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Not Your Mother’s China

Ever thought of eating off of plates tagged with graffiti? Well, if they are anything like the set of china (above), you should! The “New York Delft” dinnerware collection is made of fine porcelain and has five pieces — a dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer. (It’s $100 per set.) [lovegrove & repucci via Apartment Therapy] Keep reading »

Laundry Day Just Got Greener And Neater

Laundry is my least favorite chore: It takes hours to complete and the results don’t last more than a day. While Method’s new line of laundry products won’t make washing your clothes more enjoyable, at least it’ll make the task more environmentally friendly and less messy. Because their plant-based formula is super concentrated, a 20-oz. bottle will get you through 50 loads, which means the stuff leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, the detergent comes out of a pump, so it won’t dribble all over the bottle (and you won’t get powder everywhere, as I’ve been known to do). Laundry day is never fun, but at least now it won’t be as messy or bad for Mama Earth. [$15, Method Home] Keep reading »

Grace Coddington Is The Coolest Cat Lady We Know

Our favorite flame-haired fashion hero Grace Coddington made a quick appearance on “Martha Stewart” yesterday in what looks like some kind of cat episode. (True story: Our dog-loving friend showed up because she thought the show was all about Grace, then was horrified to find out that all the audience members had their cats on their laps and the segment wasn’t about fashion at all.) Still, hearing her chat about her book The Catwalk Cats kind of makes us want to pick up a copy. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Starbucks Gets A Fancy Makeover

The yuppification of the yuppified has begun! It seems it wasn’t enough for Starbucks to infiltrate every neighborhood in America in the ’90s with its mass market gentrified style, but now they’re revamping that. In an attempt to make the brand feel more “local,” the company has been conducting makeovers on a few branches to feel out different styles. Pictured above is a Seattle store that’s been outfitted with regal red upholstery and dark wood furniture to give the place a manor-like quality. Another design goes for a crunchier, Pottery Barn aesthetic with earth tones and contemporary art.

While the Starbucks goal may be to convert coffee to café to lure in more customers, another aspect involves becoming a more sustainable empire. (Although, wouldn’t such a big undertaking require a huge amount of resources?) We’re not sure how this would change our feelings towards our morning cuppa just yet. You? [New York Times] Keep reading »

Ketchup Chocolate May Be The Next Big Thing In Fast Food

OK, so it’s not exactly ketchup-flavored chocolate, but a chef has discovered a way to make ketchup that easily coats foods in a similar way as chocolate. For some reason, Dave Arnold had the goal of developing a ketchup-substance that had the consistency, texture, and spreadability of chocolate and he’s found success. He says the ketchup chocolate is hard, shiny, and melts in your mouth like chocolate. I’m not a fan of ketchup, but this sounds an awful lot like a meatloaf spread, no? Still, I’d be willing to try the chicken morsels above, but the egg yolk bon-bons, not so much. This could be the next revolution in fast food. See more photos after the jump. [Impact Lab] Keep reading »

Artsy Trash Or Trashy Art?

Artist Christine Finley goes around N.Y.C. and dresses up dumpsters. Prettiest trash cans we’ve ever seen. [WWD] Keep reading »

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