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Baby Talk With Sarah And Bristol Palin

If you happen to pass a newsstand today and venture by a stack of In Touch magazines, do not worry—no one stole the Palins’ film from a Sears Portrait Studio. No, Sarah and Bristol, along with babies Trig and Tripp, posed for the cutesy cover shot, in which Tripp sticks his fingers in little Trig’s ear. They also invited a reporter into their home for an exclusive interview. Alas, the story is mostly a puff piece where Bristol says groundbreaking things like, “We’re both moms at the same time. It has brought us closer together.” (Side note: If your mom had a baby a year before you and named him “Trig,” wouldn’t you probably have picked something not quite as close as “Tripp”?) Keep reading »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: John Mayer And Taylor Swift? Kate Gosselin Hates Her Hair?

How’s 2010 going for you guys so far? I think it’s totally going to be the best year ever and I haven’t felt that way since … 2000? And it’s not just because everyone’s quitting their jobs, which means we have a better chance of stealing them. It’s not even because LiLo is super optimistic, which does actually help. It might be because no matter what you or I do wrong, we can feel assured that it probably won’t be broadcast in the tabloids. And just to be double sure, I’ve hand-picked the most interesting stories and if you’re not one of them, you’re all set! Hooray! Keep reading »

Leave It To “Beaver”: Canadian Mag Changes Porn-Sounding Name After 90 Years

After 90 years, The Beaver magazine has announced it will change its name after a losing battle with online porn filters. It turns out most folks searching for “beaver” online are not looking for a historical periodical about Canada! “Nearly a century ago, it probably seemed the perfect name for a magazine about the fur trade and Canada’s northwest frontier,” the publisher Deborah Morrison lamented. “There was only one interpretation for the word then.” Ha, we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Starting with the April/May issue, The Beaver will be called the less raunchy-sounding Canada’s History—and will stop confusing pervs who want fanny-flashing Britney pics. [AFP]

Keep reading »

Magazine Editor Fired For Flashing Co-Workers A Hint Of Her New Bosoms

Many moons ago, I worked at a women’s magazine (the sadly defunct Jane) that did an annual naked issue. For a prank one year, my editor dared me to go into a conference room, take off my shirt and bra, and then call in another co-worker (a good friend of mine) for a meeting and proceed like it was totally normal that I would be topless, just to see how she would react. The whole thing was completely ridiculous—and ended up being very funny in print because it took her a full minute to say anything. But, uh, I’m glad no one called human resources on us—I could have been fired on the spot. After all, according to the New York Post, a very similar thing just happened to an editor at Brides magazine. After the jump, her side of the story. Keep reading »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Angelina Attacks? Kate Gosselin Gets Extentions?

Now that the holidays are over, we’re expected to actually work on our New Year’s resolutions. Whatever they may be, the tabloids are here to help. Oh, you wanted to lose weight? Here are a bunch of celebrities in bikinis making you feel like a slob! Want to spend less time gossiping about people? Well, don’t worry; it’s perfectly innocent to read gossip about people, instead. And in case you wanted to save some money this year, we’ll save you $21.02 in weekly tabloid costs by hand-picking the most interesting stories, just for you! Keep reading »

If Only We Didn’t Know What A Skeeze He Is …

Um, yum. Oh wait, I didn’t just say that out loud? The new cover of Vanity Fair boasts a gorgeous Annie Leibovitz photo of Tiger Woods wearing nothing but a knit cap—and a very un-golf one at that. Since Tiger has spent the past month and half doing everything in his power to not be photographed, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the photo was shot pre-Tigergate. I know I will be picking up a copy, especially since the cover story is written by Buzz Bizzinger, the writer behind “Friday Night Lights.” Will you? Keep reading »

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