awards, we were confused. Don’t they always have comedians host? In the past 20 years, the hosts have all been well-known funny people, i.e., Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart. But even if Jackman isn’t… More »

Quote Of The Day: James Franco On Locking Lips With Sean Penn

Simcha / February 21, 2009

“After our kiss, Sean texted Madonna – his ex-wife, Madonna – and said, ‘I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don’t know why.” — James Franco in Out What kissing Franco doesn’t deserve an OMFG?! More »

Book Smart: Oscar Reads “Frost/Nixon”

Deborah Stein / February 21, 2009

Oscar time and Hollywood goes all highbrow on us, taking cues for Tony Award nominated, dramatic the-a-ter. Sure, you saw the movie, but what do you know about the play?

In “Frost/Nixon,” Richard Nixon and David Frost (British satirist-slash-serious-news-guy who used to be huge in the ’70s) face-off on national TV after Dirty Dick&#8217… More »

10 Most Outrageous Oscar Moments

Simcha / February 21, 2009

What happens when you pack an auditorium full of attention whores…er, I mean actors? Oscar Night! The stars are all dying to shine at Hollywood’s biggest award night and the lengths they’ll go to to get some applause always make it worth watching! So, let’s take a tour of Crazy Tinseltown with the Top 10… More »

Say What?! Four Totally Bizarre News Stories

Persia Ali / February 21, 2009

How far would you go to hide your cell phone? Would you hide it your butt? Because that’s what this girl did. A 14-year-old girl was arrested after her teacher repeatedly told her to stop texting on her cell phone, and she didn’t listen. So when the cops got to the school to confiscate the… More »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For February 21st-22nd 2009

Annika Harris / February 21, 2009


“Project Runway” on Bravo from 8 am to 1 pm
“E! News Weekend” on E! at 9 am
“Big Love” on HBO2 at 10 am… More »