Quickies!: McCain’s Body Language, J. Lo The Mother, & An Elephant With A Smack Problem

By: Annika Harris / September 5, 2008
Jennifer Lopez dishes on motherhood, marriage and her glamorous life in October's Elle. [Shine.yahoo] John McCain had displayed some very interesting body language at the RNC last night. [Daily Bedpost] A new study found that natural birth triggers maternal bonds, which means women who have C-sections are less attached. [… More »

Project Runway’s Leanne Is A Trendsetter

By: Annika Harris / September 5, 2008
Some of us at The Frisky predict that Leanne will win this season's Project Runway competition because she has a well-defined design perspective -- her designs scream her name. She revisits a combination of trends/elements in each of her covetable designs. Since we know you too have been dying to wear her fashions, we found… More »

The Frisky Guidebook: The Finest City

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 5, 2008
I grew up in San Diego, so I've spent years hearing people say to me, "Oh my GOD, San Diego is the most beautiful city in the United States" and being, like, "Huh? I guess." Growing up in a place often makes it hard to appreciate it's natural beauty so after moving away for college… More »

Did Mary-Kate Ditch Her BF For Jonah Hill?

By: Catherine Strawn / September 5, 2008
The National Enquirer reports that Mary-Kate Olsen and Jonah Hill went on a secret double-date at Chateau Marmont last week. "Mary-Kate and Jonah sat close together and seemed totally into each other," a source told the tabloid. "They were both wearing plaid shirts that almost matched. It was the cutest thing." You might be thinking,… More »

Crave: Short Necklace For Fall & Winter

By: Leigh Raines / September 5, 2008
Now that scarves have become a year-round thing, it’s only natural that we’re drawn to the funkiest ones we can find. Here’s the short necklace for winter from “Needle by Needle” knitwear. Best part about it is that it’s a scarf, shawl, and hoodie, all in one. Oh, and you can customize. Loves it. [$175,… More »

QR Codes May Change The Way We Pick Up People At Bars

By: Catherine Strawn / September 5, 2008
You know those QR codes that Ralph Lauren Rugby is using so you can use your phone to buy clothes instantly? Well, a couple designers have a new idea about how to use them. Marguerite Charmante and Wolfgeng Peter Schmiller put QR codes on a dress, and, hypothetically, a guy could see a… More »