Some Shitty People Want Jesse Williams Fired For His BET Awards Speech

No one fires Jackson Avery. More »

Theresa May Could Be The One To Lead Britain Through Brexit, And It Won’t Be Easy

She’s been called a “bloody difficult woman,” which usually means a woman who knows what the fuck she’s doing, and maybe Britain needs that right now. More »

This Photo Series Brings Rape Culture To Life In Response To The Stanford Rape Case

The photos are a direct response to the victim-blaming rhetoric of Brock Turner and his father. More »

The FBI Recommends Hillary Clinton Not Be Charged For Using Personal Email Server

But will this stop Republicans from calling her a criminal? Probably not. More »

New Zealand Police Find $11 Million Of Cocaine In A Giant Sparkly Horse Head

You know, normal crime stuff. More »

Barack Obama Sang To Malia, But He Also Had Kendick Lamar Perform And That’s So Much Better

Where are the videos of Kendrick Lamar’s set? More »

Donald Trump Used An Anti-Semitic Image To Attack Hillary Clinton, Which Obviously Backfired

On Saturday, Trump tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton and a Star of David bearing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” More »

Christian Mingle Will Allow Same-Sex Matches Following A Discrimination Lawsuit

The dating site formerly asked potential users if they were a “man seeking a woman” or a “woman seeking a man,” but that’s about to change. More »

Here’s What Bernie And The DNC Don’t Agree On For The Democratic Platform

Sanders is ready to take things to the floor of the Democratic convention if some of his most progressive economic proposals don’t make the cut. More »

Here’s How Many Civilians Have Been Killed In Drone Strikes On Obama’s Watch

Drones are sneaky as fuck. More »

An Australian Woman Who Donated A Kidney To Her Boyfriend Was Applauded On Reddit (A Rare Occurrence)

This is one of the more heartwarming stories of internet notoriety. More »

Most Transgender Americans Live In The Scariest States To Be LGBTQ

Transgender people are often living in states that don’t give a shit about their civil rights. More »

A Kellogg’s Cafe Is Coming To Times Square If You Want To Pay $8 For A Bowl Of Cereal

What will they think of next. More »

Teenage Girls Keep Disappearing In The Bronx As They’re Written Off As Runaways

It’s easy to shrug off underserved teenage girls who disappear. More »

Why Chelsea Handler’s ‘Playboy’ Essay About Her Two Abortions Is So Important

It wastes no time in dismantling just about every cultural myth about abortion in existence. More »

A Brexit Dating Site Is Helping Brits Fuck Through The Political Chaos

Literally any situation can be turned into an opportunity to bone. More »

New, Disgusting Evidence The Stanford Rape Trial Had A Lot To Do With Race

There’s a conversation to be had about race and the way we look at rape. More »

An Adorable Yearbook Photo Of “Barry” Obama Shows He’s Always Been An Activist

He’s been #woke since Day 1. More »

Indiana’s Genetic Abnormalities Abortion Ban Won’t Go Into Effect, But One State Still Has An Identical Law

Though it sort of doesn’t matter anyway. Let us explain. More »

When Will Adnan Syed’s New Trial Be? The Subject Of ‘Serial’ Will Return To Court

Syed’s family has identified the new trial as a win for a lot of people who are stuck in the system.” More »

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