Love Vandal: Italians Do It Better, Part Due

By: Catherine Strawn / December 2, 2008

Reader Haley took this in Rome on Christmas last year right between the Colosseum and the Forum/Palatine Hill area.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to More »

Crave: Measuring Tape Wallet

By: Wendy Atterberry / December 2, 2008

This awesome wallet, with its measuring tape pattern fabric and vinyl exterior, caramel brown and dark brown vinyl interior, and tri-flap design, is just one more reason we wish the economy was better and we all had mucho money. Somehow, filling it with gum wrappers, tattered Valpak coupons, and loose pocket change just doesn’t seem… More »

Hot Trend: Butt Cleavage Body Jewelry

By: Simcha / December 2, 2008

Men just love the booty. (Who can blame them?) So while we ladies have been doing everything we can to draw attention to our assets by wagging them on the dance floor, bending over, slipping them into tight jeans, and even sporting the occasional panty that shows off our butt cleavage, there’s a new permanent… More »

The Frisky Gift Guide: 25 Awesome Gifts Under $25

By: Annika Harris / December 2, 2008

Just because your pockets are hurting doesn’t mean you have to give crappy gifts. After the jump, 25 totally sweet gifts for $25 and under. We might just buy them for ourselves. For fun. More »

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Even With Girlfriends

By: / December 2, 2008

Girlfriend break-ups can be just as traumatizing as regular old break-ups with boys. The process is even similar: the anger, sadness, mourning, and finally, acceptance. While you may not have left precious clothes, expensive facial lotion, or significant jewelry at her house, you do feel like a real part of your soul missing as there&#8217… More »

Wife With A Life: How My Mom Planned My Entire Wedding and Nobody Got Hurt

By: Claire Zulkey / December 2, 2008

I worship my mother. She’s smart, funny, annoyingly good at most things she does, determined, stylish, everything. And I’m still kind of scared of her. We’re talking about a woman who booked the date of my wedding before I even knew I was going to get married. That’s right—between the time that my soon-to-be-fiance Steve… More »