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Hot and steamy? You have no idea. READ MORE »


This girl thought she had found the perfect guy until he stole her dream life and left town with more than just her heart. READ MORE »


In this video, one south Florida woman heroically defends her 10-year-old and 3-year-old from a burglar who was violently trying to get inside her home. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

From orgies to gangbangs, these answers get wild. READ MORE »


Stop the stigma! READ MORE »


When woman suffers from amnesia, her boyfriend goes on a mission to make her remember him. READ MORE »


James Green may have resigned, but we can still pick apart his flawed logic so no one ever uses it again! READ MORE »


Virginia’s 7th District isn’t going to take the short end of the stick from their Tea Party congressman, Dave Brat. Give the people what they want… Which is literally just to talk to you. READ MORE »


Stars—They’re just like us. They, too, hate having their rights taken away. READ MORE »

Love Your Self

We won’t be told how to live or when to have kids. READ MORE »


American Civil Liberties Union did not come to play with you heauxs. READ MORE »


A new study shows that stereotyping of intelligence starts early with girls. READ MORE »

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