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Watch This Goat Get His Head Stuck In A Chip Bag

This Is Kind Of Making My Day

When Buzz the goat found an empty chip bag, he couldn’t resist attempting to eat the crumbs at the bottom and got himself stuck. Instead of letting a human (or the family dog) help him get the bag off, he took off running! Maybe he was having too much fun?

NYU Student Filmed Himself Setting A Woman On Fire And Serenading Her

Jaime Castano, a 20-year-old former NYU student is being charged with reckless endangerment and assault for having “allegedly” set fire to the bedding of a sleeping female classmate and then singing to her. “Allegedly” is in quotation marks, because he actually filmed the incident and shared it on Snapchat with a number of friends.

The victim admits to having been intoxicated and had fallen asleep on a bed in Castano’s dorm room. She doesn’t recall the incident, but woke up to find burn holes all over the mattress and comforter, and burns on her torso. The film, however, shows her getting up and attempting to put the fire out as Castano sang to her like a weirdo. Keep reading »

Republicans Come Out Swinging For The 1% In State Of The Union Responses

In last night’s State of The Union speech, President Barack Obama finally got it together to start proposing some of the things the American people thought they voted him in to do in the first place. He detailed his plan to offer free community college, to raise taxes on the rich to pay for childcare, and tax cuts for everyone else.

The GOP was not pleased. Keep reading »

“Cannibal Cop,” Fresh Out Of Jail, Looks For Love On

“Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle is fresh out of jail and ready to find his forever-person. To refresh your memory: Gilberto Valle is that NYPD officer who was eventually convicted for plotting to kidnap, kill, cook and eat his then-wife. His conviction was eventually thrown out by a judge, who said that Valle’s scheme to eat his wife for dinner was merely a fantasy, a statement that I’m pretty sure she’d disagree with. The New York Post reports that the “Cannibal Cop” is now on — username AmicableOne15, y’all — and he’s looking for someone with a taste for wine, fine dining and a copious amount of understanding. To quote his profile:

“I am spending my energy rebounding from the errors I made in my past and rebuilding my life. Things are progressing very well on that front, and i am just beginning a new career.”

So, single friends, this is what it’s come down to. We wade through the muck and the mire of the online dating pool, casting aside weird mama’s boys, I-bankers, “nice guys” and hand job enthusiasts, only to be left with dudes who are probably creeping on their actual girlfriends, and someone who made a legitimate binder full of plans on how to kidnap, kill, cook and eat his wife. Cool. I’m fine being single for the rest of my life, thanks! Check out some screenshots from his actual, real-life, still-up profile below the jump.  [NY Post] Keep reading »

9 Stupid Words We Should Retire In 2015

A new year is upon us, and that means we need to arbitrarily decide some things will be different, solely based on the fact that Earth has completed another cycle around the sun in a way that proves nothing other than physics are still working. To start, let’s work on language. We have a whole shitload of words available to use in our day-to-day interactions to express a wide range of feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Too many, in fact. Some of these words are just shameful and need to be retired. It’s not that they don’t have meanings or can’t necessarily be useful; it’s just that you inevitably sound kind of dumb using them. So please don’t use them. Read more on Cracked…

Florida Bill Will Require Students To Watch Terrible Dinesh D’Souza Movie

A bill being proposed by legislators in Florida would require all high school students to watch convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial “America: Imagine The World Without Her” at least twice during their school careers, once during 8th grade, and once during 11th.  Republicans Sen. Alan Hays and Rep. Neil Combee hope that the heavily patriotic film will counteract the well-known liberal bias of historical facts.

Why is the film so controversial? Because it is completely ridiculous. First of all, there is a lot of “It’s A Wonderful Life”-style imagineering of what would have happened if George Washington had died in battle and the United States had never even been born. Second, it focuses on four main parts of our history that Souza believes have been wrongly vilified by the left. Keep reading »

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