10 Secrets To Summer Travel For Less

Think a summer getaway translates to an emptying of your wallet? Not necessarily. With a bit of research, some advance planning, and the following tips you can enjoy high times on a low budget this summer and beyond.

1. Train by travel. With gas prices on the rise again, and the cost of plane tickets not any better, trade in your car for an old-fashioned trip on a locomotive. Take a long weekend journey through New England, along California’s southern coast, aboard Canada’s famed Rocky Mountaineer, or else hop the cross-country Amtrak that will transport you from one ocean to another in less than a week.
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I Was Not Like Miley Cyrus When I Was 15…

…but I was also a TOTAL bore. Another round of “scandalous” Miley Cyrus photos popped up in the tabloids this weekend, and everyone is totes dismayed that lil’ Miley actually took pictures of herself revealing her stomach and taking a shower in a white t-shirt. Why isn’t anyone appalled that some perverted loser totally hacked into a 15 year old’s cell phone and posted her private photos on the internet? Whatever.

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Dealbreaker: The Super Religious Guy

First date. He comes to my apartment for a boxed wine party a deux, his enthusiasm for Franzia leading me to believe this is the exact person I should be dating. And he’s cute. He’s real cute. Over the course of the evening I find out that he’s smart. He’s a self-proclaimed “literature guy.” He’s funny. He reaches over and pushes aside the hair that’s fallen in my eyes while I’m laughing. I like him. And then he says, “There’s something I need to tell you…”

Ahh! Enter the inevitable dealbreaker. (My, don’t you look familiar!) When he then confesses that he “can’t have sex right now,” I breathe a huge (and embarrassingly audible) sigh of relief. I’m thinking, “No big deal! He’s just a hermaphrodite or something! I’ll learn to love it.” But when I ask why, I find out that no, it’s not something simple like a combo of boy and girl parts down there, it’s much more complicated than that. This guy can’t have sex because, well, he’s very religious. Keep reading »

We Don’t Want To Be Like Our Parents

It used to be that people followed in their parents’ footsteps, career-wise. If your dad was an ophthalmologist, you became an ophthalmologist, and so on, but things are changing. In part, this is because the apprenticeship system has changed, but mostly younger generations are choosing their own profession because the “do what you love” mentality has been adopted by the last few decades. “The whole idea that work should be fun is something that was invented by the baby boomer generation,” said Jenny Ungless, a career coach at Monster.com. But parents sometimes don’t even want their kids to follow in their footsteps. One-third of male lawyers in a survey by a U.K. recruiting firm said they didn’t want their kids to have the same job as them. And some jobs — like mine — didn’t even exist until a few years ago. [BBC] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Wedding Weight, An Oral Sex Contest, And Elderly Email Users

  • More than half of the 272 women survey in a Cornell University study said they’d be willing to use extreme dieting methods to meet their wedding weight goals, and one in five women in a Fitness magazine survey of 1,000 brides said they’d postpone their wedding if they didn’t met their weight goal. [Women’s eNews]
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    Quote Of The Day: Rue McClanahan Admires Blanche

    “Blanche is a role model. She’s free. She follows her own rules and moves to her own drummer. She had a wonderful, optimistic outlook. She was sort of like Scarlett O’ Hara, saying, ‘Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.’” — Rue McClanahan on The Golden Girls‘ Blanche Devereaux Keep reading »

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