Here’s The Wealthiest (Majority White) Women In Each State

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / October 11, 2014
This map from real estate blog Movoto shows who the richest woman in each state is, most of whom I’m sure, like me, you’ve never heard of. You know what? Eighteen of these women are richer than Donald Trump, and they don’t do tacky shit like putting their names in giant letters o… More »

9 Indispensable Tips For Tax Season (And Life In General)

Well, it's April, and you know what that means: tax season is in full swing. Did you shudder just now? Pee a little bit? Plug your ears and start singing, "LALALALA" at the top of your lungs? We've been there, but what if… More »

Frisky Rant: Thought Catalog Writer Whines About Being “Hated” For Being Privileged, I Play World’s Tiniest Violin

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 24, 2013
Someone call the waaaaaaambulance, we've got a whiner on our hands. Over at Thought Catalog, in a piece titled "Being Privileged In Not A Choice, So Stop Hating Me For It," writer Kate Menendez says she is fed up with other people judging her for her privileged background. She's sick of being… More »

Marriage Does Not Have To Wait For Money

By: Tres Sugar / October 7, 2012
As a man, when I think about marriage I ask myself: When can I afford it? I understand that the formula for eligible bachelors weighs income and wealth very heavily. Recently, an article on The Atlantic entitled "All the Single Ladies" reinforced this notion, with its many implications that men who are not doing well financially are… More »

5 Occasions In Which I Have Completely Wasted My Hard-Earned Money

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 14, 2012
Yesterday, I finally did something that I had been meaning to do for awhile: I walked into a Crunch Gym and canceled my membership. Which I had been paying for, for a year. And have never used once. Like, hadn't even picked up my membership card. Pathetic. When I think about how much money I… More »

This Successful 22-Year-Old College Graduate Kind Of Wishes She Could Just Be Poor

By: Rachel Krause / July 11, 2012
Here's a comforting thought: while our planet threatens to transmogrify into an Easy Bake oven, the world economy teeters on the edge of collapse, and Scientology is permitted to exist as a viable religion and way of life, there's a 22-year-old out there who's bummed out because she's never been poor. Taylor Cotter, a 2012… More »

Erica Jong Bops Arianna Huffington For Not Paying HuffPost Bloggers

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 27, 2012
Iconic Fear Of Flying author Erica Jong has publicly criticized Arianna Huffington — who uses the unpaid labor of thousands of bloggers on The Huffington Post — and accused her of "hurting writing as a profession." A feisty Ms. Jong spoke to The Slant, a journalism blog, about Huffington's effect on the media… More »

Elizabeth Wurtzel Pens The Most Nasty, Judgmental Linkbait About Women You’ll Read Today

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 15, 2012
I am going to smack the next idiot who tells me that raising her children full time -- by which she really means going to Jivamukti classes and pedicure appointments while the nanny babysits -- is her feminist choice. This is how writer Elizabeth Wurtzel begins a piece on entitled titled "1… More »

The Millennial Generation Is Spending More Money Than Ever On Luxury Goods

By: Rachel Krause / May 17, 2012
We're broke, we're unemployed, we owe student loans, we're living off our parents, we have degrees in things like English and Philosophy, we're unprecedentedly narcissistic, and as if we couldn't get any more charming, all the money we do have we spend on luxury goods: welcome to Generation Y, bitches! The millennial epoch, composed of… More »

What Are You Doing With Your Tax Return?

By: Ami Angelowicz / May 15, 2012
I am celebrating today because I got my tax return in the mail and used it to pay off every cent of credit card debt that was hanging over me like a dark cloud. I won't say how much, but it was in the thousands. I bought a new computer, had some doctor's bills and… More »

Today’s Lady News: Young Women Want Career & Money Moreso Than Men, Study Claims

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 20, 2012
Young women ages 18 to 34 want a career and to earn good money moreso than their male counterparts do, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. The recent study says two-thirds of women prioritize advancing their career, while 15 years ago it was closer to half of all young women who… More »

The Soapbox: On Ann Romney & Women “Marrying Up”

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 18, 2012
Another day, another bombastically link-baity piece on the Internet to get everyone's feathers ruffled! Today's linkbait comes courtesy of The New York Daily News op-ed page, in which writer S.E. Cupp hammers away at Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen for a foot-in-mouth comment she made on "Anderson Cooper 360" last week, that stay-at-home  mother (SAHM) of… More »

Equal Pay Day Ryan Gosling Thinks You Should Ask For That Raise

By: Jessica Wakeman / April 17, 2012
Ryan Gosling memes never get old — especially not on Equal Pay Day, a date symbolizing the extra days a woman will have to work in 2012 in order to earn, on average, the same amount as a male counterpart did in 2011. You know, that "equal pay for equal work" stuff that… More »

Money 101: Last-Minute Tax Tips, Tricks & Advice

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 17, 2012
Oh, hey there. Guess what day it is? April 17th! No, it's not my birthday. It's Tax Day! Alright, so maybe this isn't an occasion for excitement and joy, but whether you like it or not, taxes must be paid by midnight tonight (unless you are filing an extension or giving the finger to Uncle… More »

Do Or Don’t: Buying Birthday Presents For Yourself

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / April 17, 2012
I was flipping through Lucky magazine this weekend (in the bath, actually! Amelia would be proud) and saw a gorgeous purse that literally made me gasp. The strap on my current purse broke recently, and this was the perfect new bag for me. The only problem? It costs $269, which is about $200 more… More »

Girl Talk: My Husband And I Have Separate Bank Accounts

By: Sally McGraw / March 27, 2012
My husband is my best friend in the world. I'm sure I've caused several cavities just by saying so, and can hear a few of you making gagging noises through my computer screen right now. But hey, it's true. He's amazing and he understands me better than anyone. He's the only person who doesn't annoy… More »

Cash & Coupling: Are Your Gift-Giving Styles In Sync?

By: Colleen Meeks / December 11, 2011
My husband is like a child when it comes to giving gifts. He shops big – both big price tags and big impact -- and he’s usually even more excited about giving me my gifts than I am about getting them. They’re always really nice – for my 30th birthday I got an iPad –… More »

Adventures In Gold Digging

By: Jessica Wakeman / December 1, 2011
For reasons unbeknownst to me, Business Insider has published a piece about a young woman in New York City who did something unethical, tempting and all-too-easy: she used the online dating site to score around $1,200 in free dinners paid for by dates. More »

Do Your Parents Financially Support You?

By: Jessica Wakeman / June 13, 2011
[poll id=3672]… More »

Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 15: “Saving — Snap Into It!”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 10, 2011

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