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Guy will now face murder charges as one of the guys he put in a coma after cat-calling his cousin on a sidewalk dies. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Some things get much better with age just like a fine wine. READ MORE »

Couple Time

If you’re beginning to think that your partner might have a little more going on than they’re telling you, see if they have one of these indicators. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

What’s your brain trying to say? READ MORE »

Love & Sex

This bride ends up going overboard for her bachelorette party, causing her groom to be to call the entire shindig off! READ MORE »


This must have been the wildest bachelorette party EVER. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

This girl recounts her abortion experience blow by blow. READ MORE »


Could you get past such a long-standing lie from your partner? READ MORE »

Couple Time

Cheating is bad enough, but cheating with a working girl can be particularly devastating. READ MORE »


Men and women give their best sexual advice for those preparing for their first time. READ MORE »


Women reveal some of mens’ most annoying habits. Fellas, take notes. READ MORE »

Couple Time

If you’re in the mood for some sweet, sweet justice, check out these awesome burns from people who caught their S.O.’s cheating on a dating site. READ MORE »

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