Quick Pic: Eat A Burger, Jenny Humphrey!

By: The Frisky / October 13, 2008
Seriously, we know Taylor Momsen is only 15 and is probably at that somewhat normal, awkwardly skinny stage, but yeah, she is also ONLY 15 -- why is she out trolling the streets looking like an extra from an anti-drug campaign? [New York City, 10/12/08]… More »

Crave: A Century in Red Lip Palette

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 13, 2008
We’ve been looking for just the right shade of red lip gloss for eons and in our search, we found a color palette that has been gracing the most beautiful lips of the last 100 years. “A Century of Red” contains the most popular shade of red for each decade of the 20th century, from… More »

Mad Men: Don Draper’s Lost Weekend In Palm Springs

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 13, 2008
Last night's episode of "Mad Men" gave viewers a much needed change of scenery -- Don Draper and Pete Campbell flew out of Los Angeles to meet with various airline executives in pursuit of new business. But while Pete devoted his time to the task at hand, Draper took off for Palm Springs with a… More »

Project Runway’s Leanne Marshall Sells Her Wares On Etsy

By: Catherine Strawn / October 13, 2008
We've always known that "Project Runway" contestant Leanne makes beautiful clothes, so our decision to support Leanne on this week's season finale was solidified when we discovered she has an Etsy shop where she has been vending her girly Leanimal line of clothes since last summer. Unfortunately, none of… More »

Biden Injects Some Tranquility Into The Campaign

By: Annika Harris / October 13, 2008
Although the presidential election is less than a month away, Senator Joe Biden has been looking more tranquil lately. He and Senator Barack Obama are ahead in the polls, but I seriously doubt that they are resting easy until November 4. So what could have Biden looking a little more calm and less wrinkled? More »

Tips From A Recessionista: How To Host A Kick-Ass Clothing Swap

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 13, 2008
In my last column, when I gave five tips for staying chic for cheap during this economic crunch (and beyond), I promised to tell you everything you need to know for throwing a kick-ass clothing swap. Not only is a clothing swap a great excuse to organize your closets, get rid of stuff you… More »