Kim Kardashian Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

By: Catherine Strawn / October 1, 2008
Kim Kardashian and her booty got booted on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, which greatly pleased me. She was a fish out of water on the dance floor. Sure, she said she's "shy" and doesn't have any dance experience, but she could have at least shown some expression on her face! Judge… More »

Do We Really Need To Know Who’s Googling Us?

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 1, 2008
It used to be you had to wait until you had ringing ears to know someone was thinking about you, but these days you can get an email alert any time someone Googles your name., a new social networking site, invites people to create profiles and promises to give them a to… More »

Gardasil Required For Young Female Immigrants

By: Catherine Strawn / October 1, 2008
If you're a female U.S. citizen between 11 and 26 years old, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you get the Gardasil vaccine; however, if you are a female foreigner trying to become a permanent resident of the country, it's not just recommended you get the vaccine, it's required. This isn't because… More »

Obama Camp Reportedly Seeks Rape Victim For Campaign Ad

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 1, 2008
According to an email obtained by, the Obama campaign attempted to find a rape victim to cast in a campaign commercial that would allow the Democratic Presidential nominee to discuss his stance on related issues. According to Politico's Jonathan Martin: The Obama campaign wouldn't detail the strategy behind finding an individual to… More »

Quick Pic: Mask Or Bag?

By: Catherine Strawn / October 1, 2008
Fashionable spies will be carrying these bags next spring since they trick enemies into thinking you're Karl Lagerfeld himself. [Karl Lagerfeld fashion show; Paris Fashion Week; 10/1/2008]… More »

The Monogamist: What Marriage Feels Like

By: Annemarie Conte / October 1, 2008
Well, I did it. A couple of weeks ago, I tied the knot. Got hitched. Became a ball and chain. And got my own ball and chain? People make it sound so weighty. When we got engaged, it did feel huge, like this gigantic life-altering decision that was so…permanent. And it is. I’m not saying… More »