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He Wants To Know: How Do I Tell My Friend I Scored With His Pal?

Welcome to “He Wants To Know”, an advice column where YOU get to play Dear Abby. Every once and a while we’ll feature a question from a guy and we, with your help, will do our best to answer it. And guys, if you have a question, send it to us at tips@thefrisky.com.

Question: This weekend I slept with one of my buddy’s good friends. I haven’t told him yet. He told me she was bad news and I should stay away, but clearly I didn’t listen. I am not really sure how to tell him that I smeared his friend six ways from Sunday without damaging the friendship. What does The Frisky say? Do I reveal my sextivity to him or try and keep it under raps? Clearly I feel guilty…Help! — Sneaking Around, via email

The Frisky’s Answer: Umm, why does the dude care who you sleep with? Is she an ex-girlfriend? Someone he wants to get with? Because if not, it makes zero sense why he would give a crap that you “smeared her” unless of course he would just be weirded out that you hid the juicy details. Anyway, if you really think your friend needs to know, tell him, but don’t feel any guilt. Homeboy needs to GROW UP. Keep reading »

Just Do It: Deleting A Guy’s Number

I’m a numbers girl.

I take pride in my cell’s large phone book as much as I take pride in amassing new Facebook friends, Tumblr followers, and page views. I’m sorry, but in this day and age, the higher the numbers get, the cooler one looks.

This creates a problem, however, when there are just certain people to whom one shouldn’t be linked—past lovers. Naturally, the Internet makes it hard to completely escape from the counterpart of your failed relationship. But, in some sort of sick backwards logic, I tend to increase this hardship by keeping them around in the digital arena for longer than necessary. Keep reading »

A Secret Rendez-Vous Gone Wrong

An 18-year-old boy in Texas thought he was being all stealth, sneaking into his girlfriend’s house for a surprise hook-up. Instead, he got two black eyes from her father, who thought he was a burglar, and was charged with burglary and assault. The funny part is that his girlfriend (who is 15, by the way) wasn’t even there — she was sleeping over at a friend’s house. Ha. [AHN] Keep reading »

Texting Your Way To Love

Text messaging is ruining the world! But here is a funny cartoon that tells the story of a guy and a girl who get drunk, make out, and start texting. [Current.com via Gawker]

Previously: Dirty, Unwanted Text Messages Keep reading »

Hey Baby, That’s A Mighty Fine Four Letter Word…

Catherine and I are obsessed with playing Scrabulous on Facebook. It’s the web application that mimics the fun of Scrabble, only without the opportunity for your opponent to peek (or Hasbro’s approval). In addition to playing your friends on FB, you can also play total strangers on Scrabulous.com, and according to Nerve, your chances of getting hit on while looking for a use for that “Q” are pretty high. Here’s how it goes down — when you’re playing on the company’s website, you can opt to play at an Open Table — players who’ve started their own tables can describe the kind of competitor they’re looking for. “For example,” writes Will Doig, “You’re looking for a high-level player (Scrabulous rates players with its own ranking system) who wants to play in real-time (as opposed to over the course of several days) and who is a twenty-something, buxom brunette with filthy syntax.” Um, really? In all the many hours I’ve spent playing Scrabulous online (Shut up! You can’t watch TV and do the New York crossword all the time!), I’ve never had anyone ask me what I was wearing. Neither has Catherine. What’s a girl gotta do to get a lil’ dirty word play? [Nerve.com] Keep reading »

Poll: Have You Fibbed About Your Number?

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