Teen Accused Of Bullying Her Boyfriend Into Committing Suicide Will Stand Trial

After allegedly sending her boyfriend a slew of text messages urging him to commit suicide two years ago, Michelle Carter of Massachusetts will now stand trial for manslaughter. She was 17 at the time of the 2014 tragedy, and was just indicted Feb. 6 for involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, the state’s highest court says she could… More »

Bill Cosby Will Stand Trial For Sexual Assault After Years Of Evading Allegations

A refreshing, much-needed reminder that some judges do, actually, take cases of sexual assault seriously. More »

5 Police Officers Killed In Dallas Shooting At Black Lives Matter Protest

Multiple snipers shot Dallas police officers, five of whom died by early Friday morning. More »

10 Celebs Use Their Platforms To Speak Out Against This Week’s Police Shootings

Celebrities aren’t always praised for their social justice warrior-ism. But celebrities are responding to this week’s police shootings of two black men to ignite change, promote awareness, or at the very least, join the conversation in whichever way they know how. On Tuesday, two police officers tackled and repeatedly shot 37-year-old Alton Sterling outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge… More »

The DOJ Will Investigate At Least One Of This Week’s Police Shootings, Though History Leaves Little Room For Optimism

Over the course of the week, two black men were fatally shot by police officers in separate states. More »

5 Fucked Up Things To Remember About Hillary Clinton While You Definitely Vote For Her Anyway

Obligatory reminder that the all-out circus act of unfortunate options that the presidential election has become should be a nice prompt to pay even more attention to local and state elections, which arguably hold even more power in dictating what kind of country we live in. BYE. More »

An Illinois Man Was Arrested For Flag Burning, But Is It Actually Illegal?

He posted a picture of himself burning an American flag on Facebook on the Fourth of July. More »

E-Cigarettes Have Been Exploding In People’s Faces And Causing Serious Injuries

Because e-cigs are terrible. More »

A Chipotle Executive In Charge Of Rebranding Is Arrested On Cocaine Charges

Given the fact that Chipotle made the news earlier in the year both for E. coli and gender discrimination, this new cocaine-fueled news splash can’t be helpful. More »

A Minnesota Police Shooting Leaves Another Black Man Dead, The Aftermath Live-Streamed On Facebook

Like the death of Alton Sterling in Louisiana Tuesday, Wednesday’s shooting was captured on video, but instead of popping up online in the following days, it was streamed live on Facebook by a passenger in the car. More »

The Marine Corps Finally Changed Its Strict Weight Requirements For Women

So they can beef up. More »

Oscar Pistorius Is Sentenced For Murder, But He Got Off Relatively Easy

It what was a long-coming and sadly underwhelming development in the infamous murder case. More »

An Avocado Shortage Is Coming, So Get That Guac While You Can

Who doesn’t want avocado on all of the things? More »

Gretchen Carlson Reportedly Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

Her complaint says, “Carlson rebuffed Ailes’ sexual demands… and, nine months later, Ailes ended her career at Fox News.” More »

There’s A Mysterious Hidden Treasure Somewhere Outside Of Santa Fe, And The Clues Are Super Cryptic

People do a lot of stupid shit. More »

Watch John Oliver Tell America What It’s Missing Out On By Being Independent

Oliver claimed he made a video to wish us all a happy Fourth, but in fact he had another agenda entirely. More »

The List Of Zika-Related Birth Defects Got Longer, Increasing The Negative Impact On Women And Babies

Whether or not this will actually move Republicans to take adequate action is another story. More »

Sex With Robots Will Be The Norm Soon, According To A New Study

It sounds very uncomfortable. More »

Obama And Biden Won’t Visit Colleges That Don’t Address Sexual Assault. Here Are 5 Schools They Might Boycott.

It’s a bold move, but not a surprising one: the Obama administration has long made addressing campus sexual assault a priority. More »

‘Serial’s’ Adnan Syed Is Seeking Bail, And Hae Min Lee’s Family Is Not Happy About It

And why should they be? More »

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