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The Skinny On The Real Midlife Crisis

When my mom started trying to lose weight just so she could be skinnier than me, I tried to support her sadistic desire. Okay, maybe her personal trainer wasn’t a personal attack at my waistline, but I thought once you hit a certain age, you just looked forward to getting fat — I already feel like I’m there. Anyway, when my mom, who I shared a size with, started trying giving me her “fat clothes” because she got so thin, I knew she was sick, but I didn’t realize she was part of a growing epidemic known as Desperate Housewives Syndrome, named for the popular television show that stars skinny minis like Teri Hatcher. With their role model-types looking “fit” over 40, more middle-aged women are feeling pressure to lose their extra rolls. Keep reading »

Which Is Worse: Sleeping With A Snorer Or Someone Wearing This Machine?

Snoring can strain relationships. For some reason, people resent others who keep wake them up throughout the night by emitting sounds that echo those of a dying elephant. One option for silencing a snorer is a device that looks like a gas mask and is worn by the snorer when he or she goes to bed (image at left). Even when worn with lingerie, this device is not attractive. In fact, it has harmed at least one couple’s sex life. “Things were great in the bedroom. Then there was this thing strapped to his head,” said Babbett Peterson, whose husband wears the mask to bed. “It’s a huge emotional loss. I am a cuddler. I felt like I couldn’t touch him.” It does, however, prevent people who have sleep apnea from dying. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Prenatal Vitamins, Prehistoric Sex, And Mating Expectations

  • In a study of 89 men, those who consumed the most folate (found in leafy green vegetables) had the fewest sperm with aneuploidy, an abnormality that may account for miscarriages and a variety of disorders. More research needs to be done, but it sounds like wannabe dads might want to take prenatal vitamins, or at least Centrum. []
  • Researchers just identified a 570 million-year-old sea creature as the first animal to reproduce sexually on Earth (until they discover something older). The paleontologist who found the animal named it Funisia dorothea after her mother who is named Dorothy. [Times, U.K.]
  • Women who consider themselves attractive have high expectations for their long-term partners, and those who think they’re less desirable have lower expectations. “When reviewing the qualities they desire in romantic partners, women gauge what they can get based on what they got,” said David Buss, the study’s lead author. []
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    Teaching Kids About Safe Sex Doesn’t Make Them Go Out And Hump Like Rabbits

    In today’s “Like, duh?” news, a new study suggests that teaching teens about safe sex not only might lead to less teen pregnancy, but also does not increase the number of sexually active teens or incidents of STDs. Not that the debate over abstinence education versus sex education is going to be over any time soon. [] Keep reading »

    The First Transgender Pregnancy

    Speaking of babies, here’s a story far more amazing than J.Lo finally giving birth to twins. As Elle mentioned in The Frisky Forums, The Advocate has a first person essay by the first transgender man to carry a child. Thomas Beatie was born a woman and is married to Nancy. Though he went through sexual reassignment surgery, Thomas didn’t opt to be sterilized and kept his reproductive rights. Together for ten years, the couple had always wanted to have children, but Nancy is unable to conceive after a hysterectomy 20 years ago, so Thomas decided to carry the child himself. He hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in nearly eight years, however (due to testosterone therapy), so getting pregnant required fertility treatments — his first pregnancy resulted in an ectopic pregnancy with triplets, a life-threatening condition that required surgery and all three embryos were lost. Thomas successfully got pregnant again, and this time everything seems healthy — he and Nancy are expecting their baby girl this summer.

    The story is an interesting one for many reasons, particularly because it describes the experience of a man experiencing pregnancy. While Thomas’ ability to get pregnant is possible because he was born a woman, he identifies as a male and therefore, “Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.” It’s a great essay — check it out and then chime in about the story in the forums. [The Advocate] Keep reading »

    Smoking And Lamaze: A Popular Combination

    You’d think that all of the studies about the effects of drinking, smoking, and doing drugs while pregnant would make women cease partying for nine months at the very least. Who wants their child to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or a heroin addiction? Well, apparently some women are okay with taking the risk. A University of Washington study found that 77 percent of women cigarette smokers and 50 percent of women marijuana smokers used those substances at some time during their pregnancy. Part of the problem is that men’s levels of drinking, smoking, and marijuana use remain stable before, during, and after pregnancy. So, when the aromatic smell of pot is in the air, you forget that you’re with child? [Newswise] Keep reading »

    The Daily Hotness: Claire From America’s Next Top Model

    Claire is totally my pick to win Top Model this season and she might seriously be the first worthy contestant to win the fierce hot tranny mess beauty pageant in eight seasons. Even though Tyra gave Claire a Susan Powter makeover, she rocks the photo shoots week after week. She’s also a married mom with a endearing personality and a cool indie spirit that doesn’t grate on your last nerve like past Top Model contestants Naima and YaYa. Also, sometimes she drinks her own breast milk. For real. [CW: America's Next Top Model] Keep reading »

    South Park Blows Britney’s Mind, Literally

    I’m a South Park fan and normally find the show laugh-out-loud, pee-my-pants funny. But last night’s episode was totally depressing and, for once, despite the utter ridiculousness of the plot, kind of freakishly accurate. In the episode, Britney Spears comes to South Park, trying to escape the paparazzi that have been hounding her — she blows her head off when she realizes that she’ll never be left alone, but miraculously lives, only minus about 90% of her cranium. Stan and Kyle try and keep the paparazzi away from her, but pretty soon the entire town of South Park jumps in the fray because killing Britney is a necessary human sacrifice in order for there to be a bountiful corn harvest. Seriously. Just think about the depth of that. Then go get a little teary in the bathroom, like I did. [Comedy Central: South Park] Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Abortions, Age Differences, And Sex While Depressed

  • In England and Wales, about 1,300 women had at least their fifth abortion last year out of the approximately 200,000 abortions that took place. This high figure could influence Parliament when they vote on abortion issues in the coming weeks. [Daily Mail, U.K.]
  • After analyzing data from the 17th to 19th centuries of people in Northern Finland, researchers found that males who were 15 years older than their partners had the most children, making it the optimal age difference. This probably has no bearing on things today since we no longer need to pop out babies non-stop to ensure that the human race continues. [ABC News]
  • An Australian study found that women who suffer from mild to moderate depression have a third more sex than those who do not. “It was more sex and more of everything from kissing to petting, foreplay and intercourse,” said Dr. Sabura Allen, a clinical psychologist involved in the research. [Sydney Morning Herald]
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    Dear Abby Diddles In Disturbing Territory

    We take Dear Abby’s advice with a grain of salt, but this doozie takes the cake. “Enraged In Rochester” writes that during a visit to his family’s home, he and his wife slept in separate bedrooms. “The next day, while we were driving home, Marybeth told me she was glad I had come to her room after all and made love to her.” But! “Abby, it wasn’t me! She had mistaken one of my brothers for me in the darkness. We are all about the same size and build.” Furthermore, none of his brothers has ‘fessed up to the crime and Enraged hasn’t told his wife that he wasn’t her midnight caller.

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