Quickies!: Cannot Stop Watching Rachel Zoe Project Previews.

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 2, 2008
The only that will make the time fly by until The Rachel Zoe Project starts next week is the premiere of 90210 TONIGHT. Anonymous, the anti-Scientology group, is planning on staging a peaceful protest on the opening night of the Katie Holmes-starring play All My Sons. I would like to join their Suppressive Persons club. More »

Man With 86 Wives Defies Government Divorce Order

By: Simcha / September 2, 2008
We’ve all dated cocky guys, but Mohammed Bello takes the cake! About a month ago, we here at The Frisky were befuddled by the story of a Nigerian man with 86 wives. At the apparently arrogant age of 84, Mohammed Bello was still fathering children and seen as a preacher and healer to… More »

Craft Work: DIY Sex Toy

By: Simcha / September 2, 2008
Maybe you’re broke as a joke, maybe you live in the no sex toy sales state of Alabama, maybe you’re just a crafty bitch -- but no matter what the reason, you can DIY your own dildo! If our list of household sex toys wasn't enough, according to Alix Shedd of The… More »

Quick Pic: Christina Aguilera Is Like, “Donatella Versace WHO?”

By: The Frisky / September 2, 2008
Gonna be honest. Xtina's mammaries totally scare us. Mommy is that going to happen to us? [New York City, 9/02/08]… More »

The Clothes You Never Wear Are Hurting Your Relationship

By: Catherine Strawn / September 2, 2008
Confession: I am a collector of things. I have a hard time parting with random people's business cards, clothes I haven't worn in years, and even pens. A new survey by classifieds website Kijiji.com found that 81 percent of couples view unused items lying around the house as a source of tension i… More »

Make A Fall Resolution: Ditch The Doritos, Start Doing Yoga, & Balance Your Checkbook

By: Catherine Strawn / September 2, 2008
After the nice long weekend of excess we just had, we're feeling that end-of-summer pull to start fresh. Maybe because fall reminds us of blank notebooks, unsharpened pencils, and new clothes, this time of year seems like a better time than New Year's to make resolutions and stick to them...at least until the holiday partie… More »