Check Out Ted Cruz’s Anti-Woman Campaign Platform

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / March 24, 2015
The ladies, he does not love them. More »

Kickass Woman Of The Day: Rebecca Zamolo Trains For A Half-Marathon After Losing Her Colon

By: Claire Hannum / March 24, 2015
When Rebecca Zamolo, a vibrant actress, YouTube star and athlete, began experiencing stomach pain after eating along with other unusual symptoms, she knew something wasn't quite right. She got the shock of her life when she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease -- in particular, ulcerative colitis, which inflames the large intestine. Her colon was pre-cancerous, so she had it… More »

Crappy Website Uses Woman’s Anorexic Before/After Photos In “Amazing Weight Loss” Gallery

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 24, 2015
Blog posts billed as "Amazing Weight Loss Transformations!!!" are generally the worst of the fucking worst. I don't take issue with individual people celebrating their hard-earned and healthy weight loss stories -- do you! -- but when crappy click-baiting websites aggregate a bunch of before/after photos of random people (or celebrities, which is definitely a… More »

Just Look At This Asshole: Whiny Transphobic Lady To Sue Planet Fitness For Kicking Her Out

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 24, 2015
Earlier this month, a Planet Fitness in Michigan gave the boot to one Yvette Cormier after she went around the whole gym kvetching to anyone who would listen about how deeply upset she was that Carlotta Sklodowska, a trans woman, was changing in the women's dressing room. As the gym chain has a strict "no judgments"… More »

Disgruntled Fornicating Tortoise Confronts Cameraman In World’s Slowest Chase

By: Claire Hannum / March 24, 2015
A few days ago, National Geographic explorer Paul Rose in the Seychelles came upon two turtles mating. In fact, his surroundings were so quiet that the turtles were all he could hear: "there' sound on this island at all, so it was the sound of them mating that alerted us to walk [toward them]." I'm not exactly sure… More »

George Zimmerman Says It Was “God’s Plan” For Trayvon Martin To Die

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 23, 2015
Hey! Guess what? George Zimmerman said a bunch of terrible things! I know, I know. It's shocking. Who would have expected that from a man who killed a teenage boy and also is quite well known for having abused the women in his life? Although Zimmerman has declined interviews all over the place, he did… More »

Rolling Stone Will Review Its UVA Rape Story In The April Issue

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / March 23, 2015
Rolling Stone will be publishing its review of its UVA campus rape article, “A Rape On Campus,” in its April issue. [Flavorwire] And Charlottesville police say that there’s “no evidence” for the claims in the Rolling Stone story, but “Jackie” will not face charges for her involvement. [Gawker] The entire rugby team at the University… More »

Missing “Food Network Star”‘s Remains Were Discovered In A Wood-Burning Oven

By: Beejoli Shah / March 23, 2015
In tragic, stomach-turning news, the remains of former "Food Network Star" contestant Christie Schoen Codd and her husband Joseph Codd were discovered in a wood-burning stove belonging to their neighbor, Robert Owens. In an even more gruesome turn of events, Christie was five months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Christie and Joseph were reported… More »

NCSU Frat Suspended Over Book Filled With Rape And Lynching Jokes

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 23, 2015
What the hell is wrong with people? The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at North Carolina State University has been placed on "interim suspension" by its national leadership after a waitress at a restaurant found their secret pledge book filled with incredibly disturbing jokes about raping women--both alive and dead--and lynching black people and turned it over to… More »

Frisky Rant: On Whole Foods & Conspicuous Consumption Masquerading As Politics

By: Melissa Petro / March 23, 2015
When a Whole Foods opened at the end of my block, I couldn’t have been more excited. For months, I watched in anticipation as they converted what was once an old hospital into the superfoods superstore. I was excited—and then I was irritated, when I posted a status on Facebook celebrating opening day and the… More »

The Soapbox: There Is No Justification For An Adult Raping A Minor

By: Tiffanie Drayton / March 23, 2015
When I read an article (via Facebook) about a 23-year-old man being charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl, after being caught by the child's mother engaging in sexual acts in the back of his car, I knew it would be a mistake to scroll down to the comments section. I anticipated commenters would… More »

College Baseball Player Calls Mo’Ne Davis A “Slut,” Is Rightfully Booted From The Team

By: Megan Reynolds / March 23, 2015
Mo'Ne Davis is awesome. She's a 14-year-old pitcher from Philadelphia and is the only girl to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history. She just published a memoir and the Disney Channel even wants to produce her biopic, "Throw Like Mo". Considering the fact that I was journaling and listening to a lot… More »

Starbucks Cancels #RaceTogether After A Week, America’s Race Problems All Better Now

By: Beejoli Shah / March 23, 2015
It's been less than a week and Starbucks has already cancelled its disastrous #RaceTogether campaign. The program, which encouraged baristas to write #RaceTogether on customers' cups -- and bloggers to drink five coffees in an hour for journalism -- was intended to begin dialogues that would ease racial tensions in America. Now that the program ha… More »

Watch Monica Lewinsky’s Brave And Insightful TED Talk On The Price Of Shame

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 23, 2015
Not gonna lie -- I cried. More »

7 Questions With … Katrin, In Honor Of The Frisky’s 7th Birthday

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 22, 2015
It’s our birthday, bitch! This week, The Frisky turned seven years old, and I thought an appropriately navel-gazing way of acknowledging this momentous occasion would be to more formally introduce you to the seven women, including myself, who make up this new era of The Frisky. Over the course of the week — as StassiMore »

Twitter Is Facing Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit On Its 9th Birthday

By: Katrin Higher / March 22, 2015
Happy Birthday Twitter, your senior management staff is a sexist boys club! Like most tech firms in Silicon Valley, Twitter is no exception in partaking in the frat-like "no women allowed" mentality. This is not for lack of trying, as many women have tried to get into more upper-management roles, only to be shunned and… More »

Indian Student Drags Molester To Police By His Hair

By: Katrin Higher / March 22, 2015
When 20-year-old Mumbai student Pradnya Mandhare was molested and manhandled by a severely intoxicated man at a train station on her way home from school, she fought back in a way that's pretty gutsy. Once she realized he was a total mess, she proceeded to grab him by his hair and drag him all theMore »

7 Questions With … Megan, In Honor Of The Frisky’s 7th Birthday

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 22, 2015
It’s our birthday, bitch! This week, The Frisky turned seven years old, and I thought an appropriately navel-gazing way of acknowledging this momentous occasion would be to more formally introduce you to the seven women, including myself, who make up this new era of The Frisky. Over the course of the week — as StassiMore »

Bad News: Cheaper Wine Has Tons Of Arsenic

By: Katrin Higher / March 22, 2015
This goes out to all my girls who are used to hitting up Trader Joes after work and grabbing some "2 Buck Chuck" for a night in by themselves and trashy television. Apparently, we're all ingesting small amounts of arsenic that is basically poisoning us? Yikes. Mother Jones reported that "According to the complaint, three… More »

Belgian Foreign Minister One Of Many To Particpate In Parade Of White Dudes In Blackface

By: Katrin Higher / March 21, 2015
Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders was gleefully posting pics of himself in blackface on his blog earlier this week to honor this "traditional" Belgian parade dating back to 1876, you know, when colonialism was all the rage! The Noirauds Festival is supposed to "honor blacks" by dressing up as African nobles. How about nope. King… More »

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