How Beetles Pick Up Girls

Different types of people employ different strategies to get lucky — really attractive people go up and ask people out directly, slightly less stunning individuals tend to win others over with their charming personality — and sap beetles’ mate-attracting techniques vary, as well.

Like über-cool football players, the largest beetles just hang out near the females’ feeding areas because they can fight off their competitors, Ecological Entomology reports. The medium-sized beetles might be compared to track stars. They’ve developed larger wings and fly around searching for feeding sites that aren’t occupied by the big guys. The smallest beetles have advantages that aren’t apparent, but their testicles are larger and can produce more sperm than the larger males. They sneak around and try to to have sex with the females behind the others’ backs. Ringo probably fell into that last category. [LiveScience] Keep reading »

The Hills’ Lessons On Life, Love, and Family

You can laugh at this statement, but there’s a lot to be learned from The Hills about dating and family etiquette. For example:

  • Heidi and Lauren stopped being friends because Lauren hated Heidi’s boyfriend, an all-too-familiar incident in many women’s real lives. Question posed: Should you stick by a friend whose boyfriend hates your guts and vice versa?
  • Heidi and Audrina stopped being friends when Audrina had to choose sides. Question posed: Do you have to choose sides in a girl fight?
  • Spencer and Brody’s long friendship broke up because Brody remained pals with Lauren. Question posed: Are guys as immature as girls when it comes to the whole “your enemy is my enemy” nonsense?
  • Spencer’s sister Stephanie initially hated Lauren because of her brother’s war with Lauren. Question posed: Does blood loyalty mean you have to get involved in petty disputes?
  • Stephanie is now friends with both Heidi and Lauren, much to Heidi and Spencer’s chagrin. Question posed: Are you a traitor if you don’t think blood is thicker than water in the shallow pools of Hollywood?
  • Keep reading »

    Writer Sells Out His Black Sheep Sis

    When we read the April issue of Marie Claire, we seriously bugged out over the story, “My Sister The Porn Star” by Robert Radin. First of all, it was depressing and creepy, two words we’re not used to associating with a fashion-happy lady mag. Second of all, it kind of pissed us off that the writer of the story seemed to be weirdly voyeuristic and, dare we say it, pervy about discovering that his sister was an adult film star. While the article went into the details of Radin’s sister’s tragic life, it didn’t give any insight into whether, you know, he gave a crap if she was dead or alive. Her story seemed like a quick and easy way for him to make a quick buck. Thankfully, we’re not alone in this sentiment. Nerve sums it up very nicely. Keep reading »

    STD Prevention Factoid!

    Drinking a cap-full of bleach will not stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. It will, however, turn your insides into mulch. Guess they didn’t teach teens in Florida that in abstinence education class. [ABC Action News] Keep reading »

    John McCain Throws The C-Word Around

    Being the Prez is a stressful job. It might even take a toll on your marriage, as the Clintons have proved. Cindy McCain may want to book a few therapy appointments in advance, since her husband, John McCain, is the Republican nominee. A new book, The Real McCain by Cliff Schecter, says that in 1992 McCain called Cindy “a c*nt” after she jokingly made a comment about his thinning hair.

    At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, ‘You’re getting a little thin up there.’ McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, ‘At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.’ McCain’s excuse was that it had been a long day.”

    Ruh-roh! In fairness, we do think Cindy is a little heavy-handed with the black eyeliner, but lord, calling your wife, any woman for that matter, the c-word is on the short list of words men should be castrated for using. That’s our c-word, by the way. [Feministing] Keep reading »

    Second Chance For “Accidental” Face Mangler

    Oof, Dear Sugar got a little deep this week. Anonymous posted a “Group Therapy” topic called “My Boyfriend Accidently Hit Me”, asking for advice as to whether she should give him a second chance. To recap the incident: Boyfriend got drunk, passed out in bed. Girlfriend stayed up chatting with brother. Girlfriend tried to go to bed, but couldn’t get any covers. Boyfriend woke up, fight ensued. Brother stepped in, Boyfriend got violent. Girlfriend tried to stop the blows and ended up with “two black eyes and a bloody nose.” Boyfriend has promised to quit drinking and go to therapy. Our opinion is that two black eyes and a bloody nose aren’t usually “accidental”. Sayonara, loser! [Dear Sugar] Keep reading »

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