An Avocado Shortage Is Coming, So Get That Guac While You Can

Who doesn’t want avocado on all of the things? More »

Gretchen Carlson Reportedly Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

Her complaint says, “Carlson rebuffed Ailes’ sexual demands… and, nine months later, Ailes ended her career at Fox News.” More »

There’s A Mysterious Hidden Treasure Somewhere Outside Of Santa Fe, And The Clues Are Super Cryptic

People do a lot of stupid shit. More »

Watch John Oliver Tell America What It’s Missing Out On By Being Independent

Oliver claimed he made a video to wish us all a happy Fourth, but in fact he had another agenda entirely. More »

The List Of Zika-Related Birth Defects Got Longer, Increasing The Negative Impact On Women And Babies

Whether or not this will actually move Republicans to take adequate action is another story. More »

Sex With Robots Will Be The Norm Soon, According To A New Study

It sounds very uncomfortable. More »

Obama And Biden Won’t Visit Colleges That Don’t Address Sexual Assault. Here Are 5 Schools They Might Boycott.

It’s a bold move, but not a surprising one: the Obama administration has long made addressing campus sexual assault a priority. More »

‘Serial’s’ Adnan Syed Is Seeking Bail, And Hae Min Lee’s Family Is Not Happy About It

And why should they be? More »

Hillary Clinton Would Fill Half Her Cabinet With Women — Let’s Just Hope That Includes Diverse Women

The country’s never come close to a gender-equal Cabinet. More »

North Carolina Tweaked Its Controversial LGBTQ Laws, But It’s Not Nearly Enough

Not only is the compromise bill nowhere near enough, but some of its changes ultimately leave transgender individuals and other marginalized groups worse off than they were before. More »

Some Shitty People Want Jesse Williams Fired For His BET Awards Speech

No one fires Jackson Avery. More »

Lin-Manuel Miranda And Jennifer Lopez Are Recording A Song For Orlando Victims

Just when we think Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t get any cooler, he finds a way to prove us wrong. On Monday, it was announced that Miranda and Jennifer Lopez are teaming up on an original song to benefit victims of the Orlando shooting. All proceeds from the song, entitled Love Make the World Go Round, will go to the HispanicMore »

Theresa May Could Be The One To Lead Britain Through Brexit, And It Won’t Be Easy

She’s been called a “bloody difficult woman,” which usually means a woman who knows what the fuck she’s doing, and maybe Britain needs that right now. More »

This Photo Series Brings Rape Culture To Life In Response To The Stanford Rape Case

The photos are a direct response to the victim-blaming rhetoric of Brock Turner and his father. More »

The FBI Recommends Hillary Clinton Not Be Charged For Using Personal Email Server

But will this stop Republicans from calling her a criminal? Probably not. More »

New Zealand Police Find $11 Million Of Cocaine In A Giant Sparkly Horse Head

You know, normal crime stuff. More »

Barack Obama Sang To Malia, But He Also Had Kendick Lamar Perform And That’s So Much Better

Where are the videos of Kendrick Lamar’s set? More »

Donald Trump Used An Anti-Semitic Image To Attack Hillary Clinton, Which Obviously Backfired

On Saturday, Trump tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton and a Star of David bearing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” More »

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