Crave: Footwear A La Fergie

Jessica Wakeman / March 25, 2009

Who’d have thought the woman who moaned all about her “lovely lady lumps” would actually design really sleek and sexy shoes? Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas designed a line of high heels for Nordstrom and we’d actually wear them, like, to work or in front of my mother. Fave pairs: the golden Maxim sandal (left),… More »

Beauty How-To: Treat Peeling Skin

The Frisky / March 25, 2009

Whether your tan has finally turned against you or your skin is in an epic dry spell, peeling only makes an already uncomfortable skin-tuation look as bad as it feels. Luckily we’ve got the deets on fixing your patchy dilemma. More »

A New Online Store For Sequined ’80s Tops And Full Skirts From The ’50s

Catherine Strawn / March 25, 2009

Ho No They Didn’t!: Thong Jeans

Simcha / March 25, 2009

Why get a wedgie pretending your thong is accidentally coming out of the top of your jeans when you can have a permanent whale tail stitched on? Sanna’s, a clothing store in Brazil, is now selling “Jeans Bikini-pants with Strass” (a combo of straps and sass?). Even at $94.29 a pair, nothing says cheap quite… More »

Top Ten Signs Your Significant Other Is Obsessed With Twitter

Wendy Atterberry / March 25, 2009

The latest installment in the saga that is poor Jennifer Aniston’s love life is the news that she dumped sappy John Mayer because of his Twitter obsession. Apparently, John had been blowing off Jen for a while, claiming he was just too busy working to hang with her. When Aniston found out he wasn’t too… More »

Don’t Forget To Vote In March Man-ness Round 1

Catherine Strawn / March 25, 2009

Have you voted for your favorite college basketball player in Round 1 of March Man-ness? No? You should probably get on that, ’cause voting for this round ends tomorrow night at 6pm. Currently, Chris Kramer of Purdue is in the lead, followed by Conner Teahan of Kansas and Blake Griffin of Oklahoma. Only the to… More »