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“Bros Being Basic” On Instagram Will Make You Feel So #Blessed

Bros Being Basic features a slew of dudes partaking in trademark basic bitch behavior on Instagram, complete with perfectly predictable (and sarcastic) hashtags. They are totally spot on, which makes me think that these guys are maybe starting to see the allure of all those yoga poses and pumpkin spice lattes. Being basic feels good, doesn’t it bros? Yes, one could say that it’s sexist or snarky, but it’s also hilarious, and I feel zero shame in enjoying it while simultaneously laughing at my own basic tendencies. We can all be in on the joke together, okay? After the jump, a few gems from the bros’ Instagram feed. Keep reading »

The Biggest Problem With Rolling Stone‘s Retraction Of Their UVA Rape Story

The Biggest Problem With Rolling Stone's Retraction Of Their UVA Rape Story

Earlier today, Rolling Stone dropped one hell of an editor’s note, in regards to a story they had published two weeks earlier — a blistering investigative account of a brutal gang rape that took place at a fraternity house at the University of Virginia. The cowardly note, published on a Friday no less, came after two weeks of thinkpieces from other media outlets pointing out holes in Rolling Stone’s reporting of the events (particularly their decision not to speak with the men Jackie claimed attacked her). From managing editor Will Dana, the note dials back on the claims made by Jackie to reporter Sabrina Erdely, claiming that the magazine’s trust in Jackie was “misplaced.” Keep reading »

The New Republic, White Tears & The Privilege To Be An A-Hole About Leaving Your Job

The New Republic’s publisher, Chris Hughes, is getting backlash from a bunch of white guys and yaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn… Oh, I know already that that first sentence is exactly the kind of youthful, web-influenced repartée about which the now-former editors of The New Republic are experiencing such fist-shaking outrage. I’m not, in the words of Lloyd Grove’s puff piece on the house-clearing at TNR, a “belle-lettrist.” That’s all right. 

Some background, and I’ll try to be brief, because this truly is boring and irrelevant, and has absolutely no impact on anything of serious import in the world: Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, bought The New Republic in 2012. Hughes is 31 and, clearly, interested in digital strategy. He’s publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine. Keep reading »

The Soapbox: Dissent Belongs In The Classroom

The Soapbox: Dissent Belongs In The Classroom

Driving home with my 16-year-old son this week, I asked him if any of his teachers had led a discussion regarding recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. He told me that it hadn’t come up. I pressed a little bit harder—not in AP US History? Not in sophomore English? Nope. I then asked him why he thought that was and he responded, “Well, Mom, everyone’s viewpoint would be subjective. Like, no one would agree and it could get heated.”  The sun began to set as we neared home and our conversation quieted. I felt heavy of heart—and I can best speak to that pain and worry as a teacher. Keep reading »

Everyone Watch Franchesca Ramsey’s 5 Tips For Being An Ally

Franchesca Ramsey
Amazing Advice

At this upsetting and frustrating time in American history, it’s important to consider how to be a good ally in the movement for equality. Thankfully, the amazing Franchesca Ramsey is here to clarify a few ways for allies to back up their fellow humans. No matter who you are or what walk of life you’re in, there are things in this video that just about every one of us can learn or benefit from! [Bitch]

This Clip Of Eric Garner’s Stepfather Sums Up The Current State Of NYC Protests

Eric Garner

Peaceful protests are flooding New York City — along with Boston, Washington, DC; and other major cities across the country — in reaction to the non-indictment of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Eric Garner in a chokehold while Garner gasped that he couldn’t breathe. Yesterday, NPR captured this 25-second clip of Eric Garner’s stepfather, Benjamin Carr, attempting to console a protestor in New York City. Nothing sums up the desperation and determination that’s fueling the protests quite like this. There’s a lot I could say about Garner’s death that plenty of others have already said — that I’m furious, that I’m devastated, that I’m scared for the lives of innocent Americans, that it’s once again painfully obvious that the fabric of this country is still deeply racist and unjust — but the audio speaks for itself. Keep reading »

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