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Ashley Alexandra Dupre Could Be A Pop Star!

There are a number of talentless singer-wannabes who put their tracks on their MySpace pages but will never get a record deal. For the most part, that’s a good thing. However, there are many MySpace musicians who are more talented than “real” musicians — and we’re not just talking about Lily Allen and friends. Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the escort known as “Kristen” who was involved with former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, is herself an aspiring singer. Due to the attention she’s gotten over the last few days, her songs “What We Want” and “Move Ya Body” are number one and two on online music site AmieStreet.com. They’re not groundbreaking, and some of the lyrics are questionable, but Ashley’s songs aren’t terrible. With the right lyricist and producer, she could totally have a hit. In fact, we think she’s already better than some female artists out there. See which songs “What We Want” trumps after the jump… Keep reading »

Bitchin’ Stitchin’ Saves Lives

Crafting is the hobby du jour for ladies — myself and my homemade superhero cape included. While I think my cool cape gives me the appearance that I can save lives, Shannon Gerard’s “Boobs and Dinks” actually do just that. Every three minutes a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer, which means we have to take matters into our own hands, literally. Ms. Gerard’s line of crocheted private parts are stitched with lumps inside them and come with a book intended to teach people how to give themselves early detection self-examinations. Plus, they’ll make you fondle yourself for more than one good cause! Part of the proceeds go to Cottage Dreams, a cancer recovery center. [If your boss would consider a crocheted penis NSFW, wait till ya get home to peruse this link.] [Etsy: Boobs & Dinks] Keep reading »

Romance On TV: Should His Stuff Stay Or Should It Go?

On last night’s episode of Men In Trees (Don’t laugh. I had nothing else to do.) the characters Marin (the city girl who moved to Alaska) and Jack (the hot Alaskan outdoors-man) decide to move in together. But it’s not easy, especially when you have two houses to choose from! (I’m not bitter. I love my one-room apartment and just can’t imagine having two houses to choose from. And they’re keeping both of them! Talk about excess. I thought people in Alaska were supposed to be into saving the environment.) They pick hers, mostly because he used to live with someone else in his house. Then, they have to merge their belongings. He doesn’t like her curtains, and the other Alaskan guys are like, “Girls love scented candles and those things will asphyxiate you.” Meanwhile, Marin doesn’t want him to keep his toolbox inside the house. Eventually, they come up with a scheme in which one of them is the “captain” of every room. Marin picks the bedroom, Jack gets the living room, and then Marin gets the rest of the house.

Would this whole “captain” business work outside a TV show? Personally, I think it makes the place look a little disjointed. Instead, shouldn’t two people work together to create a new, hybrid style that is even better than they’re individual styles? Like, if he has a really great flat-screen TV and a genius coffee table, and I have this amazing rolling bar cart (I do), couldn’t all three look good in the living room? Keep reading »

The Best Of This Week’s Political Sex Scandal Headlines

A political sex scandal is a headline writer’s dream. So, were they creative enough when typing up this week’s big bombshell about now former-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer?

  • The New York Post: “Ho No!”; “Hooked!”
  • The New York Daily News: “Pay For Luv Gov”; “Hooker Happy”
  • Newsday: “Trystin’ In The Wind”
  • Frankly, we’re a little disappointed. The NY Post, after all, is the paper that came up with the headline “Close But No Cigar” after the Senate failed to convict President Clinton in 1999. However, the aftershocks of this scandal are sure to be felt for at least a little while longer, so maybe they’ll take it up a notch. Keep reading »

    Beverly Hills 90210: The New Class?!

    Ugh. Why haven’t TV producers learned not to eff with a good thing? Have we learned nothing from the crapfest that was Saved By The Bell: The New Class? Apparently not, because the CW network is developing a spin-off of the greatest teen high school drama ever, Beverly Hills 90210, possibly to include stars from the original series — because, you know, none of them are doing anything of note. I can already envision it now….

    Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Hair, Syphilis, And How To Spend Your Mornings

  • Humans have the same amount of hair as gorillas and other primates, it’s just virtually invisible. So why have we retained so much hair on our heads? “Human head hair, and its myriad of configurations in different human cultures, has been sexually selected for, in human evolution, as a mate-signaling device – perhaps the human equivalent of the peacock’s tail,” said Glenn Conroy, a researcher at Washington University in St. Louis. [SignOnSanDiego.com]
  • Morning sex at least three times a week decreases the risk of heart attacks and strokes by half, according to research from Queen’s University in Belfast. Coffee is so overrated. [The Times of India]
  • The U.S. syphilis rate rose for the seventh straight year in 2007, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC says there have been increased cases among homosexual and bisexual men, but the number of cases among women also is rising. [Reuters]
  • Keep reading »

    Women’s Roles In the BC Era

    In old movies about prehistoric times (Conan the Barbarian, One Million Years B.C., etc.), the women were gorgeous and scantily clad, but at least they didn’t have to sit on the sidelines. Check out the trailer for 10,000 BC. Women figure in it for about .0001 seconds. And apparently the role of women in the movie is equally sucky — they don’t have much going on except for getting abducted and sold into slavery, and staying at home trying to stay warm. “In the classic prehistoric film, whether it is Quest for Fire or The Clan of the Cave Bear, the women don’t just stand around waiting to be rescued,” writes Joe Queenan. “They go out and strangle people or lop off their enemies’ heads or eviscerate sabertooth tigers. They do all this with brio and gusto. And they usually do it while wearing bikinis.” Heck yeah. [Guardian.co.uk and Amazon.com] Keep reading »

    Bathroom Break

    From washin’ up to makeup, every lady takes her time in the bathroom. And while we at The Frisky think Brenda Dickson’s two-hour per day regimen seems crazy, a woman in Kansas has topped the soap opera diva with two years! Although she wasn’t exactly trying to be glamorous with her sweatpants around her knees and all her meals being brought to her, the 35-year-old simply refused to leave her boyfriend’s bathroom. Eventually, her skin grew around the toilet seat and it took a crowbar to set her free. “She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body,” Ness County Sheriff, Brian Whipple, said. “It is hard to imagine. … I still have a hard time imagining it myself.” While we try to block that mental picture out of our heads, the woman is finally receiving medical treatment. She had initially made a stink when her boyfriend decided to call for help, but we’re sure he did the right thing for his #1 who was treating herself like #2. [Earthlink] Keep reading »

    Pink Pooch Owner Gets Beauty Schooled

    You gotta fight for your right to pink your poodle, or so a woman in Boulder, Colorado learned. Joy Douglas, who owns a local beauty salon, gave her pooch Cici a dye job to match beauty school dropout Frenchy from Grease. She now faces a $1,000 a day fine for breaking a city ordinance which states that no animals can have their fur dyed. Ms. Douglas claims that she only uses natural coloring like Kool-Aid, technically making her the only person older than 20 to use that DIY-kind of hair color. Alas, she has retained a lawyer to aid her as she makes her case that she did the dye-job to raise awareness about breast cancer. As for the puppy, Douglas told reporters, “Cici will be pink until they kick us out of the city of Boulder.” [UPI] Keep reading »

    Beauty Pageant Behind Bars

    Being sent to the bleak women’s prison UF-91/9 in Siberia doesn’t exactly sound as elegant as Martha Stewart’s Camp Cupcake. But once a year, at their annual “Miss Spring” Beauty Pageant, the women put on more girlie trimmings than even one of the TV homemaker’s creations. What started with a dress made from scraps of kitchen trash bags has become a glamorous fashion show with a few outfits per contestant. At this female-run pageant you won’t find a swimsuit competition, but there are three creative categories based on Greek myths, flowers, and futuristic prison uniforms. The convicted, uh, cuties, who are serving time for everything from possession of narcotics to murder, compete for the title, which comes with quite a prize: a chance at early parole. But win or lose, there are fringe benefits for everyone since the local TV channel and the BBC air the Miss Gulag Pageant to showcase the prisoners during prime time. [BBC] Keep reading »

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