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Dog Takes Viagra More Than Bob Dole

A very special rescue dog, Ingrid, has been living at a shelter on Long Island by the grace of Viagra. After being diagnosed with heart disease, a clever veterinarian decided to give the wonder drug a whirl, doggie-style. And, thankfully, those little blue pills have saved the 6-year-old pit bull’s life. In fact, she takes two a day— what a woman! Since Ingrid’s heart disease story broke, pill donations have been pouring in from around the country, mostly in anonymous envelopes. Although one woman happily sent her husband’s stash in, since she suspected he’d been using it for an extramarital affair. But those blue pills are being put to good use! Jodi Record, the dog’s caregiver, told The New York Daily News, “She’s such a sweet, loving dog. Some people are afraid of pit bulls, but all she’s going to do is kiss them.” Hey, after two Viagra, we’d be feeling the love too! [The Daily What]
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Meet Gladys Castro, The Illegal Immigrant With A 4.09 GPA

Regardless of your opinion on immigration, we can all agree it’s a disappointment when finances prevent an intelligent person from obtaining an education. And 17-year-old Gladys Castro of Fontana, California, is intelligent: the senior has a 4.09 average at Kaiser High School, where she took Advanced Placement classes, led the Advanced Biology Club and was a member of the National Honor Society.

But Gladys is an illegal immigrant whose family left Jalisco, Mexico, when she was 8 years old, after two of her relatives were kidnapped and murdered. She will graduate from high school soon and has been accepted to U.C. Berkeley, where she hopes to study political science. Due to her illegal status, however, Gladys cannot apply for government student loans. Keep reading »

Today’s Lady News: French Woman Flies Into A “Burqa Rage”

  • This weekend, a 60-year-old lawyer in Trignac, France, attacked a fellow shopper, a 26-year-old Muslim woman, and ripped her body-covering veil off. Police say the woman made “snide remarks about her black burqa” before she flew into her “burqa rage” and ripped the veil off. The lawyer and her daughter then began physically fighting with the woman before all three were arrested. Currently, France is considering a ban on all body-covering veils for women, which has fanned the flames of racial tensions in the country. [Telegraph UK]
  • A woman in Saudi Arabia beat up a religious policeman — or “virtue cop” — who stopped her in an amusement park for walking with a male friend. In Saudi Arabia, unmarried men and women are forbidden from socializing and are policed by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Experts say the woman can now expect a prison term, lashing or both. [Daily Mail UK]

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Vodka Eyeballing Is The Stupidest Thing We’ve Ever Heard Of

High school and college students will go to incredibly stupid lengths to get drunk and/or high. I mean, remember the morning glory seed craze of 2009? But the latest is even worse—binge drinking … through their eyeballs. Those who pour vodka into their eyes claim that they feel the alcohol’s effects instantly. Evidently “vodka eyeballing” is also big in Las Vegas clubs and folks like to post clips of themselves doing it on YouTube. But, uh, people are also finding that they’re getting eye pain and constant tearing from doing it. Shocker! Medical experts are horrified and say that serious damage to the cornea could be done by pouring alcohol into the eye. And the kicker—docs also say there’s no way drinking through your eye could get you drunk faster. “At 40 percent pure ethanol, vodka in the eye would create inflammation and thrombosis— clotting of the blood vessels—such that very little alcohol would be absorbed,” explains one expert. So please, do not try this at home. For the love of your vision. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Prom Queen Gone Wild!

I went to two proms and they were both terribly uneventful. Junior year I tagged along with the prettiest girl in my class and her date — looking back, I realize they probably did not want me there. Senior year I went with my gay bestie. I did not get drunk, I did not have sex, I did not even kiss anybody. I probably danced badly and couldn’t wait to get home. But really, anyone’s prom would seem unexciting in comparison to the prom night Jessica Halter had. According to the Smoking Gun, “the Ohio student, 18, was arrested Saturday night at her high school prom after she drunkenly assaulted a policeman, tried to kick a paramedic, and spewed a ‘bloody ball of spit’ at one cop.” Apparently, the extremely wasted senior got pissed at school administrators when they called her out on being drunk, which she denied. Hey Jessica, if you want to convince people you’re not totaled, you shouldn’t do so by cursing out your principal. On a positive note, looks like her Bump-It stayed in throughout the ordeal. [The Smoking Gun] Keep reading »

An Ode To The Chipwich

Dear Richard LaMotta,

I am deeply saddened by the news of your passing last Tuesday. I never knew you, but I’ve known your creation, the Chipwich, intimately for years now. I first met my good friend the Chipwich on the beach the summer when I was 6 years old. It was a particularly humid day as I wandered over to the beach shack to check out the popsicle selection. Popsicles are fun and all, but I was looking for a more sophisticated treat … something more imaginative than neon-colored sugary ice on a stick. Popsicles are so predictable. Something caught my eye. A picture of a round frosty treat unlike any I’d ever seen before. Two chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle? An orbit of mini chocolate chips around the perimeter? My two favorite treats, ice cream and cookies, together in one glorious dessert? Was it a mirage? No, it was a Chipwich. And it was love at first bite. Keep reading »

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