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Teen Vogue Wants To Do Your Hair

On a monthly basis, Teen Vogue editors dish out their advice on fashion, beauty, and shopping through the glossy pages of the magazine, but it seems the style mavens aren’t happy with just relying on their words to express their knowledge. So, the glossy just launched Teen Vogue‘s Haute Spot, a pop-up store in upscale malls, which provides private, personalized meetings with staffers to talk about makeup, hair and style services. Priced at $100 for one hour, customers will have the chance to sit with the ladies (and gents) behind the magazine, as well as makeup artists, to talk all things fashion, and receive one-to-one help regarding their own style and look. The pop-up shop just launched on March 13 at the Westchester mall, but in the years to come, it will become a permanent store. We can see this becoming a huge fad for pre-teen birthday parties. [Media Week] Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I know I’m a little late to the party here, folks, but a few months ago, I finally got one of those keratin hair treatments that all the frizzy-haired ladies in the world are so obsessed with. Normally I shy away from messing with my hair. It’s long and I’d like it to stay that way, so I don’t bleach or dye it and I don’t think I’ve touched a blow dryer or flat iron since the earlier part of last decade. But something about the promise of having “perfect” or even better hair for three to five months — the amount of time this treatment is supposed to last — was seductive enough to get me into a salon chair at the Ted Gibson Salon in NYC. Keep reading »

Hair Dye That Doesn’t Make Your Eyes Tear Up

L’Oreal recently invited editors to go check out what they call a “revolution” in haircare: INOA, a new permanent dye that aims to color hair sans ammonia, long revered by colorists as the only way to get serious results. But let’s be honest here; anyone who’s ever suffered the toxic fumes and noticed strawlike hair after a dye job won’t be missing the ingredient much, right? Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: Living Proof’s No Frizz Restyling Spray

The other day Catherine handed me a bottle of something and said, “Hey, I was thinking you might want to try this for a Beauty Test Drive. Since you’re not into washing your hair and showering.” That smart-ass is referring to the fact that during the winter I’m not too keen on drying out my skin and hair with overexposure to harsh things like water and soap. (A beauty regimen also followed by the aforementioned smart-ass, as well as our own Style Editor, Erin. So it’s en vogue.) Keep reading »

Just What You Always Wanted: A Baseball Cap With A Built-In Ponytail

Having a bad hair day? Prematurely balding? Just looking for a change in your look? Throw out your hair brush and please, for the love of God, put down the Rogaine because the ponytail baseball cap is here to save you. And yes, by “save you” we actually mean “make you look completely insane.” But who cares about crazy when you’ve got a full ponytail of shiny, blond, synthetic hair? No one, that’s who. Friends and enemies alike won’t be able to help but notice the new luster in your locks and you’ll never have to be self-conscious about having a thin, mangy pony again! If you really want to get serious about thicker hair, consider combining your own with the hat’s ponytail for a truly full mane, no matter if yours is an entirely different color! In the pursuit of beauty, sacrifices must be made, after all. [$17, Kohl's] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Punk Rock Strawberry Blonde

Now, this is not a hair color that we would normally advocate. It’s a little red, a little blond, and the cut itself is all over the place. That said, Micky Green is an Australian pop star making an appearance at the Chanel show, so when it comes to being the right hair on the right person in the right place, Micky’s got it down. To get the look, bleach hair out, layer strawberry blonde dye on top, and rinse out in a totally random, haphazard way. [Paris, 3/9/10] Keep reading »

How To Get The Fake Bangs In Sunshine & Shadow’s Spring Lookbook

We’ve long been fans of fun, indie label Sunshine & Shadow, but now we love them for their beauty ideas, too. We’re totally digging the signature hairstyle of their spring/summer 2010 lookbook, which has models sporting smooth fake bangs that are sometimes Heidi-esque, other times glam and classy. We decided to try out the style ourselves. After the jump, how we did it! Keep reading »

Now That’s An Afro

This gigantic piece appeared atop a model’s head at Galliano’s “Ready to Wear” show, but we beg to differ. Besides, we would say the hair is wearing the model, and not the other way around. [Paris, 3/7/10] Keep reading »

Japanese Hair Dye Will Give You Creepy Magic Mohawks

This Japanese commercial is either an anti-drug PSA showing you how terrifying and creepy you sound when you’re high, or it’s a promotion for a men’s hair dye. Chances are with the latter, but that doesn’t make it any less bizarre. Ready yourself for some clapping mohawks and a weird, drugged-out rendition of “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” … in Japanese. At least, we think? [YouTube via Gawker TV]
Keep reading »

Check Out Kate Gosselin’s New Weave For “Dancing With The Stars”!

Now that she’s appearing on “Dancing With The Stars,” Kate Gosselin has ditched that iconic ‘do of hers for a Farrah-esque new weave. But will the hair stay on while Kate is whipping around the dance floor? Inquiring minds want to know. [3/4/10, NYC] Keep reading »

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