Cash & Coupling: Divorce In Your Future? Here Are 4 Steps To Take Before You Tie The Knot!

By: Amelia Timbers / November 19, 2010
When I think prenup, I think Donald Trump protecting his vast fortune from gold-digging spouses. But this is an outdated point of view. Getting a prenuptial agreement is actually a very savvy move for a pragmatic couple. Prenups are an example of one of the important financial choices women can make from the outset of… More »

Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 12: “Clothes Investment”

By: The Frisky / November 18, 2010
In the latest episode of “Therapy For Your Pocketbook,” Susie, a young professional, shares that she sees everything she buys as an investment ... like sunglasses and blouses her daughter will wear someday. But, um, she doesn’t have a daughter, yet. Finance Expert Manisha Thakor explains that if you’re in serious credit… More »

Money 101: How To Start Prepping Now For Your Inevitable 2010 Tax Return

By: Colleen Meeks / November 15, 2010
You're not going to like this. But now -- mid-November -- would be a really smart time to start thinking about your 2010 taxes. Yes, going to the gynecologist sounds like more fun. And, sure, right now the only taxes you're thinking about are the sales taxes on your holiday purchases, but consider this: with… More »

Cash & Coupling: Advice For When You Or Your S.O. Changes Careers And Takes A Pay Cut

By: Colleen Meeks / November 5, 2010
We know you love your man for more than how much he reminds you of Don Draper when he puts on his suit and tie every day, just like we know that you aren’t with him for his paycheck. That said, a voluntary career change involving a serious pay cut isn’t necessarily easy to cope… More »

Money 101: 8 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

By: Colleen Meeks / October 29, 2010
When you’re looking to trim your budget, it can be easy to cut down on what you spend on food. You can stop getting that latte every morning on your way to work and eat like you’re still in college. (Ramen, anyone?) But what if eating well is a priority, too? Elizabeth Somer, registered dietitia… More »

Quick Tip Of The Day: Save Big With Coupon Codes

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 29, 2010
In the last year or so, I've turned into my mother and have become obsessed with using coupon codes when shopping online. I'm so obsessed, that I never make a purchase online without searching for a coupon code first. I'd say about 75 percent of the time, I'm successful in that search. Anyway, I wanted… More »

Frisky Rant: Pay Off Your Own Debt!

By: Diana Vilibert / October 27, 2010
I graduated from college two years ago with $115,000 in student loans. I’m paying them off a little at a time, and when I need a reason to drink, I like to play with loan payoff calculators online, which tell me that, if my monthly payments stay as they are, I should be done i… More »

Poll: Have You Ever Snooped Through Your Significant Other’s Finances?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2010
[poll id=2522]… More »

Money 101: How To Make The Most Of Reverse Empty-Nesting

By: Colleen Meeks / October 22, 2010
Sometimes when you hit rock bottom, there’s only one place to go – back home with Mom and Dad. As layoffs and overwhelming debt are knocking members of our generation on their asses, many are flocking home to the safety net they couldn’t wait to escape at age 18. There isn’t any shame in going… More »

Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 11: “Stocks, Bonds and Metaphors”

By: The Frisky / October 15, 2010
In the latest episode of “Therapy For Your Pocketbook,” Diane, a recent divorcee, comes clean and admits that although she signed up for a Roth IRA, she has no clue how to invest her dollars. Finance Expert Manisha Thakor explains that there are funds specifically created for new investors who aren’t stock… More »

Cash & Coupling: How To Sell An Engagement Ring

By: Colleen Meeks / October 14, 2010
When a man gets down on one knee and offers you a ring, it can be one of the most blindingly blissful experiences of your life. But sometimes, after you accept the offering and your eyes adjust to the light, you realize that while diamonds last forever, the men who give them to you sometime… More »

Poll: How Do You Shop For A Car?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 12, 2010
[poll id=2432]… More »

Cash & Coupling: How Much Does A Baby Really Cost?

By: Colleen Meeks / October 11, 2010
I have two children, and we’re expecting our third (and last … hello, vasectomy!) in the spring. I recently saw a billboard that claimed babies cost about $700 a month. I did the math on my 2.5 kids, and holy disposable income; the figure hurt. The billboard was an advertisement to deter teenage pregnancy, but… More »

Money 101: How To Avoid 7 Common Savings Pitfalls

By: Colleen Meeks / October 7, 2010
This past payday, I was as excited about having the funds to bring home this season’s faux fur vest as I was about skimming 10 percent off the top and watching our savings account increase. And I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself for being responsible enough to make that deposit regularly –… More »

Money 101: How To Meaningfully Reduce Your Expenses

By: Amelia Timbers / October 4, 2010
Financial tips like “skip your latte” are obnoxious. So are suggestions to camp rather than stay in hotels, separate two-ply toilet paper and cook eggs in the dishwasher. After all, I don’t want my life to suck. While it’s true that incremental expenditures add up over time, the biggest factors affecting spending have to do… More »

Money 101: How To Save For The Big Stuff

By: Amelia Timbers / September 29, 2010
Let’s face it, saving money is a bitch. But all the big stuff in life -- car, college, marriage, kids, travel -- have equally big dollar signs attached. To minimize debt, saving for these expenditures ahead of time is important. Here are six effective strategies to set money aside -- and keep it there. More »

What Do You Spend Money On And What Do You Save On?

By: Susannah Breslin / September 28, 2010
Lately, I've got money on the brain. So when my bag broke a few weeks ago, I couldn't decide what I should buy to replace it. For a variety of reasons, my shopping prospects were limited when I went to buy it on the fly. I went to a variety of boutiques, some of… More »

Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 10: “Sandals, Sundresses & Silence, Please”

By: The Frisky / September 23, 2010
In the latest episode of “Therapy For Your Pocketbook,” Connie, a teacher who is stressed from trying to keep her third graders from setting their surroundings on fire, ponders what to do with some extra cash. Become an investor or a jetsetter? Finance Expert Manisha Thakor helps her find a way to… More »

Money 101: 3 Very Good Reasons Not To Buy A Home — Yet

By: Amelia Timbers / September 21, 2010
During a coffee break at the Boston Federal Reserve’s housing crisis conference, I answered my 23-year-old, unemployed, freshly engaged sister’s phone call. She and her (also young but at least employed) fiancé were shopping for homes near San Francisco, where housing prices start above half a million dollars, and wasn’t I so excited for her? More »

Money 101: 11 Personal Finance Reads To Change Your Life

By: Amelia Timbers / September 17, 2010
In finance, there’s a canon that everyone on Wall Street has read: Benjamin Graham, Adam Smith, and Robert Schiller. But no canon exists for personal finance. In fact, most personal finance books are a frustrating waste of time and money. From Suze Orman’s factually incorrect information to Jim Cramer’s super-caffeinated hysteria, it’s a sad field… More »

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