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Happy Women Have Curves

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and drop a dress size or two, you may want to reconsider. In a recent poll in the UK of about 3,000 women, size 14s (a US size 12) rated their happiness higher than everyone else, with about a quarter saying they liked their appearance, half reporting career satisfactions, and a third rating their love lives as the best possible. Size 12 women (a US 10) were the second happiest group of women, with nearly three quarters reporting satisfaction with their friendships and almost half satisfied with their careers. Size 8 (US 6), 16 (US 14), and 10 (US 8) rounded out the happy camp, respectively. Nigella Lawson, a TV cook, thinks the secret to curvy girls’ happiness is a pleasurable sex life, saying: “I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure?” Still, not all women with curves are happy with their lives. Those who wear sizes 20-24 (US 18-22) were among those who reported being most unhappy with their lives. Maybe dropping a dress size in the new year isn’t such a bad resolution after all? [] Keep reading »

2008 Was A Sexy Year

The Daily Beast has a sexy roundup of the top sex-related stories in 2008. What were the hot sex trends this year? 1) Cheating: From Eliot Spitzer to John Edwards, this was the year of the straying politician. 2) Starf***ing: Whether it was David Duchovny’s sex addiction or Madonna dumping Guy for A-Rod, 2008 was chock full of star-crossed lovers. 3) Researching: The year of the sex study exposed old people still get it on, some people like TV and the Internet more than doing it, and sneezing can get you off. 4) Skin-Trading: Playboy stock plummeted, Playgirl went digital, but Miley Cyrus in a sheet scored headlines. 5) Screening: Harry Potter stripped in Equus and John Updike won for bad sex, exposing that getting dirty in public is a young man’s game. 6) Banning: No gay marriage in CA, but Connecticut legalized it, and “Milk” won Oscar buzz. 7) So, what did we learn about sex in ’08? When it comes to sex, America remains conflicted. Keep reading »

Liveblogging “The City” Premiere

Whee!!!! It’s time for “The City” premiere. Did you guys happen to catch “Bromance”? All those guys in the hot tub — talk about douchebag soup. Anyway, after the jump, I’ll be breaking down all the haps on the first episode of “The City.” Keep reading »

Quickies!: Janet Jackson And Beyonce To Duke It Out

  • Don’t forget! Amelia is liveblogging “The City” tonight at 10pm! Be there!
  • Janet Jackson is planning to confront Beyonce about the comments she made about the Jackson family. We don’t know what all the fuss is about. Everyone knows Joe Jackson used his children. []
  • Musician Ne-Yo has grown a beard. I mean, he’s engaged to a woman. [Mediatakeout]
  • We’ve figured out the secret to Beyonce’s dancing ability. She’s double-jointed in her hips and back. [Mediatakeout]
  • Keep reading »

    Breakfast Eaters May Be Latecomers To Sex

    Did you eat strawberry Pop Tarts every day before driving off to high school? Were you the last of your friends to start having sex? According to a study of 1,500 people in Japan, teenagers who skip breakfast are more likely to lose their virginity at a younger age. The average cherry-popping of a cereal-eater happened around age 19, while those who skipped the first (and arguably most important) meal of the day lost their V-card at 17.5. Scientists think this finding is related to family life, especially because teens who were annoyed by their mothers were also more likely to have sex at a younger age. But, maybe the study just explains why moms are always so adamant about making their kids put some food in their mouths in the morning. [Telegraph UK] Keep reading »

    Frisky Hate Mail: Promoting Adultery, Superficiality, And Whore-like Behavior

    We get a lot of mail from readers, some insanely flattering, some helpful (thanks for doing a little free copy-editing for us, guys!), and plenty of nasty hate mail. With that in mind, we’re going to post some of the best reader mail we get from time to time, because we totally appreciate that you even take the time to write!

    Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 13:35:53 -0600

    “I have to laugh at ‘publications’ like yours, even though they might be a joke. You promote adultery, superficiality, and whore-like behavior for women, but you criticize the same behavior in men. On top of it all, after encouraging women to act like shallow, selfish whores, you have articles decrying the lack of ‘good men’ and ‘Peter Pan Syndrome.’ What happened to all the good men? You did.”

    Thanks, we try! Reverse sexism is so the crux of our mission statement. Keep reading »

    PETA Video Game Hunts Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin has gotten a ton of bad press: her teen daughter’s pregnancy, her pricey wardrobe (especially the hooker boots), her future grandma-in-law — who was just arrested on six felony drug charges that indicate she was both manufacturing and distributing an illegal substance — her oil drilling payouts, and that little Hustler porno “Nailin’ Paylin”. Well, after all that, the woman is finally trying to fight back –over what, you ask? Find out, after the jump… Keep reading »

    8 Ways President Obama Will Improve Your Sex Life

    We got a glimpse last week of President-elect Barack Obama out of his suit and tie — totally shirtless. And it was a wonderful sight. Women everywhere, especially in The Frisky’s office, gawked at his chiseled pecs and toned body. And men took notice too, thinking, “If Obama has the time to workout, then I have no excuse.” That’s why we predict that as president and guys’ role model, Obama will change your sex life and relationship. More after the jump. Keep reading »

    The Sanchezes: Capitol Sisters

    Being pregnant and unmarried seems like a cardinal sin for a representative in Congress, where traditional family values are still debated. But that’s not the first gossipy headline about Rep. Linda T. Sanchez. She and her sister, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, are known for their bold personalities, stiletto heels and fashions that stand out in the House of Representatives. As the first and only sisters in Congress, these two have are not only shaking up traditional family values, but are also adding a lot more personality to the Hill. More after the jump. Keep reading »

    Prescription Eyelash Enhancer Coming Soon

    If thickening and lengthening mascaras just aren’t enough to make your lashes look all fluttery, a savior is on its way. A new drug called Latisse was recently approved and will soon be available with a prescription. The cream supposedly boosts lash length and thickness by encouraging hair follicles’ regrowth, but any part of the body exposed to the cream could show hair growth. We’ll be sticking to our fave OTC lash-enhancer, CoverGirl LashBlast. That stuff works wonders without the danger of growing extra, unwanted hair. [] Keep reading »

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