Everyone Calm Down, The Catholic Church Is Still Sexist And Homophobic

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 24, 2015

Conservative pundits were concerned that a reception for Pope Francis was intended to “embarrass” him because – oh no – there were religious leaders who were gay, transgender, and supportive of the Affordable Care Act despite its birth control mandate. Mike Huckabee even said that “welcoming a pro-life, pro-marriage leader at the White House with a crowdMore »

Senate Democrats Prepared To Filibuster Through Planned Parenthood Defunding

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 24, 2015

The congressional funding bill that would keep the government from shutting down after Wednesday is heading to the Senate today, but with complications, of course. As it exists now, the resolution strips Planned Parenthood of federal funding. Senate Democrats are prepared to filibuster through the vote to prevent its passage in its currentMore »

Carly Fiorina’s “Abortion Video” Is Actually Video Of A Stillborn Baby Named Walter

Robyn Pennacchia / September 24, 2015

Carly Fiorina claims she saw a video of an fetus surviving an abortion and being harvested alive for spare parts–she did not. More »

Baltimore State’s Attorney Calls Petition To Reopen Adnan Syed Case “Meritless”

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 24, 2015

O RLY? More »

Battered Woman Denied Clemency, Faces 15 More Years For Failing To Protect Children

Robyn Pennacchia / September 24, 2015

The man who actually abused her and her children served only two years. More »

Patrick Kane Rape Case: Evidence Tampered With, Left On Alleged Victim’s Mother’s Doorstep

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 24, 2015

Everything is fucked. More »

Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Shrill” And Claims She’s The Real Birther

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 24, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (the five worst words in the world, there) has turned his sights briefly away from appraising Carly Fiorina’s looks and taking digs at the other male Republican contenders to focus on what really matters — spouting horse dung about Hillary Clinton.
First, at a rally in South Carolina, he More »

The Dalai Lama Has Been Talking About Attractive Women And Female Successors For Years, You Guys

Lauren Vinopal / September 23, 2015

Besides, we’re pretty sure he was trying to crack a joke. More »

PETA Thinks Selfie Monkey Has A Right To Some Royalties

Lauren Vinopal / September 23, 2015

On Tuesday, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a six-year-old macaque monkey named Naruto. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because he’s gone by Selfie Monkey since 2011, when he famously snapped his own face in a picture that has been repurposed countless time. More »

#MasculinitySoFragile And Its Discontents Prove The Point That Yes, Virginia, Masculinity Is A Delicate Flower

Megan Reynolds / September 23, 2015

The fragility of the male ego and the perceived threats to contemporary masculinity are not news to anyone who has had to deal with men in everyday life. When a man responds angrily, either in person or on a public platform, because you politely rejected his advances or contradicted his opinion or dared to deny his entitlement to supremacy, that… More »

Jeb! Bush Embraces Cultural Fascism, Warns Of “Creeping Multiculturalism”

Robyn Pennacchia / September 23, 2015

Is that like “creeping Sharia?”… More »

White Jogger Screams About “White Privilege” To White Stroller-Pusher In Downtown Brooklyn

Megan Reynolds / September 23, 2015

We can say with great certainty that this is one of the best things you’ll see today. … More »

Pharma-bro Martin Shkreli Is A Multi-Faceted Jerk, Also Enjoys Harassing People!

Robyn Pennacchia / September 22, 2015

Police report reveals Martin Shkreli harassed the family of an ex-coworker. … More »

Marco Rubio Shares His Bizarre Planned Parenthood Conspiracy Theory

Robyn Pennacchia / September 22, 2015

He thinks Planned Parenthood pushes women to have abortions in order to rake in the sweet fetal tissue donation profits. More »

Snoop Dogg Enters The Lifestyle Game With Merry Jane, A Site For Weed Enthusiasts

Megan Reynolds / September 22, 2015

We’re surprised it took this long. … More »

Now All Your Makeup Has To Pass The “Selfie Test”

Megan Reynolds / September 22, 2015

This is either the beginning of the end or a good thing, your call. … More »

Celeb Finance Firm Said Rihanna Is Hot Because She “Isn’t Too Dark”

Megan Reynolds / September 22, 2015

Isn’t it rad when the people you trust with your money are actually sexist, racist dickbags, too?! More »

9 Reasons Why Americans Pay So Much More For Healthcare

Robyn Pennacchia / September 22, 2015

Martin Shkreli can charge Americans $750 a pill — but he can’t do that in other countries. More »

Watch Stephen Colbert Debate Ted Cruz On Gay Marriage

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 22, 2015

Plus, January Jones discards another boyfriend and Amy Schumer clarifies her BFF-ship with Jennifer Lawrence. More »

Straight Guys Make Out To Spite Kim Davis As She Continues To Not Do Her Job

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 22, 2015

Homophobe, jailbird, and Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis returned to work last week and in a move that should shock zero people is still refusing to do her job. Despite the orders she was given by Judge David Bunning to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Davis instead confiscated all theMore »

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