The Daily Squeeze: DNA Dating, A Month-Long Sex Quest, Art In Paris, And A Canadian Co-Op

  • Dating site has users send in a sample of their DNA so that matches can be made based on immune system genes, along with the usual personality preferences. “Nature wants us to breed with others that have different immune system genes than ours,” said Chris Holz, Scientific Match’s co-founder. [The Daily Free Press]
  • A church in southwest Florida is having a 30-day sex challenge. Married members are encouraged to have sex every day for 30 days, while the unmarried must go to bed alone. []
  • An exhibit in Paris aimed at 9-to-14-year-olds delves into sexual issues, including “What does making love mean?” and “If a pregnant woman eats spinach, does the baby in her tummy taste it too?” Ooh la la! [LA Times]
  • In Canada, brothels are illegal but prostitution isn’t, so a group is attempting to set up a legal sex “co-op” in time for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. []
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    Heidi Klum & Seal — Cute Couple Alert!

    Click & Tell: Your Profile Is The First Step

    A couple months ago, I came home from work one evening and suddenly decided to sign up for online dating. Without telling or consulting anyone—I didn’t want to lose my nerve—I hastily chose a screen name, uploaded the first picture I found, and wrote some random blurbs. In my refrigerator one will find…beer, milk, eggs, and jelly. Twenty-five years from now I see myself…having a few wrinkles, mostly from laughing.

    Looking back, I realize I probably should have had a friend edit my profile, filter my personality, and help me pick a photo, but I got 40 “winks” in the first 30 days, so I figured I couldn’t have done that bad a job. Then Leslie Oren, author of Fine, I’ll Go Online!: The Hollywood Publicist’s Guide to Successful Internet Dating, took a look. Keep reading »

    What Subliminal Message Is Absolut Trying To Send?

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    FriskyScopes With Kiki T

    For the week of February 18-24, 2008

    Pisces (February 20-March 20)
    You may have bitten off more than you can chew in your latest escapades, but remember, you’re a lady that likes to swallow the drama down in big gulps. So, despite the fact that you have wound up on Psycho Lane in matters of the heart, turn this disaster into your ultimate swan song — at the least, gain as much sympathy from your friends as you can. Keep reading »

    The Daily Hotness: Hayden Christensen

    A couple months ago, I was having a drink with The Frisky‘s “21st Century Love” columnist Erin Flaherty, and Hayden Christensen (star of the new film Jumper alongside his current girlfriend Rachel Bilson) was sitting just down the bar from us, doing a photo shoot for some fancy-schmancy men’s fashion magazine. The point is, I can attest to the fact that he is indeed just as hot in person as this issue of Details suggests. Smolder away, Anakin Skywalker! (Um, nerd alert.) [Oh No They Didn't! and Details Magazine] Keep reading »

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