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10 Reasons Not To Get Back Together With An Ex

Getting back together with an ex: haven’t we all considered it at one point or another? It would be so easy to slip right back into that comfortable routine, picking up where you left off. Or not. Here are 10 very, very, very good reasons not to go back for round two at the ex-boyfriend buffet. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy Updates: “Worried After Suicide” Responds

Thanks to reader ACooper’s suggestion, we now have a new feature called “Dear Wendy Updates,” in which people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing today. After the jump, we hear from “Worried,” a high school student whose boyfriend’s mother had just committed suicide when she wrote to me for advice. While the subject was tragic, this was one of my most gratifying “Dear Wendy” experiences because of the way the community here rallied and showed its support for “Worried.” One reader who had once been in a similar situation even asked me to pass along her email to “Worried,” which I did and she was then able to provide further advice and support. “Worried” has been on my mind since I first heard from her, so I was really happy to learn she and her boyfriend are doing OK. Check out her update after the jump. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I Have To Choose Between Grad School And My Boyfriend”

I am 21 and just got accepted to grad school studying architecture after being placed on the wait-list. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and although he is supportive in me becoming an architect, he told me that if I was going to go to grad school in the fall he thinks that maybe we should go our separate ways. We both just finished our undergrad degrees and he wants to work and live together and earn some money and he thinks that me going to school will keep us in this money rut that we have been in for the last year. I do agree that our financial stability is lacking to say the least, but my goal was always to go straight to grad school after undergrad. He thinks that me choosing to go to school is abandoning our original plan of working on our finances and he fears that I will turn into one of those people who chooses their profession over their relationship. But I just can’t make the choice between him and my profession because both are equally important to me. I think that if I abandoned either of them I would always think about what could have been. How do I know what’s right? — Aspiring Architect

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30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 14

To celebrate the publication of our first-ever book, The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide, we’re re-running the original series that inspired it, and having writer Maude Standish bravely road test the book’s expanded tasks and tips. So follow along, chart your own progress, and find out everything else you need to know to forget he-who-shall-not-be-named!

Talk to A Little Girl
If you babysit, or have a niece or a friend who has a daughter — or you have a daughter yourself — this will be easy. Chat with the little lady over the phone or in person. Ask her what she did today or what she learned in school. If you don’t know any rugrats, try waving or saying hi to a little girl on the bus. That will be enough.
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Men Explain Why Women Cheat

From a statistical standpoint, men are more likely than women to step out on their relationships. However, at least in terms of marital infidelity, the spread between the genders is smaller than you might think: 22 percent of guys cheat compared with 14 percent of ladies.

So why is it we only hear about how Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Bill Clinton and the like couldn’t stay true? What about all the ladies, famous or not, who are out there prowling for some of the strange?

Men get cheated on, too. To prove it, we talked to four regular guys who’ve felt the sickening smart of infidelity. They let us in on what they were able to learn from the unfortunate experience. Read more Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I Had An Affair With A Married Man”

I am in love with a married man whom I work with. From the start, there was something there between us that neither of us could deny. Overtime, we developed a friendship and he started to talk about his marriage — how he and his wife were just friends and he was pressured into marrying her. Later on into our friendship, we became closer and closer, and despite my being against infidelity, we eventually became intimate. Months later he declared to me that he was in love with me. Over time, I began to fall in love with him, too. Soon I became frustrated with the restrictions I had with him since he is married, so I told him I couldn’t do this any longer. He promised he was going to move out on his own, but two months later he and his wife bought a townhome together! I keep walking away from him and then get sucked right back into it. A few months ago, he told his wife about me and she has since asked if I could step aside and let her try and win him back. My dilemma is: I love him deeply and genuinely, and want to give us a chance but I’m at a breaking point and I’m tired of hurting, crying, being stressed, frustrated, having migraines and chest pains, and not eating, all because I crave him and want a chance with the person I love BUT the right way. What should I do, still knowing I have to work with this individual and try and fake I’m OK? — Tired of being the other woman

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