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Christians Convert Penthouse

Nothing says Penthouse magazine quite like boobs, a g-string, and good Christian morals….wait, whaaaa? The porno publication famous for its scantily clad “pets” has been saved from financial ruin by branching out into internet dating with BigChurch.com. The site, which boasts a half a million members nationwide, is like a conservative Jesus-loving version of JDate.com. Sexy pickup lines include “Love God and you will be loved too,” “Trying 2 find the Light can u help,” and “I’m looking for Christian woman with mature thinking for good relationship.” [Newsweek] Keep reading »

The 90210 Spinoff Preview

My heart literally skips a beat when I hear the opening riff to the 90210 theme song. The CW has released a promo video for the new spin-off, based totally on the original’s opening credits, and I am so so so so excited. I think we can be assured that the fashion is going to be fierce. After all, Nine-Oh did help bring flower hats, leggings, cropped baby T’s, and school girl skirts to the masses. Keep reading »

Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week of May 20th 2008

  • Scarlett Johansson is the latest starlet to put a record out. But unlike the over produced bubble gum pop of her predecessors, Anywhere I Lay My Head is a tender collection of Tom Waits covers. You know the girl’s got it going on when David Sitek from TV On the Radio produces it, Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs plays guitar, and David Bowie sings back-up vocals. Her deep voice is perfect match for the thoughtful tracks and she even wrote one original, “Song for Jo”. While you probably weren’t impressed by her “Brass In Pocket” Pretenders’ cover in Lost in Translation, this disc will definitely live up to her hype. [Amazon.com]
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    Protect Your Ears From Nickel

    Even though we love buying jewelry from indie designers, we just read a somewhat disturbing report. In a sample of earrings bought at 34 different places in San Francisco, 30 percent tested positive for nickel, and studies estimate that 5.8 percent of American adults are allergic to nickel. You should be fine, but nickel exposure can cause dermatitis, which sounds nasty. Just try to buy nickel-free stuff. Anything made from platinum (and stainless steel and gold) is completely acceptable. [HealthDay News] Keep reading »

    Volunteers Pose Naked In Austria

    Austria is getting ready to host the Euro 2008 soccer competition, and over the weekend, U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick gathered 1,840 people for a photo in an Austrian soccer stadium. They volunteered to pose naked and weren’t even allowed to wear underwear, sunglasses, or a smile. If you’re never fully dressed without a smile, the opposite must be true, too. [FemaleFirst]

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    The Daily Squeeze: Naked Pics Of Nicole Kidman, Touch And Feel Phones, And Breastfeeding

  • Nicole Kidman is getting super pregnant, and she’s planning on having Patrick Demarchelier (the photographer Andie has to get on the phone for Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada) take photos of her naked bod. (P.S. Why is Keith Urban so tan? If you’re married to Nicole Kidman, you don’t really need to tan because you’ll always look tan standing next to her.) [AHN]
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    Pick Up An Austrian

    Out-of-towners visiting Austria for the Euro 2008 soccer competition will receive a free guide, which includes a few essential phrases (i.e., Do you have a sliced sugared pancake with plum compote?). I guess flirting with locals was deemed essential, because the books a phrase for picking up members of the opposite sex: “Servas, fesche Katz.” It translates literally as “Greetings, hot kitten.” I’m so adding that to my repertoire of pickup lines. [Reuters] Keep reading »

    Couple Survives China Earthquake Together

    Last Monday’s earthquake in China has caused all kinds of pain. The official death toll is at 34,000, and more than 200,000 are injured. Being buried together may have helped one couple stay alive and rekindle their relationship. Wang Zhijun and his wife, Li Wanzhi, had just sat down to watch a DVD together when their apartment building began shaking. They were buried, entwined together, when the building collapsed. Keep reading »

    Egypt’s First Female “Maazun”

    Egypt has appointed its first female official to certify marriages and divorces. Amal Soliman applied for the “maazun” position because it would allow her to work close to her home and three children, not because she wanted to start a debate, which she has. “It is wrong to have a woman in this position,” one man said. “My sheikh tells me that if we are to get married that we must avoid her because she can’t do the job.” Part of the issue some people have with her appointment is that women aren’t allowed to enter mosques or read Quaranic verses when they’re menstruating. Amal says she plans to conduct home visits during those times and will also have an assistant who will be able to enter the mosque when she cannot. Ten others, all men, applied for the job, but Justice Minister Mamdouh Marei said Amal was chosen based “on her abilities rather than on her gender.” Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Hated Celebs, HIV Infections, And Homosexuality In Nature

  • In a survey by Marketing magazine in the U.K., the top five most loved celebrities were all men, while the top four most hated celebrities were women. Why Victoria Beckham is on this list, we have no idea. Just watch her in one of our favorite interviews ever. [BBC]
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