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That’s “Mister Anti-Choice” To You!

Sigh. Sometimes you just can’t make this junk up. Marvin Richardson, an aspiring Independent Senate candidate, has legally changed his name to “Pro-Life” because, well, he is. Previously, and I am not joking, his middle name was “Pro-Life” but when he ran for the Senate a few years ago, officials refused to put his full name on the ballot because Idaho’s policy bars the use of slogans on the ballot. But Richardson is a trickster! So he changed his name to ONLY Pro-Life so that the secretary of state’s office would have no choice but to use it on the ballot. [CBS News] Keep reading »

Swapping Spit

How many germs were spread in the breaking of a world record this weekend, when 100 people participated in a French kissing chain? Many. Keep reading »

We See Chick Flicks: 21

Starring Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess
Based on the book by Ben Mezrich

The Lowdown: Okay, so I am not sure if 21 totally qualifies as a “chick flick,” but it’s got most of the variables: Kate Bosworth + hot up-and-comer Jim Sturgess + one somewhat tame, but still sexy love scene=good enough for me. Based on the true story and best-selling book, Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich, 21 is about six MIT students who are led by their professor (Kevin Spacey) to become experts in card counting. Through the use of fun disguises, fake ID’s and fancy hand signals, they manage to take the Vegas casinos for millions. Keep reading »

Weight Loss Wears Relationships Thin

I once covered a national fat acceptance convention for the old Jane magazine. As I sat in a room full of men who were the spouses of big beautiful women, they all had one unanimous lament: why doesn’t my wife think she’s sexy, especially when I, her husband, do? These guys would tell their special ladies that they were hot, but just by the mere fact that they had to constantly reinforce their wives insecurities made the men feel like they were wrong for loving them. Their taste was insulted by the very object of their affection. Now a new study has shown that dieting really affects both people in a relationship. Keep reading »

Dogs As Family

Dogs are becoming such a big part of people’s lives that once-popular names for pets (Spot, for example) have been abandoned in favor of more human names, at least when it comes to female dog names. According to research by Veterinary Pet Insurance, the most popular female names are Bella, Molly, and Lucy (full list after the jump). The top 10 male dog names, on the other hand, includes names that I wouldn’t consider naming a son, i.e., Buddy, Rocky, and Buster. My dog’s name is Guinness (that’s him in the photo), which is certainly not a human name. With the female dog names, I kind of wonder whether women are naming their pets what they had once intended to name their own offspring. [USA Today] Keep reading »

A Tribute To Anne With An “E”

One of my fondest memories from my youth is reading Anne of Green Gables and watching the PBS movie version with my childhood best friend Meika over and over and over again. In April, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book celebrates its 100th Anniversary and women who have read the book over the last century will not soon forget the little red-headed orphan who found a home at Green Gables with Matthew and Marilla. I loved Anne as a kid because she had the biggest imagination — remember when she and her best friend Diana pretended to act out the death scene of the Lady of Chalot and Anne almost drowned when her boat capsized? Or remember when Anne got Diana drunk on raspberry cordial and they were forbidden from being best friends/kindred spirits by Diana’s mother? Or how about when Gilbert (oooh, I never forgave you for this Gilbert, even if Anne did!) called Anne “Carrots” and she totally wailed on him? That was awesome. She was so feisty and dramatic and hilarious. Another of The Frisky‘s favorite authors, Margaret Atwood, reveals her thoughts about Anne Shirley for the U.K. Guadian. Read it here and then tell us your favorite part of the book in the comments! Keep reading »

The Squeeze: Alfie Allen, Text Messages, Kate Moss, And Weight Discrimination

  • Lily Allen’s brother, Alfie, will be playing the lead role in Equus in Yorkshire this month. Yep, it’s the role Daniel Radcliffe stripped for. Alfie said that he doesn’t have any qualms about getting naked on stage: “It’s just part of the job I do. In fact it’s really liberating because you get a real sense of freedom and after a while you don’t really think about it.” [Yorkshire Evening Post]
  • Women are twice as likely as men to report weight discrimination, and it’s as common as weight discrimination, according to data from the National Survey of Midlife Development in the United States. [NYTimes.com]
  • Kate Moss, who is reportedly engaged to Jamie Hince, is planning on having a gypsy-themed engagement party after Lily Allen suggested it. [The List]
  • Finland’s foreign minister is being pressured to resign after being accused of sending raunchy text messages to an erotic dancer. At first, the minister denied that he had sent about 200 messages to the dancer, but later apologized and said they were work-related. Huh? [AP]
  • Keep reading »

    Romance On TV: Questioning The Bach’s Motives

    TMZ.com is claiming that Bachelor Matt isn’t really doing the show to find true love. Now, I’m not exactly gullible about the true motives of reality TV show contestants, but this particular Bach really was winning me over — probably because of the accent (and because he’s the lone Bachelor in history to keep a woman of color around longer than the first friggin’ round). Anyway, TMZ claims that Matt recently met one of their reporters at a bar and that he told her he wants to move to the U.S. and that his lawyer told him the easiest way would be to marry an American. So is Matt only on The Bachelor to meet an American, marry her, and get his green card? Hello, Gerard Depardieu. Anyway, if this was his plan, I think he should have kept Stacey and her panties around a lil’ longer. She probably doesn’t even know you need a green card to move to the U.S. as a non-citizen. [TMZ] Keep reading »

    Tyra Banks Hosts The Fiercee Awards And The Frisky Wasn’t Invited

    We think it goes without saying that the red carpet was a hot tranny mess. Seriously. Like, trannies couldn’t have been trannier. Also, why is “fierce” spelled with two e’s? That’s not a typo. [DListed] Keep reading »

    Friday Quickies!

  • We thought Pilot Inspektor was a bad baby name. Parents in Venezuela are fond of naming their tots after superheros like Batman and Superman. [Mental Floss]
  • Well now we know he’s not the one going gay on Gossip Girl (spoiler alert!) [Just Jared]
  • Should you steer clear of lube that contains silicone? [Dear Sugar]
  • If you’ve had your pillow longer than 16 months, get a new one. Even if it has the perfect mush level. [Washington Post]
  • Were you born breech (feet first)? Your babies are twice as likely to be born that way. [HealthDay]
  • Men’s magazines might be just as psychologically harmful to readers’ body image as women’s magazines are. [BBC] Keep reading »
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