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Nigerian Terror Group Boko Haram Are Allegedly Using Young Girls As Suicide Bombers


In case the mere act of attacking innocent passersby isn’t insidious enough on its own, terror group Boko Haram is allegedly using young Nigerian girls to do their dirty work as suicide bombers, because everything is terrible.On Saturday, a 10-year-old girl detonated explosives strapped to her body in a crowded marketplace in Maiduguri, Nigeria. The explosion killed at least 16 people and injured 20. (Note: Boko Haram has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but is believed to be responsible.) NPR reporters wondered aloud whether the girl had committed the act by choice, but I’d argue that even if she’d been convinced by an adult to do this and thought she wanted to, she’s far too young to be held accountable for that kind of coercing. Heartbreaking as it is, it’s more likely that she was physically forced. Keep reading »

George Zimmerman Has Been Arrested (Again)

George Zimmerman Has Been Arrested (Again)

Walking, talking, child-murdering human garbage heap George Zimmerman was arrested (again!) late last night in Lake Mary, Florida, for aggravated assault in a domestic violence case. According to Zimmerman’s attorney, he is accused of hurling a wine bottle at his girlfriend [Reminder: And I'm still single.]. The judge ordered him to surrender all of his firearms and to not have any contact with the victim or travel to Volusia County, where she lives, before releasing him on a $5000 bond.Zimmerman, of course, is the self-appointed “neighborhood watch” patrolman who shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, a crime for which he was acquitted in 2013. Since then, Zimmerman has been in trouble with the law multiple times, including for domestic violence and brandishing a firearm. He’s a danger to society and should have been locked up long ago. [NBC News; Orlando Sentinel]

Viral Story About Kid Banned From Reading The Bible In School Is A Hoax

Earlier this week, a story went viral in the sort of internet spheres I don’t generally travel in. A tragic story about a 12 year-old Christian boy in Missouri who was banned from reading his Bible in school by a cruel atheist teacher who hated god and also Jesus.

According to the original story, originally reported by a Fox affiliate in Missouri, Loyal Grandstaff was minding his own business, quietly reading the Good Book to himself during his free time, and that a teacher came up and told him that this was not allowed. Keep reading »

India’s First Transgender Mayor: “My Focus Will Always Be My Community”

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  • Read this interview with India’s first transgender mayor, Madhu Bai Kinnar. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The NFL’s first openly gay player, Michael Sam, is engaged! All together now: Awwwwwww. [Refinery29]
  • The University of Oregon is being sued for recruiting a basketball player previously accused of sexual assault. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

MRA Site Accidentally Publishes John Birch Society Tract As #Gamergate Manifesto

This past November, Roosh V — a “Men’s Rights Activist,” “seduction guru” (LOL FOREVER) and proprietor of the batshit MRA site “Return of Kings” — decided to start a new website about video games called “Reaxxion.” Not because he is particularly into video games himself, but because he understands the plight of Gamergate dudes who are sad about women and “social justice warriors” ruining all the video games.

Naturally. Keep reading »

CHECKMATE, SCIENTISTS: 12 Geniuses Who Think Cold Weather Means Global Warming Is A Hoax

Hey! Have you noticed that it’s pretty cold outside this week? So has pretty much everyone else!

Now, my preferred cold weather activity is cocooning myself in down blankets, watching crap TV and trying to decide if it’s worth it to pay $19 for a bottle of wine on GrubHub rather than braving the cold and walking down the block to the grocery store (spoiler: Yes, it is. It’s fucking cold out). However, some people out there (cough, Donald Trump) like to use this time to alert the world to the fact that it is very cold out … and thus global warming/climate change don’t exist and Al Gore is a lying liar who lies.

Because it’s cold. Keep reading »

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