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Quick Pic: Kate Pierson Of The B-52s Is About To Take Off

Looks like this rock lobster wants to fly! Har-har! [Performing on The Today Show, 5/26/08] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Happy Memorial Day!

[Brooklyn Bridge, 5/22/08] Keep reading »

Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums

We won’t be around this weekend (national holiday on Monday and all), so why don’t you talk amongst yourself in the forums? That is, if you’re not on your way somewhere fabulous. Me? I’ll be at home eating ice cream. Keep reading »

Friday Quickies!

  • When you break up, who gets to keep the dog? [Tango]
  • One of the most caloric ice creams out there is Haagen-Cazs Chocolate Peanut Butter. Yum. I know what I’m doing this weekend. []
  • The five reasons why you have to watch the edited TV version of Showgirls. [College Candy]
  • Where to find the sexiest men in the world outside the U.S. [Matador Nights]
  • There are the rules of marriages and then there are the new rules of marriage. [DearSugar]
  • Another ex-wife seeks revenge by publicly humiliating her former husband. [Asylum]
  • The first online couple celebrates 25 years together. [Shine]
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    Cease Fire For Homosexuals In The Military

    Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t think so! This week, the infamous military policy that allowed homosexuals to be discriminated against in the workplace didn’t stand up in court thanks to Maj. Margaret Witt. The decorated Air Force nurse, who had cared for combat victims for 18 years, was discharged in 2007 because higher-ups heard that she’s gay. Brave and clever, Maj. Witt decided to fight back and sue for her right to serve, and with the help of the ACLU, she won! Her case has now set a precedent wherein the government cannot fire at will when it comes to the sexual orientation of its employees. Like any other job, the military bosses will have to prove there is a real reason for canning any of their personnel. Hooray! We’re hoping this decision will also help The L Word’s sexy servicewoman Tasha keep her military post. We pity the fools who try to mess with any woman, let alone one who is a trained fighter. [MSNBC via World of Wonder]
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    Manimony: Dollar Sign Of The Times

    How can you measure the success women have had in the workforce? Sure, there are lady CEOs, lady doctors, and even lady presidential candidates. But, you know, manimony — alimony for ex-husbands dependent on their wife’s wage, is truly a sign that women are bringing home the bacon! While one-third of wives make more than their husbands, only about 4 percent of men get manimony after a divorce. Apparently, despite their equal entitlement granted by The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act of 1970, men still feel socially emasculated for asking an ex for money. We’ve come so far, but now the men are keeping themselves down. [CNN]

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    Penance For Sex Positions In The Middle Ages

    Theologians in the middle ages devoted a lot of time to thinking about which sex positions were more pleasurable, and therefore more evil. They even distributed special handbooks to those who confessed with suggested penance lengths for various positions and sex acts. The suggested penance for having dorsal sex (woman on top) was three years of bread, water, and abstinence from exotic congress. Anal sex required three years penance if it was with an adult but only two years if it was with a boy. Perhaps the theologians wanted to let clergy off easy? [The Smart Set] Keep reading »

    One Woman’s Response To Catcalls: Stripping

    A woman visiting New Zealand from Israel was about to use an ATM when some men whistled at her. She proceeded to calmly strip and use the cash machine before getting dressed and walking away. “She’s not an unattractive looking lady,” Police Sergeant Peter Masters said. After her naked withdrawal, the woman was taken to the police station and told her actions were inappropriate in New Zealand. [Reuters, U.K.] Keep reading »

    Exclusive! Square Pegs Minisode

    I know you’ve have all been dying to watch Square Pegs, which came out on DVD this week, and now you don’t even have to buy the DVD or add it to your Netflix queue. The Minisode Network, an online channel on Crackle, YouTube, MySpace, and a bunch of other places online, features condensed five- to seven-minute episodes of classic TV shows, and it’s adding Square Pegs to its lineup on Monday! Above is a exclusive sneak peak at one Square Pegs Minisode. In case you forgot, Square Pegs was a show on CBS in 1982 and stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Amy Linker as two teens who are desperate to fit in at Weemawee High School. It feels a lot like My So-Called Life or Freaks and Geeks but with fabulous ’80s outfits.

    Come Monday, check out more Square Pegs Minisodes on Crackle. Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: PETA’s Sexy Cat Ad, Tila Tequila’s Breakup, And Paint’s Effect On Sperm

  • PETA’s pro-neutering/spaying ad has been banned from MTV and most other networks for being too sexy. They’re just cats humping, people! [PETA TV]
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