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High Heels Mess With Posh’s Posture?

OK, so maybe all those “high heels can kill you!” stories are a bit extreme, but wearing 4-inch stilettos everyday could potentially do a number on your posture. At least that’s what Victoria Beckham claims, although this sounds like a case of paranoia—she’s been “concerned” that wearing high heels over all these years has given her a hunch, so she’s has reportedly incorporated Alexander Technique into her fitness routine to correct her body. So what’s Alexander Technique? Keep reading »

What Is Teething Bling?

I’m not a mom, and the thought of becoming one scares the crap out of me. And here’s yet one more reason motherhood freaks me out—”teething bling.” Necklaces with donut-shaped pendants made specifically to go in your baby’s mouth when she’s teething. Horrifying mental flash-forward: Not only have I lowered my style standards to include amethyst jewelry in my wardrobe, but I also have baby spit all over the front of my dress.

On the other hand, moms probably have baby spit all over them anyhow. And I guess the alternatives to soothing a teething child aren’t much more appealing—fingers or jewelry you really like. So what scares me even more is that I actually see the usefulness in this object. But, uh, couldn’t the kid just settle for a Ring Pop or something? [Smart Mom] Keep reading »

Don’t Buy Into Holiday Gift Cards

Buying a gift card or certificate might be one way to deal with people whom you have no idea what to get for the holidays. And true, for the person receiving a gift card, it can feel like free money.

However, if you’re going this route, you’d probably be better off just handing them a wad of twenties. After the jump, the reasons why, and what to do if you’re stuck with a crap gift card. Keep reading »

How To Store Your Off-Season Clothes

It’s about 20 degrees in New York today and, thus, officially time for me to give up on wearing that black cotton eyelet dress one more time. Below 30–below 60, if I’m being honest with myself–the “but it’s black, so that’s fine!” justification simply stops working. If you’re still trying to squeeze one last wearing out of clothes that are totally seasonally inappropriate, step away from the sundress, take a deep breath, and join me in an epic closet cleaning and clothes storage mission. Tips to keep your off-season clothes looking lovely after the jump. Keep reading »

Stop Trying To Make 2010 Party Glasses Happen

When the millennium came around, those glittery “2000″ glasses were a clever party gag. In the years since, they’ve just become standard New Year’s Eve paraphernalia. The inherent problems of adapting this accessory to the year 2010 just hit us. Oh. Huh.

You’d think maybe that double-zero lens trend would just die out and become a bygone marker of the ’00s. But, apparently, no one’s ready to let go, and party supply companies have adapted by moving the “1″ out of the way, or making the “1″ so thick that you can put a hole in it. Doesn’t this all just seem a bit … silly? Think in the year 2357 people are still going to be wearing party glasses on NYE? [Guest Of A Guest] Keep reading »

When Cats Fly …

In Taiwan, Eva Airlines has decked out an Airbus Hello Kitty-style. Think this would relax fearful flyers or make them more freaked-out? Hmm … we wonder if the safety card features HK illustrations as well. If Hello Kitty can survive an airplane crash … [PSFK] Keep reading »

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