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The Daily Squeeze: A Treatise On Undressing Men

  • An excerpt for a 1,000+ word article on how to undress a man: “For the woman doing the undressing, [taking off a tie] will involve giving him a smouldering [sic] look while creating sufficient slack before the knot turns into an impenetrable lump, then looping the tie over his head. If you get really desperate, just resort to nail scissors.” [Times Online]
  • Saudi religious police have ordered florists and gift shop owners to remove scarlet-colored items, including red roses, from stores in Riyadh. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice thinks Valentine’s Day encourages relations outside of marriage, a punishable crime. [Yahoo!]
  • Bravo’s show The Millionaire Matchmaker may include more than the nerdy and commitment-phobic guys in its next season. Patti Stanger, the matchmaker, said she hopes to have a gay millionaire and a cancer survivor on the show. (The show hasn’t been picked up for a second season just yet, but we’re crossing our fingers.) [NY Post]
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    Romance On TV: It’s A Lipstick Jungle Out There

    It’s weird — as much as I loved Sex and the City when it was on TV, in retrospect, watching the episodes on demand now, I realize how “meh” the show was in its last few seasons. Which is why I was half-super excited and half-weary of seeing the latest show based on a Candace Bushnell book, Lipstick Jungle. After watching the premiere last Thursday, I’m pretty sure that the show is going to have the same indulgent guilty pleasure quality of SATC, minus the oh-so-quotable-soundbites and wading pool-deep lessons. More of my assessment, after the jump. Keep reading »

    Silver Fox Publishes Sex-capades

    Ninety-year-old literary editor, self-proclaimed slut, and Bea Arthur lookalike, Diana Athill, has written a tell-all book about her nearly infinite list of lovers. Over her career she edited some of the best — Norman Mailer, John Updike and Margaret Atwood, to name a few — but she also unapologetically screwed the best too. From her publisher boss, Andre Deustche, to Jamaican playwright Barry Reckford, she has put her booty where her even dirtier mouth is over and over again. And Grandma’s TMI is hotter than hot flashes! Uncharacteristic of her generation, Athill’s love of lovin’ and detachment from her boy toys makes her a sexy super heroine. Having a voracious sex life up into her 80’s, the British queen of coitus is finally satisfied. She penned her successful memoir, Stet: An Editor’s Life, in 2000 and her highly anticipated follow-up Somewhere Towards the End has just been released. Cheers to the amazing Ms. Athill who continues to inspire more than erections! [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

    Sex Changes And Job Perks

    Besides the people, of course, the thing that makes work bearable are the perks — free coffee and tea if the company’s cheap, all the way to yoga classes and dry cleaning if the company is generously loaded. (I would greatly appreciate the latter, as I just spent $130 at my cleaner’s.) But, if you’re thinking about making a life change, specifically, a sex change, you should try to get hired at Goldman Sachs. Last year, the financial firm added health-insurance coverage for sex reassignment surgery, which can cost $5,000 to $150,000 per individual. While it’s not a benefit that most people would take advantage of, like profit sharing, we appreciate the effort they’re putting into keeping their employees happy. [Fortune] Keep reading »

    Which Way To The Men’s Room?

    The representations of “male” and “female” on bathroom signs can be artful, sexist, vulgar, or freakin’ hilarious. Check out the blog Toilet Signs for a sampling of restroom signs from around the world. Some of our favorites include this one, this one, and this one. Oh, and this one, too. Hee-hee! [Toilet Signs] Keep reading »

    Pilots To Get Stick Shift

    Being a combat pilot in the Israeli Army is a tough job, but it’s about to get harder. Military officials are considering dispensing the wonder-woody drug, Viagra, to the elite division of their air force. Studies have shown that Viagra helps performance at high altitudes because it counteracts dizziness caused by high blood pressure in the lungs when there’s a shortage of oxygen. But will the blue pill leave these boys blue-balled? We’d do our part to help out, in the name of democracy, of course. [] Keep reading »

    Hello, Dolly! The Backwoods Barbie Is Back!

    It should go without saying that Dolly Parton is one of The Frisky‘s most favorite female artists of all time. That’s why we literally screamed out loud when we found our gossip blogger Perez Hilton was hooking up his readers with a free opportunity to stream Dolly’s new album, Backwoods Barbie — with Miss Parton’s permission of course. It’s her first mainstream country album in almost a decade and, OMG, Dolly we love you. She even covers the Fine Young Cannibals’ “Drive Me Crazy” and Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks Of My Tears”! This is the happiest day ever. [Dolly Parton Music via Perez Hilton] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Vain Men, A Dating Exhibit, And A Ridiculous Lawmaker

  • A U.K. survey found that men spend 30 percent more time trying to look good now than they did five years ago, and they spend an average of 30 minutes getting ready to go out, which is the same amount of time that we spend getting ready, as long as we don’t have to shave our legs. []
  • On February 22 and 29, the Wood County Historical Center and Museum in Toledo, OH, will present “Dating Through the Decades,” an event and exhibit that shows how people dated then and now (and where — i.e., speakeasies and soda shops), as well as love notes, valentines, and wedding dresses from the Victorian era to now. Road trip! [Toledo Free Press]
  • Larry Liston, a state Representative in Colorado, lashed out at unmarried teen parents earlier this week. “In my parents’ day and age, they were sent away, they were shunned, they were called what they are. There was at least a sense of shame,” he said. “…They’re sluts. And I don’t mean just the women. I mean the men, too.” [CW2]
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    A Bittersweet Highway Accident

    This year the toll of those hurt by Valentine’s Day is already ticking. With a week to go, hordes of lovelorn men and women have desperately “lost control”, and so did a professional driver in Chicago yesterday. A tanker truck, full of chocolate, toppled over and slid across the highway injuring three people. Just like a single gal’s sanity around this time, the truck was dangling by a thread off the side of the Skyway Bridge. Unfortunately, none of the chocolate spilled out, because I’m sure some PMSin’ ladies would have been happy to lick up that accident. Instead, a special wreckage crew has been sent to clean up the mess made by the leaking diesel fuel. Ah, nothing says “I Love You” quite like chocolate — or crashing and burning. [Chicago Sun Times]

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