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Sexual Assault Is No Laughing Matter

English “comedian” Johnny Vegas isn’t talented, but he is up to some serious funny business. Last Friday night, at one of his shows in London, after admitting he “had no material, and that he was there mostly to get laid,” Vegas allegedly singled out a teenage girl half his age in the audience. According to Maureen O’Hara’s Guardian U.K. article. despite the 18-year old’s trepidation, six members of the audience supposedly carried her on stage. O’Hara’s says that Vegas made the girl pretend to be dead so she would lie still, but she couldn’t stop giggling from nerves. Keep reading »

Kentucky Derby Horse Is Not A Stud

Former Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem is our kind of guy. Unlike most thoroughbred studs, who mate with any mare that gallops their way, War Emblem is incredibly choosy about who he beds. His owners bought him for $17 shortly after he won the 2002 Derby, and they have been trying to bring out his sexual side, to no avail. “You name it we’ve tried it,” said Nobuo Tsunoda, director of the Shadai Stallion Station. “We had him on Viagra — that didn’t work. I even went into (Sapporo’s) red light district with 300,000 yen in cash and brought back a lot of ‘special’ medicine to try and perk him up. It’s very odd. He’s not impotent. He’s just very choosy about his women. He’s more human than animal. Basically he’s a bit of a weirdo.” War Emblem is not a weirdo, he’s just sensitive. [Reuters] Keep reading »

The Pharaoh Who Could Have Been Mistaken For A Girl

The pharaoh Akhenaten, who was married to Nefertiti, fathered at least six children. However, the man had hips and breasts. Dr. Irwin Braverman examined images of the pharaoh and believes Akhenaten had familial gynecomastia, a genetic mutation that leads to the overproduction of estrogen. If Egyptologists can confirm which mummy is Akhenaten’s, and if the Egyptian government agrees to a DNA analysis, we’ll know exactly what caused the pharaoh to have such a feminine physique. [AP] Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: A Sexually Frustrated Seal, Another Use For Birth Control, And SFW Porn

  • A very confused Antarctic fur seal tried to have sex with a king penguin. His attempt lasted 45 minutes, after which he swam into the water and ignored the bird he had just assaulted. Ugh, men. [BBC]
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    Oprah’s Audience Goes Cuh-razy For The Cast Of Sex And The City

    The cast of Sex and the City were on Oprah yesterday. It was so funny. The audience looked like a Crayola box vomited all over them, there was much, much, much screeching, and the ladies kind of played up their characters, with the possible exception of Cynthia Nixon, who really does seem over-the-moon in love with that girlfriend of hers. The cast talked about those much discussed “dream sequences” that they hyped during the filming to throw people off about the plot, but seemed to allude that maybe they weren’t so dreamy after all. The highlight for me, however, was when Chris Noth came out, because honestly? Drool. Keep reading »

    Barbara Walters Got Around In The ’70s

    In her new autobiography, Auditions, Barbara Walters discusses a years long affair she had in the 1970′s with Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke, the first black Senator since reconstruction. Apparently, at one point Brooke told her she was the oldest woman he had ever been with, to which Babs replied, “Oh yeah? Well you are the blackest man I have ever been with.” Brooke was so in love with Walters, that he wanted to divorce his wife, who then tried to ruin both of their careers by trying to sell the story to the tabloids. Eventually the two ended their affair, when they realized that their relationship could ruin both of their careers. Who knew Barbara was so scandalous? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

    The Sound Of Sexiness

    The sexiest I’ve ever sounded was when I had laryngitis. My voice was deep, it was slightly raspy, and I wished it would stay that way forever. But then I got better and went back to sounding young and sweet. However, a new study says that I sound the sexiest when I’m fertile. A bunch of women had to record themselves saying the numbers one through 10, and men and women listened to the recordings and noted how attractive the women sounded. New Scientist reports that the voices rated most attractive belonged to those at their most fertile. However, Dr. David Feinberg from McMaster University in Canada said there might be other things at play, namely PMS: “While it’s possible, the other issue is that women do have mood changes across their menstrual cycle, and people might just be attracted to a happy-sounding woman, rather than a fertile one.” [BBC] Keep reading »

    A Bathtub, A Blender, And A Hospital Visit

    Joanna Kozlowska is in the hospital after an incident involving her homemade sex toy, fashioned from a food mixer, and the bathtub. Don’t make me spell it out. Let this be a warning to you all: Do not operate sex toys in the bathroom, even if your husband/boyfriend/lover is not tending to your needs. [The Sun, U.K. via] Keep reading »

    Isle Of Lesbos v. Lesbians

    Three residents of the Isle of Lesbos (no that’s not a euphemism, they really live there) are suing the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union, Olke, over the use of the word “Lesbian.” Although the plaintiffs claim they’re cool with the lifestyle, they want to stop the confusion and reclaim the name solely for people from the region. They’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re used to calling themselves Lesbians. But the term actually comes from one of the most famous Lesbians, in both meanings of the word, Sappho, a writer in Ancient Greece who wrote love poems to other women. Despite the ridiculousness of the charges of “psychological and moral rape” of their label, the case, supported by a member of a local pagan group and two other inhabitants, will be heard in a court in Athens sometime in June. [The Telegraph] Keep reading »

    Gynecologists Are Also Comedians

    Visiting the gynecologist isn’t supposed to be funny, but, for a few lucky ladies, a yearly checkup is better than an episode of The Office. Radar asked women around the country to share the most funniest experience they’d had at their gyno. You’ll probably laugh until you remember you have an appointment with yours next week.

    “I got a ‘That’s weird’ once from a guy gyno. It was regarding an irregular period. It probably doesn’t need to be said that I would have preferred a more clinical opinion than that.” — Julie, 29, New York

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