Quick Pic: Britney Spears Back To Lookin’ Lovely & Happy

By: The Frisky / October 1, 2008
The pop singer made a pit stop at a Bronx school and signed autographs for fans. [New York City, 10/01/08]… More »

Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of September 30th 2008

By: Simcha / October 1, 2008
MUSIC Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson I don’t want to hate on American Apparel, because I love it, but seriously, Oscar-winning Jennifer Hudson needs to fire her stylist. On the cover of her first solo record, she’s in a basic dress that hipsters have been humping in for years -- boring! She’… More »

Rachel Zoe Shows How An Impromptu Shopping Spree Is DONE

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 1, 2008
Why must Rachel Zoe insist on being so entertaining? On last night's episode of "The Rachel Zoe Show", Brad and Rachel stopped by one of Rachel's favorite vintage shops for an impromptu shopping spree. In 20 minutes, I gather they spent about $50,000! And then they went home and played dress up, and when the… More »

Fashion Slideshow: Fine-Lookin’ Feathers

By: Leonora Epstein / October 1, 2008
Unless if you're in training to become a Vegas showgirl, it's probably not wise to make feathers your fashion staple. Adding some subtle plumage to your Fall look, however, will have you just ahead of the trend curve. These attention-grabbing accessories should have you flying high in fashion. More »

Crave: The Jenna Bracelet

By: Simcha / October 1, 2008
I’m not exactly clean cut…so when the J.Crew catalog comes for my roommate, I try to pretend like I don’t read it cover to cover when she’s asleep. Seriously, who could resist all that classic cashmere?! But something happened recently, and I’m finally ready to come out of the real closet: J.Crew i… More »

10 Favorite Dolls From Our Childhood

By: Annika Harris / October 1, 2008
I was kind of obsessed with Barbie dolls when I was younger. Although I had over 50 Barbies, my mom knew we couldn't leave a toy store without visiting the Barbie aisle. I didn't get a new doll most of the time, but sometimes she would buy me a new Barbie outfit, which is just… More »