Runway DJ: New York Fashion Week Music

Catherine Strawn / February 23, 2009

Fashion Week isn’t just an event for seeing next season’s clothes and spotting celebs sitting front row. It’s also one of the best places to hear new music (and remember songs that you’d long forgotten). While live music was a huge trend for Fall 2009 — Zac Posen had the 5 Browns playing five Steinway… More »

Five Sexy Moves To Do In Public

Annika Harris / February 23, 2009

Since we don’t spend most of our days in bed, we can’t expect all romance to happen there. As an article from’s Happen magazine suggests, you and your partner can seduce each other while going about your daily activities. However, we don’t recommend their tips for kicking things up a notch while in public. More »

Coming Soon! Forever 21 Swimwear

Jessica Wakeman / February 23, 2009

On my daily (um, I mean, bi-monthly) visit to Forever 21’s web site, guess what I saw? At some TBD future date, they’re coming out with $12.80-and-up swimwear sometime soon! Oh no, this is going to be so bad on my wallet. Already I’m addicted to their cute cotton panties and their dress-up clothes &#8212… More »

Dealbreaker: The Romantic Dirty Talker

Susan B. / February 23, 2009

I met him through mutual friends, and I noticed him immediately because he looked like my ex-best friend — but, like, a way hotter version of the ex-BFF. We hung out a few times, and one night, after some drunken bonding over tattoos and the psychological and scientific validity of the art of pickup, he… More »

Poll: Who Was The Worst Dressed Star At The Academy Awards?

Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 23, 2009

Star Couplings: Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Are Adding To Their Family

Annika Harris / February 23, 2009

Joel Madden announced on the Good Charlotte website that he and Nicole Richie are having another baby. That pair works fast! [Dlisted]
The man who says he is the biological father to Nadya Suleman’s children said he wants to help her raise the children. She hasn’t responded to his offer yet. []… More »